Hiking Galina Trails

I forced the other half to try something new a couple of weeks ago. We tried a few miles up by Galena Summit and worked our way to Titus Lake.

From the Galena Lodge Parking Lot

Titus Creek

Pretty easy at the start

This way for the trail!

Jumping off a fallen log

The other half found a good stick & it became my hiking stick for the rest of the day.
The first water crossing.

I made it but I got one wet foot.

Nice single track

The other half in action.

The 2nd water crossing.

I made it by crossing some fallen logs.

He found some berries to pick.

The trail.

More trail.

My stick really helped keep the swelling out of my hands!

The locusts were hopping everywhere!

The Idaho Smokey Mountains

The last push up!

Yay! We made it to the lake!

The lake was just over 4 miles from the lodge - and it was another 4 miles back. The lake water wasn't too cold. It was very clear. It would have been a nice place to hang out for a bit but I wanted to get back as we had some things to do back in town.

Little guy in the water.

Someone not happy I got a pic in. 

I wasn't concerned with time since this was a new to me trail. 

Next time I can work on speed as I know what I am dealing with. I wanted to take it slow and not kill myself on the mountain. :-)

Have you explored a new trail lately?


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