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Hiking Lake Creek Road

I have been itching to get up the the Sun Valley area trails with the weather warming and the snow melting off the mountain. I had a few free days away from the other half, who was doing boy projects with his buddies, so perfect timing to get away.

I planned on going earlier in the week, but with it pouring rain all week and a chance of a tornado, I postponed my hike for Friday. The weather was in the 70's and just lovely!

Tornado Warning. Yikes!
I made sure to hit up some thrift shops for things I could not live without, but found nothing. The other half needed a screwdriver I found for a dollar. That was the only thing that I bought. Well, I bought a Starbucks mocha because I was tired and needed the sugar and caffeine boost. My lovely MIL made sure I was up at 7am being the obnoxious cow that she is. I went to bed at 1am, so I was really tired.

I am kind of a wuss when it comes to traveling to new places by myself. There are so many hidden trails, I just want to make sure I am in the right location, and parked in the correct spot without being hassled. I worry a lot about silly things. I don't want to look like I'm not a local. (lol)

The map system on the Blane County Rec website, is really informative and has all the trails listed. Half the trails are closed with the snow in the mountains and the high river flowing. I wanted to do a longer straight trail and not have to find my way along to connecting trails.

The Lake Creek Road trail seemed perfect. It is 4.88 miles and if I did it out and back, it would be almost a 10 mile hike for the day. A good workout for sure! I was looking forward to it.

Screenshot from the BCRD website.
The trail starts at the end of the subdivision. The are no signs stating anything so I was a little worried I was in the wrong spot or taking the wrong trail. I double checked the Blane County Rec website, which isn't that mobile-friendly, to make sure I am in the correct location. I guess I was, so I headed out.

The start of the trail is here.
 The trail was very quiet. It was dirt, gravel and rocks, and wide for vehicles to drive on. There are camp sites scattered on each side of the trail. There was one tent set up with no one in it and one RV with a man and his dog. On the way up the trail, there were two couples with their dogs hiking down, two vehicles passed me, and on the way down, one vehicle passed me twice. Everyone was male (excluding the two couples) and everyone waved.

The start of the trail
Another parking site ahead from where I started
This is basically the whole view for the whole trip


There is a fork in the road. I'm not sure where the left hand road takes you, but the trail to the lake is on the right. Just an FYI. I may take the left trail eventually. Or at least Google map it.

You can camp for 3 days before the sign and 16 days after this sign.
The creek is small and shallow on the right side of the trail. It was about 5 feet wide and appeared less then a foot deep.

Small but loud and lovely to listen to.

Hiking to the lake was my goal. I had to be home in time for a Craigslist deal I had set up and I wore the wrong socks. A certain pair of socks I have are just little funnels for grit, so I was being rubbed raw at the back of my heel and ankle. Rookie move, I know. All in all, a short but physically pleasant trip.

The lake!

Selfie with the lake behind me
The lake is about 3.5 miles from the start of the trail. So its a 7 mile round trip. The trail starts getting a little steep as you get closer, so I was really starting to huff and puff. There were people fly fishing and hanging out at the lake. There are picnic tables and a potty available.

So quiet and peaceful here
It was a nice little jaunt. If I wear the appropriate socks and have a little more time, I would like to do the next mile and half to see what is at the end of the trail passed the lake here. From the website it looks steep!

My Garmy data
I was tired and hungry. I only drank water during the hike, even though I brought Lara Bars to snack on. I brought a Wendy's salad from home and drove down the road to the day use picnic area to eat before the hour drive back home.

Wendy's Salads are the best.
I love the trails and really love being away from traffic and aggressive animals. Even though I walked, (and didn't re-hydrate enough) I felt a little stiff the next day. I will head back to this trail again in the future.

Have you gone on any hikes lately? Any advice for hiking alone?


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