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Onward Shay 5K Race Recap

Sunday the 28th of October, I got to participate (run/walk, I guess?) in the Onward Shay Marathon. I did the 5K. I could walk the half or full marathon, but I know my running place since I really have not been making too much of an effort to work out with a lot of annoying life stuff right now.

This is LAST YEARS Garmin route and my sloggy time.

 This is this years Garmin route and time.

I wore a Team Beef windbreaker jacket I have never wore before. I thought that it was so thin and had vent flaps, I would have been ok at the 48 degree race start. Ugh, no. I was so warm and sweaty half way through it was embarrassing. My hair was soaked and whatever sweat was inside of the jacket, just stayed inside. My coat looked like it just came out of the washer. It will be a good jacket in 30 degrees or rainy and snow, but not for erfect temp trotting.

I guess nothing new on race day. My bad. Good thing that I am not speedy and attempting a PR.

So, anyways. What I liked about this race compar…

Proper Exercise Primes Preppers for Disasters Book Review

Proper Exercise Primes Preppers For Disasters By Dan Vale

I read this book while walking on the treadmill this week. Just the title alone had me wanting to read this book. I thought it would be interesting on how Proper Exercise will prep your prepper body for disaster.

This book was an easy read. But it was no nonsense all around. And it is not just for "Preppers." This book is full of good tips and info that make you realize that how a healthy, physically fit body will handle stressful situations like the cold of winter, or the heat of summer better then one who is weak or out of shape.

This book also hits all the common excuses that one may have to not exercise. Its too hot, its too cold, gym memberships are too expensive, I am unemployed, I don't have the time. This book gives tips on how you can make it work for your lifestyle.

I recommend this book if you want some tips of fitness and health and how and why you should get started. You should be prepared, not just …

The Pumpkin King 5k

The post is sponsored by Level Up Virtual Runs and no other compensation is given.

I have been slacking on running lately most of this year, I am slowly (a little too slowly) getting back into it. I have gained weight and I have missed it. It seems my life is a non-stop whirlwind and its quite annoying.

I have a future race planned out later this month, and since it is Halloween time and I am excited for the holidays, I am going to jump in and participate in The Pumpkin King 5K Virtual Run.

The one thing that I like about virtual runs is that I can run / walk them anytime and anywhere. Plus, no matter where you live, you can even join me! We can earn the same bling!

The cost is only $25 - which is super reasonable. BUT if you use code PUMPKINKING you can get 10% off! That extra discount is basically a Starbucks Coffee. :-)

I will be running my Virtual Run this weekend - when do you plan on running yours? Are you going to join me in The Pumpkin King 5K?

Boise Corrals Trail Trot

I missed the Boise foothills and decided to make the trek before the snow starts to fly.

I was deciding Table Rock or Corrals. Corrals it was. I can control my pace and heart rate better on Corrals then the Table Rock trail. I was planning 3 miles. Maybe 6. Well, I might as well do 8. 

I had no goal on this walk other then to get outside and work the leggies a bit. I was slow. But I am out of shape. :-)

I didn't sleep well the night before. I had some night sweats that woke me up and every time I went to sleep, I would immediately wake up sweaty. Yay. So my head was just so tired during this outside jaunt.

The weather was nearly perfect. There also were not a lot of bugs and grasshoppers hopping around. One did hop right into my face. Little bastard.

The trail was amazingly quiet. It was total bliss. The only distraction was my heavy huffing and puffing.

Heavy Breathing GIF from Cat GIFs

I thought, well maybe I will turn around once I got to the top of Corrals.

 I went to the righ…