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The Fitness Apps I Cannot Live Without

I have an iPhone and I really try to limit the apps that I have on my phone. I just don't like the clutter, especially when I can just visit the website just as easily. I only have 12 fitness apps on my phone.

My top app I use daily is the Transform App. I am following the Iron Gym fitness and macro plan that is recommended for me through it. I bought a lifetime membership and am working on sticking with my fitness and healthful eating. And the difficulties of getting that gallon of water in everyday!  I love this app.

Garmin Connect is important to me as I run with a Garmin watch, and with Garmin Connect, it syncs with a couple of different apps that I love.

 I sync my Garmin with RunBet - its like a diet bet where you buy into the game and complete the prescribed runs and if you win, you split the pot with the other winners.

My Garmin also syncs with Achievement App.  You do health related things (tweet a health related post, walk with your phone, run with your Garmin, sync your …

3 Common Mistakes That Beginners Make When Starting A New Fitness Plan

Too hard, too long, too fast- (That's what she said) I know this happens often. You are motivated and ready to work out. You are gonna get _________ (fill in the blank-skinny, train for the marathon, ect.)

And you are so amped you just keep going. And going. And going. You lose track of time and or distance. And then you stop or have to turn around to go back home. My friend did this on the stairmaster while watching a movie. And then he got off the machine when the movie was over. He called in to work the next day because he had so much DOMS, he could not move.

Start slow or short. Follow your prescribed training for the day and don't overdo it. Push yourself but don't forget your physical baseline is lower when then what your mind is motivated to do when first starting out.

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A post shared by runinboise (@runinboise) on Jul 15, 2019 at 11:10am PDT
Giving up too soon- did you overdo it on day one? And now you can't move? You take a rest day. Th…

What To Look For Before Joining A Gym or Studio

I have spent a little bit of time at a couple of gyms since I started running in 2011. Here are a couple of things that were important to me before I threw down my card and joined my latest gym.

Location - How easy is it for you to get there? Is it convenient to your home or work? Or is it going to be a non-stop list of excuses of why you can't drive (or walk, or bike) there.

The first gym I joined was at my college campus where I worked and went to school. SUPER Convenient as I worked out after my graveyard shift, took a shower, ate, and then went to class. All I had to do is walk back and forth across the street. My current gym is 3.2 miles away and if I go in the morning / early afternoon, traffic is good and the drive isn't so bad. Also, my apartment has a pretty good gym so if I just want to stay home and not sweat all over my carpet, that is an option for me too. Also, are there other gyms you can visit with your membership? I can visit any location that is not my home l…

My Workouts From Last Week

I have a good week last week.

My workouts were on point.

I worked hard on making sure my macros were all √.

I got all my 100oz of water except for Monday - I did errands after my workout which took 2 hours longer then expected so I have to get back into the habit of carrying a large bottle with me. I had a hangry meltdown and I HAVE to take snacks / meals with me. I can't

Monday - 5 min of elliptical warm up
                 Legs from the Transform App
                 20 sweaty minutes of the Stairmaster
                 20 minutes with maxed out heart rate intervals on the elliptical.
I felt really good with my performance of today. On my Whoop app, I got a 12 strain for the day. I think I have to go that hard longer to max out my strain to 21. I am still working on that.

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I think the stair master is the biggest torture device in the gym. I can zone out on a treadmill and focus on a TV show or music, but stairs? Nope. I can’t focus on anything but the b…

Prepare for Victory

I am preparing for a victorious 2020. I have a good mindset and feel very motivated to live the life that I want to live. I am detoxing from all the toxins I had to live with for the last 6 years. I am living in a location that I want, and time to do some things for me for the results I want for myself.

I have my Believe Journal and feel that planning my day/week/month out and training while being mindful and reflective while jotting it down will help me stay motivated and determined to reach my goals throughout this year.

I spent a little bit of time last weekend trying to decide which half marathon training plan to use this year for my 9th year of THIS half marathon, and chose a beginner plan. I did not run much of 2019 and want to slowly ease into it and not run so many days during the week.

Nothing fancy and nothing too extreme but got it all down in my journal!

One thing that I know I need to be mindful on that really stuck out to me on the journal is this.

I have not said yes…

Training Plans for 2020

I purchased the Lifetime Membership of the Transform App a few months ago in September. I have been following it on and off since it came out a few years ago, but never really stuck with it long term. First, I paid for a 3 month subscription, and followed it on and off for a month or two. Then gave up. I was SO CONFUSED by the meal plan it that was suggested that it just seemed impossible.

 I then attempted a year subscription, and participated in a local gym event where they wanted to have everyone go low carb for 3 months. There was an App 2.0 update and it made the food plan so much easier to understand. I tracked my food and attempted the workouts in the app, along with this boutique gyms' workouts during the week. The food plan the gym was recommending was good as it helped me hit my Transform App macros other then the fat and calories on a daily basis. It emphasized green veggies and lean protein at every meal. It was extreme low carb and it was not sustainable with a hea…



I'm back with another post.

I am so happy about this.

After the last 6 years of living in a very dirty and toxic home, I have spent some time researching what I can do to, I guess, biohack myself into health. Hence #NewYearNewMe

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The home I lived in, was not able to be cleaned. My MIL was very difficult to live with and I struggled with not being able to be in a clean environment. Ever. Not because we were lazy but because the plumbing was so bad, I had to wash dishes in the bathtub. I made a previous post about the carbon monoxide poisoning we were suffering from and the MIL had some anger and irritation with us cleaning that out. (Did she want to kill us or herself?) So, there was headaches and breathing difficulties with that until we cleaned it out.

There was also mice feces everywhere the whole 6 years. She MIL thought mice running around were cute and had another fit of us tr…