What community empowers you?

Moving right along here on the #IAmEmpowered bloggie train thanks to all this great writing prompts from FitApproach / Sweatpink. :-)

Today's bloggie prompt is What community empowers you? We love our #sweatpink community, but we also recognize there are so many groups that inspire and encourage! There is strength in numbers. Perhaps you are inspired by your coworkers, Tuesday morning workout crew, mommy-and-me playgroup, or your family (we know that’s true for our cousin co-founders, Alyse and Jamie)! Give them a shout out today and thank them for encouraging you.

This fits right along with the post I did on the 3rd, that I am basically reposting it. 

I am SO motivated by all the Instagram posts that I am always checking in to. #sweatpink is of course a good one. 

 But I have been most recently checking in on #IRunThisBody tag. 

Every single one of you empower me to be my best running self. I feel like everyone is strong and amazing, and I know that I can always improve my fitness and running times, but I am just gonna keep on keeping on. :-)

Which community empowers you to be your best self?


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