Timex Has Bummed Me Out

I'm a little bummed at Timex right now.
Screenshot of my email
This ONE GPS+ watch was over $300 and I have had it just over a year. I had 3 years of data on this watch and now I have no data. I can't upload my workouts and stats to any site now - I was able to upload to Runkeeper and Strava. Now I have an overpriced watch that I can and should have kept my phone and its GPS functions instead of an additional accessory.

And is $50 and a half off code really a deal? Like I said this watch was over $300.

I'm kinda bummed at Timex right now and not really sure I want to get another one of their products right now. What GPS watch do you use? What do you recommend? I've had Garmin and Soleus before with mixed feelings about both.


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