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Teton Dam Marathon Review

On the 2nd of June, I woke up at 4am to make a 3 hour drive to eastern Idaho for the Teton Dam Marathon. I did the 5K.

Did I mention I woke up at 4am to make a 3 hour drive. Yeah, not the best idea for legs to be in PR shape. My leggies were stiff and at 1100 more feet of elevation then at home, it was a slow trot for sure. No PR attempt this trot, that's for sure.

I woke up at 4am (my normal wake up time is 8am - 10am depending on the day) so that early is  painful. I had everything all packed and ready the evening before- brekky, post-race clothes, snacks, and a full tank of gas for the long drive. All I had to do was make coffee and head out. I didn't even brush my teeth before I left. Coffee first.

The drive was nice and not a lot of traffic for a Saturday morning. I don't know the last time I have been to Rexburg, but it was easy to find the race start. I thought the race started at 8am, but that was the 10K. The 5K started at 8:30am and I got there to get my bib at …

Robie 2017

I didn't do much training for this race this year. I started out the year with the best intentions. I had a training plan in place, and I was hitting up the gym getting in my miles and some cross training in.

BUT then things went off the rails and I really struggled to get them back on. The basement flooded in January and things have been upside down in the household 4 months later.

We couldn't stop the water for some time. It was finding its way every which way down into the basement that it could find. Places that we didn't even knew existed.

This is ice outside that is over an inch thick
The backyard ditch clogged and the melting snow and rain decided that since it can't go that way, its gonna go through the yard and into the house. It was a mess and there was no way to stop it. Sandbags were kinda worthless and the insurance company denied the claim. Thanks, Allstate.

So this is what we were dealing with for a bit. Then it happened again. It was stressful and there was no way I could get any running in as I was sucking up water non-stop. The other half spent all night turning on the pump every 15 minutes so the water we could not stop would be contained in a small section of the basement. It was a mess.

Huffing and puffing up the stairs so many times tweaked my knee somehow and so I had to deal with that. Basically self-diagnosed as runners knee from the feeling. So I could not run without swelling and some discomfort. So, no running but I did walk.

I just didn't have the mental gumption to force much of anything on myself. I am not feeling it in the gym. It doesn't have the juju I want. The weather outside really sucks. My home life is really crappy. So, during this training, I didn't walk more then 6 miles for training to a half marathon. With my knee unhappy, I could not do the requisite stairs or squats that are needed to handle the uphill and downhill. Everything started calming down about 2 weeks before race day. I went back to the Slogs tab and see how slow my times have been for this race and went with the fact of, Well, gonna make this my slowest Robie ever. I was OK with it and I just went with it.

It also snowed the day before. I expected it to be nice and cool with a little bit of wet and or snow on the road. The ground was basically like walking on the beach. A beach that has 8 miles of uphill. The weather was perfect. Temps nice and cool, but I did get sunburnt on my hair part and forehead hair line since I missed sunscreening there. 

My Taurus horoscope for race day

All ready for the race
I didn't take as many pics as I have in the previous Robies. So here are some of the pics of the day.

More uphill
Feeling it about mile 4ish? I forgot which mile.
More uphill
More uphill. Nearing the top!
Yay! Top of the hill. That was icy!
On that downhill section, the snow was melting from the trees in wet slushy globs. Of course, one had to land on my head while trotting down. This was my slowest downhill. It was ok. I trotted a 12 mile pace here because of the ice. I was OK with that. Once I got a little further down, I had some cramping in my calves. It got tight enough I had to stop and stretch.

Near the finish!
My hands were super swollen too. It may have been my posture slogging uphill and how I was swinging my arms. I had to adjust my Garmin watch band twice. As soon as I finished, it went away.

All I wanted to do at the finish was get in the bus line and go home. I had my other half take a tupperware for me and get some post-race food and I can eat it in the car on the way home. That worked out but we didn't go right home. A friend offered to take us to dinner and I wore my new pants I made to Ling and Louie's. It was also prom, so my salty self fit right in. No one looked at me funny at all.

I made these pants.
I know that this wasn't the best race and I could have done better. I always have next year to get a super sweet time at this race.

Garmy screenshot of the run


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