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Blane County Adams Gulch Trail

I had Saturday afternoon all to myself and decided that I needed some trail time near Sun Valley.

I have wanted to do Adams Gulch trail for a while, but last summer, the high water levels had made some of the water crossings where you would have to get wet. So last year, I wussed out and did not do any of that. This year, the water is low and the trees are starting to change color, so with a little encouragement from the Elephants Perch instagram account earlier this year, I decided to hit up this trail.

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The directions to the trail posted on the Blane County Rec site was spot on. It was easy to find using the directions posted. Turn on Adams Gulch road from Highway 75. I came from the north.

There was a little road construction on the bridge leading to the trailhead. No biggie. The trailhead was packed with vehicles. This place really is happening!

Rigby, Idaho Heart & Sole 5K

I wanted to get out of town for a little road trip and decided to sign up for the Heart and Sole 5K in Rigby, Idaho on April 29th. It was my first time doing this particular run, the 6th year that the town has put on this race, but sadly also the last. The race is done up by the Rotary club and they decided that they were going to do something new next year. A little sad because it was so well directed. The route was nice, a little cool pre-race but turned into perfect temps at the race start. The route felt safe and easy, no major traffic, and a nice little run around an empty lake.  A mile to the lake, a mile around, and a mile back.

Here are some pics of the route.

Towards the lake
The empty lake

Lake to the left, highway to the right
Lake campsites to the left, nice creek to the right
Main lake parking and picnic area

And then back to the start. Here's the finish.

I took lots of walk breaks during this trot because I have not been training, I'm fat and I was pretty dehydrated and very tired. The shin bone muscle was crampy and I didn't want to get to sweaty as we were planning on running around Idaho Falls and Pocatello for some shopping and dinner before heading home. This week I didn't get much sleep leading up to race day and Thursday and Friday I was helping a couple of people work, so that meant very long days out in the sun moving furniture. Without taking water breaks. Thursday night / Friday morning I got 3 hours of very fitful sleep. Friday night was 7 hours with a very early 5am wake up. Girlfriend here never does that so it was rough.

For the post-race, the raffle that they has was pretty awesome. They gave away I don't know how many prizes, lots of gift cards, some promo junk ( a calculator, water bottles, National Guard recruiting kits ) and some sweet goodies. There were 2 kids bikes, an Nike Apple watch, a couple of Smith sunglasses, some gift baskets, lots of bubbles and water balloons for the kids, among other things. Oh yeah, I even got a race medal and most races in bigger Boise don't do that at all! I'm quite sad if they don't do this run next year.


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