Sharing My Most Inspirational Quote

Moving right along here on the #IAmEmpowered bloggie train thanks to all this great writing prompts from FitApproach / Sweatpink. :-)

Today's bloggie prompt is Share your favorite inspirational quote. What motto motivates, inspires, and empowers you? Share it with us.

 Honestly, I feel awfully motivated by a quote I just read in this months Men's Health.

Honestly, how true - AND MOTIVATING - is this?

Your Body Is Your Business Card. 

Its true. When I read this, it really hit me and really connected with me. We are all in this fitness world via blogs and social media and your body is out on display. Heck, my running times are on display, which is my running business card. And who doesn't want to have an impressive business card and resume? I am putting a little more focus on this quote this year as I want to have a better business card. I want my braggy business card and resume back as I basically let it go in 2016.

What is your most inspirational quote to share?


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