Re-Thinking High Calorie Holiday Drinks

I'm pretty guilty on this. Consuming a lot of my calories through beverages. The cream and sugar in my coffee is always more then what it should be. Those Starbucks drinks are enough calories they should be a meal. Plus the wine and other libations, its a real waist expander!

I just received this email about a good calculator for trying to find the best drink to enjoy at this upcoming holiday functions.

Re-Thinking Your Holiday Drinks
Many of us enjoy some "holiday cheer" this time of year, but those festive drinks can carry
quite a caloric punch!  Knowing how many calories your favorite drink has can help you make smart choices and avoid unwanted holiday weight gain. 

CLICK HERE for a quick and easy calculator that lists some of the most popular drinks and the calories in each. 

Happy Holidays and CHEERS!


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