Pure and Fresh - For Me!

I don't know what people are thinking stripping the stores bare of bottled water during this last couple weeks of crazy weather.

Shelves of bottled water are practically bare at a WinCo store on State Street in Eagle on Saturday morning. Shoppers preparing for more snow this weekend had cleaned the section out.
From the Idaho Statesman

Um, duh, there is a mountain of fresh powder outside. Just bring it inside, boil it or let to melt overnight and look - water!

That is exactly what we did to fill up my coffee pot the other morning.

A certain someone ventured out bravely into the snow with a pan. 

And he brought me a big pan of fresh snow for my coffee pot.

We let it melt overnight and fresh water was had.

Yay! Coffee!
We didn't have any yellow snow and there wasn't anything gross floating around in my water. I figured its pretty safe as we are not doing this often but I guess the water could always be boiled just to be extra sure.

Do you eat snow?
Do you have any emergency plan in place?


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