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Dusting Off the Blog for 2020 - The Last Decade

Can I honestly say #NewYearNewMe right now? I am ready for the new year to start.

The last 6 years have been not the way that I wanted as I moved to a rural part of Idaho to deal with some MIL issues. I really tried to make the best of it, but I struggled with it in every aspect in my life. No running, no blogging, heaving drinking and a whole lot of depression. I have made some vague hints about my feelings and never really went into detail...

Story Time because I missed being 100% honest with all of you. This is a very condensed version of the last few years. There were other items that if you want to know about, I will gladly share since they are not something a mother should do to her only child, but these were the items of most concern and stress.

I have been in a relationship with my significant other since 2004 excluding an almost 6 year break from 2007-2013. We still spoke regularly during our break apart. We had found out with there was some issues with theft and fraud again…

Tutu's and Tennis Shoes 5K

Happy July, everyone! I get my butt into the festive 4th of July spirit and ran a 5K. It was fun!

The race was very small and was not timed. It was OK. You got a tutu, a beer or lemonade and a good hot dog at the end! It was in support of the Sun Valley Ballet. I had no clue on the route, other then where it started. I didn't expect hills so that was a plus.

Downside, this is at elevation and it KILLS me. It makes me feel like a really crappy (crappier) runner then I am. I was not the slowest, but I WAS SLOW and I did do run/walk intervals of 1/2 - 1/1 as I was in no hurry. But mix in the elevation when you are overweight and out of shape and just getting back into the running aspect of things, and well, I'm thankful it wasn't timed. :-)

The other half spotted a yard sale around the block and I made him take my starting line pic and shoveled him out to the sale. I didn't want him to miss out on anything good. Plus, I had asked him to have a mocha waiting for me at the …

Hiking Carbonate Mountain

I seen a nice trail last week on the 'gram. I had to ask which trail it was. It looked instagram-worthy and wasn't closed or covered in snow like I expected it to be in the mountains.
I checked the Blaine County Trails site and could not find it listed - and most of the trails are closed so Google to the rescue.

Ok. I can handle steep and physically challenging. I just completed Robie Creek for the 8th time!

The steepness was no joke! It was very steep I had to stop and take a couple of breaks. We went "straight up" then took the switchbacks down. But it was a nice little jaunt that caused some serious huffing and puffing.

It is seriously steep. It was a slow climb for my fat butt.

But the view from the top just can't be beat! Downside, no shade on this trail. This is not a middle of summer noon-time hike. But early spring, with the snow just starting to melt - its perfect. It was very rocky and the other half did this in Teva's. I'm glad I had my Hoka…

Race to Robie Creek 2019 Half Marathon

I attempted to train for this run this year. I really did. Look at all of my previous posts from the past few months. Mentally, I just could not force myself to run in the rain, the icy cold, or the treddy. I just didn't want to suffer. I mean, I am suffering living with my MIL, that it is just HARD to suffer for fun and have to suffer because of a living situation....

Although I could have done more, and I mean more training, I did a little something. Not much. I did maybe the longest treddy walk at max incline of 5 miles. But mostly it was walking with some squats and some little hills in Rock Creek.

However, with as little of training that I did, I am proud to say that I completed my Race to Robie Creek half marathon 5 minutes faster then 2018. :-)

 The day started out not as I had hoped for. The bedroom was really hot for some reason and I kept waking up sweaty. I woke up 3 times sweaty. I even went to bed early and was really hoping for a good night sleep. I woke up 10 minute…