Sweaty Selfies

I go into the gym to sweat. I like having the treadmill in my living room, but I honestly can't go all out on it as I don't like to sweat in my home. Plus, I can't feel strong and empowered without all those gym goers keeping their eye on me and my workout. Even if they are not looking at me, I feel like I need to impress them and push myself a little harder then what I do when no one is watching.

Moving right along here on the #IAmEmpowered bloggie train thanks to all this great writing prompts from FitApproach / Sweatpink. :-)

Today's bloggie prompt is Sweaty selfie time. There are very few things that empower us like a sweaty workout. Our team loves HIIT yoga, running, and boot camps. What is your favorite way to workout this month? 

I seriously love the elliptical. Its as tough or as easy as I want it to be. I made sure to be nice and sweaty as I know I have some toxins to release. 

With the eliptical, it really does get me going. I really think intervals on it are easier (?) then on the treddy. I have to really push myself to get a certain cadence, but I feel it is easier then running.

What is your favorite way to workout this month?


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