Runtastic + Sweat Pink #RFCFallFit Instagram Challenge! Day 3

Hey there! Have you been following the Runtastic + Sweat Pink #RFCFallFit Instagram Challenge? Friday is day 3 and I think these youtube workouts are fun and totally worth doing. They are changing up my normal routine of squats and running.

If you have not started, you can still join in below!

Runtastic + Sweat Pink #RFCFallFit Instagram Challenge!

It's day 3 and we're ready to HIIT it hard for the #RFCFallFit Challenge hosted by the Runtastic Fitness Channel and our main squeeze Lunden
Check out the Day 3 Video to get your legs long and lean with this quick and intense leg focused HIIT workout! We're ready to feel the burn!  
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You totally have 7 minutes so get ready to sculpt, tone, and work the legs with this HIIT #workout, including squats, lunges, and jumps to get your blood pumping. Try the workout today and subscribe to the Runtastic Fitness Channel for more #RFCFallFit fun! For a chance to win awesome gear, subscribe and share a photo or video with us on Instagram!

 Are you ready to join in?


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