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Race To Robie Creek Half Marathon Recap

Nothing more motivating to typing up a new blog post then doing a half marathon. :-) FYI - this is a very photo heavy post so be warned.

Saturday was the Race to Robie Creek half marathon. The toughest race in the Northwest. This year was my 6th year in a row to participate in it. A very big accomplishment for me.

I went into this race knowing that I was not well trained. I didn't really train much and nothing at any real distance. The two best training trots were the two weeks before the race when I did some hikes and runs in the Boise foothills. Those were 6 miles each. Totally phoned in my training but no complaints about any of it. I finished and I am not even as sore as I have been in previous years! Win win to me!

I planned on finishing in 4 hours. That is what I was guesstimating on those two 6 milers. I finished in 3:32. This is 15 minutes slower then last year. My finish line video is below.

The race start was a smidge long at the start because of some road construction on the first 1/4 mile. I am not too sure how that really would have affected us runners, but the extra distance was actually unnoticeable by my legs.

Yes, I was that slow at mile 7.55 - 8.55 right before the summit.
My splits are nothing to write home about but here ya go.


The first 3 miles, everyone is really chatty and talking with one another. Once you hit mile 4, it is like, BAM. Silence. No one is talking and everyone is breathing pretty hard. I was not even close to pushing myself. I had comments made about my walk is as fast as others we running. Walk with me then!

The two days before the race, I was making sure I was getting as much water in me as I could handle. And I slept pretty dang good the night before. I woke up an hour before my alarm. The noon start time is a wonderful time of day to start. I know its not possible for most runs to do that but it is sure nice when it happens.

Brekky in the car was a scrambled egg and slice of cheese in a tortilla with 4 cups of coffee, an Aleve, a Nuun in a glass of water, a fish oil vitamin and a Drinkwel multi. I tried eating lightly the night before so I would be hungry in the morning. Usually race mornings are hard for me to eat anything.

There were lots of people at the race start. There was a few more people allowed in to run this year and it made a difference in the crowd size the morning of.

The other half trots the start with me before he heads back to the car to make it back to the shuttle in time for my finish. And I had a few comments on my lipstick during the race. It did stay on the whole race and it is pretty awesome.

This was about a mile and a half into it. No shame in walking! 

The line of people going up the hill. 

The race posts funny signs along the course. A little bit of humor and a little sarcastic demoralizing of the toughness of the race. This year, all of the signs were 99% positive and nothing as sarcastic as previous years. I guess the Rocky Mountain Sailtoads take their space seriously. (the theme of this years race was space related)

And the theme WAS space related. I thought it was great that the moon was watching over us throughout the whole race! 

Vader had to have been hot. There was the theme song to 2001: A Space Odyssey playing up there with him.

With the read bad moon rising in the background. 

This is the 7 mile grind uphill. This is where my pace dropped to 30 min/mi. I just kept on grinding on. Its a mile but its a tough mile up.

This is the Temptation Station right before the summit. They have lots of goodies like cheesy poofs and rice crispy treats and such. I was really thirsty and had 2 sips of Tang. It did not agree with my stomach on the way down. But most sweets don't at this point.

A very welcomed 12 sign.
I was standing in the beer line post race and this is the post-race party crowd. The beer line was moving faster this year then in previous years. I don't know if it was set up differently or if those who wanted beer already had some by the time I finished and got in line. Not sure. But it was nice not to have to stand in line forever to get what I wanted.

I had the other half get my plate of food for the post race. I think that worked out well so I could have my beer, bottle of water and food ready for my while I sat and rested. I took an epsom salt bath when I got home and had a sad amount of thigh chafing. I never chafe in the skirt I wore but of course, there is always the day that it happens. The chafing is worse then my muscle soreness. Sunday is a total take it easy rest day and Monday I will be back on the grind.

How was your weekend? Did you run? When is your next race?


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