Not Feeling the Training

I have been really struggling with sticking with a training plan for longer then a month or so. I really wanted to train for a 100 miler, but the training plan that lasts a year is really overwhelming me. Plus the high mileage isn't smart for me basically from zero mileage it feels like.

So, I dropped down to the 50 miler plan with an ok amount of weekly mileage, but life comes up and that went out of the window. I'm including the fact that the weather has been pretty crappy (Constant snow over ice and negative temps) and I've been without a car since September - I can't find one that is reasonable enough for me to buy and will do better in the snow then my Toyota truck with almost 500,000 miles on it. So, I'm picky and the snow and negative temps is making everyone a little cabin feverish.

I also have not worked out in a week because I had a bug and didn't leave my bed for a few days with some self-imposed quarantine. Of course the best part of being sick is that I did lose 6 pounds which hasn't come back yet, so, there's that.

And here is it, the start of a new week. I am checking my blogs and social medias and I see everyone training for marathons this past week. Oh. Race to Robie Creek is 13 weeks away? Yelp. I better drop that ultra plan and focus on a 12 week half marathon plan.

Coach Jenny's Half Beginner Plan
Well, here goes nothing. Again.

What are you training for right now? Which training plan do you prefer?


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