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Half Marathon Week 3

Wow, I can't believe that it is week 3 of my training already. My goal race that I am training for has its registration open up next week, so time is just ticking away.

Sunday - Rest day and I rested. :-)

Monday - I did mention last week how I am really ready for spring and the warmer weather. Today was one of those days. I was going to brave the outside with the snow that has fallen over the weekend. But I didn't. I suffered on the treddy for my 3 miles in my cold, dungeon of a basement. Downside is that I took my TV away from my treadmill and moved it to another room so I could watch the Super Bowl. But I have not put it back in front of my treddy, so it was just me and my treddy hanging out for 3 miles at an incline.

Tuesday - I wanted to get my 4 mile trot done outside when I finished my errands, but I just wasn't feeling it. I waited and waited to get it done, putting it off - I'll do it tomorrow - but I didn't. About 7:30pm I sucked it up and went down into the…

Half Marathon Training Week 2

Hey, look - week 2 of my 12 week half marathon training. :-) It turned out to be my girl time this week, so I really had a hard time getting out and doing stuff. I just felt so low energy until Saturday hit and I got my long run done a day late.

Sunday Sunday is a rest day.

Monday I went to the rec center and did 3 treddy miles and did a couple of smith machine squats and some ab work and some stretching.
Tuesday I had an appointment that I had to go out of town for and I didn't workout. But my macros were on point this day. Well. my fat macros were a little high. I love the Transform App since I planned my whole day's macros around my dinner. I enjoyed every bite I had at Texas Roadhouse. I won a free cinnamon roll at Cinnaholic in Meridian. I picked it up and didn't eat it until Wednesday to keep my macros good. The Cinnamon Roll was so fresh and tastes homemade. It was a real treat!

Wednesday Doing crap around the house, I didn't get to workout for one reason or anot…

Half Marathon Training Week 1

I'm going to be kicking myself in the butt to get in back into gear. Both on blogging and both on working out. I was doing good at the end of the year with both my diet and exercise, but I was totally over training and my body was letting me know that it needed a break. I took too long of a break. I lost the momentum that I had but the month off was very much needed.

During this time off, I knew I had to follow a plan for the half marathon in April I am training for. II am too good at taking extra rest days and going crazy on the miles. So I searched and asked around and googled and decided on the Hal Higdon Half Marathon Novice 2 plan

Sunday According to my training plan, Sunday's will always be rest days - for the next 12 weeks!

Total shit run and my fault for drinking too much the night before. I was watching the Marie Kondo show and was really into it. I went to bed at 2am. Woke up too early and stayed in bed too long. And I had a fast food mystery shop right before…