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Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

On Twitter tonight, Fitness RX For Women posted this great post.

I think this is so true and so relevant to what I was thinking this week. I have been weighing myself almost daily and logging the weight into The Daily Plate. They have a little chart so that you can see how the graph goes up and down. I AM down the 6 pounds from my xmas gluttony, but I go up every weekend 2 pounds and go back down during the week.

The graph has input for calories and weight. I can see how my calories from the day(s) before affects my weight today and tomorrow.

I know I have a few excuses for this that I am going to keep under control THIS weekend.  Oh wait, it's the Super Bowl weekend. Crap. I am going to have some major willpower fighting this Sunday for sure.

1. I am not as active on the weekends as I am during the week. My workdays, I walk around for at least 6 hours a night, plus workout. Weekends, I watch about 6 hours a night of movies and don't work out as much. Saturday, I am going to do…


Today again was a post-work slog.

4 slow, difficult miles. I think it is because it is late, and I woke up earlier then I do most days. Sleepy!

My right knee is achy. I have a new pair of shoes on order. I really think this is the cause of my problem. How many miles have I put on my shoes? Ah, who knows. I got them a year ago!

1st mile 4.9. I don't remember the incline. I kept messing with it all 4 miles. Uphill was too hard and too low was aggravating my knee.

Quick break and then finished the last 3 miles at 5.0-6.0 at the end. I really wanted to stop and walk after the 3rd mile, but decided to push on. I just had everything timed just right to finish 4 miles at the end of the Daily Show.

Got ice on my knee for a few more minutes and I will spend tomorrow doing some major stretching! I will be doing a few minutes of some good foam rolling! 
What do you say to yourself to push through until the end of a workout? I was just saying KEEP GOING over and over again.

It's Insane!

This weekend I decided to get me a little something that I wanted of my own for a while now. I got a foam roller at Target. $17 with a 15 minute DVD. I have used it and I made the BF try it out too. I really liked using the roller on the base of the head and the lower back. (Using it on my quads KILLED!) The BF has back pain and I thought it would be good for him.

He cussed me out and threw the roller at me because it hurt so bad. lol

Then he tried it again about an hour later and, well, if the torture device roller doesn't come up broken or missing, I will be a very lucky girl. I really wish I could have gotten a pic of him using the roller but we all know how it feels and how we look using it. It is not pretty for sure!

Using the roller was the extent of my physical activity for this weekend. A weekend which involved watching 4 movies, Whipped Vodka, pizza, Thai food with the BFs fam & kiddies - and Team Exergy was at the Thai place too. I wish I woulda gotten a pic with the…

Freeze Your Thorns Off 5k

For my Friday night after work workout was a ghetto renew dreadmill run. Actually, it wasn't so dreadful as this slog was a 5K and I wanted to be better then my previous 5K attempts of 35 minutes. The Boring Runner has a Freeze Your Thorns Off 5K going on today and I took part in it.

Ghetto Renew had the building surprisingly cool and I didn't sweat as much as I normally do. Maybe because it was 25 degrees outside. Maybe it is because someone figured out how to change the thermostat. I don't know, but it sure was nice!

The pic above is post-run. My hair looks surprisingly good for slogging it out on the treadmill for a half hour. We will just blame it on the bad lighting in the building...

Hooray for me. 3.11 in 33:49. That is like a PR for me. Didn't stop for water, like most 5K's. Did the 1st mile at .5 incline and 4.9 speed. The 2nd mile, I wanted to really push myself and get done and went 5.0 and moved my incline at -3.0. I inched up the speed at 1.25mile to 6…

26.2 Stickers

Do you have a 26.2 (or whatever your preferred race) on your car? I got one the other day and it is going on my car! Click the link, you can get one too.

I was thinking the past two months, I did a marathon. And that got to be no big deal. Marathon. Then I got this sticker. Then it hit me. I did 26 miles! That is bad ass. That is basically going from Boise to Nampa. Actually, its more like past Nampa to Caldwell, as Caldwell is 27 miles away, if you take the freeway. That can be a long drive!

Maybe I should hit up a training run down Overland or something sometime this spring. Sidewalks, almost the whole way.

Do you have a 26.2 sticker? Does what you have accomplished running just amaze you sometimes?

Someone Agrees With Me

Today's after work workout was 5 sweaty miles at Ghetto Renew.
1st mile was 1.0 incline and a 13 min/mi. Then I stopped and got the fan. There was a girl working out on the treadmill next me me and she said I had the right idea with the fan. I told her that I left a note the other day to turn down the temps. She said that she didn't think that they care about what the members think. I then told her that I complain on twitter a lot about this place and on YELP but the owners has his friends post positive reviews to counteract the bad. (I actually see that the took down the previous location and replaced it with a new one that has no feedback - I'll change that!) She asked how long I was a member and I said about a year. She thought that it was funny that I have been a member so long and that I still hate it. Anyways, we chatted a bit more and someone agrees with me that ghetto renew is ghetto.

I also shared the fan with her. Cuz we bonded.

My next 4 miles were -3.0 to +1.0 i…

Turning The Heat Down

Tonight I went to Ghetto Renew to get 4-6miles in on the treadmill. I was actually looking forward to working it on the treadmill. There were 2 ladies there that I have never seen before but they were heading out when I was heading in.

I got my fan and set it up at the front of the treadmill and turned the TVs on to Comedy Central to watch the last half of Workaholics and the 1st half of The Daily Show.

Plodding at my 1st mile and the fan felt good on the lower half of me. But the top half was distracted by the heat blowing down on my top half.

I was almost done with my 2nd mile when I accidentally hit the STOP button and my machine came to a stop and cleared.

I went to go get a sip of water and look at the thermostat.
72 degrees! It's like it is summer! I actually wrote a note and left in on the front desk if it was possible to turn the temp down. Then I went back to plodding my third-ish mile. Now that I know that the heater is on blowing on me, it just psyched me out.

I then we…

Got 'er Done

A quicky after work workout at 1:30am! 23 minutes on the elliptical. 15 min on weights. Did quite a few weights to really work my arms. I don't feel weak, but arm work is needed. I didn't do any rows for some reason. Next arm session, I am going to try to lift a little higher. I am on 15lbs for most arms, and I can do 30lbs on triceps, but usually do 25. Downside is that they have dumbbells in 5 pound increments. That is scary, but I guess if I do it, I will have to rep to failure. Then go down to the lower weight to finish my reps. Anyways...

There are usually 2 dudes there when I go in but were not there very long last night. They left before I even got off the elliptical.  Fine by me.

I can take pics of myself in the mirror with only the security camera watching. Slight sweat fest.

Do you ever work out with free weights? It seems all the machines at ghetto renew are upper body related with only 3 for legs and lots of bars with benches. Good arms are nice, but that is not your…

How To Recover & Shopping Goodies

I guess the best way to recover from my funk of the last few weeks is just to drink some water, take a multivitamin, a vitamin D, and get my workout shoes on.

I feel so much better after doing 4miles at ghetto renew. I really shoulda done more but 4 is good enough to perk me up. I did my 1st mile at 4.7 at 1.0 incline. Then I hopped off to get the fan. I really don't like the feeling of the crook of my arms dripping sweat. And the room smelled really dusty. The fan helped with all of that. I did 3 more miles at 5.0-7.3 at a -3 to a +3.0 incline. I even foam rolled my IT bands after I was done. My right side is painful. I am doing some serious stretching as my calves are achy and my right knee is bothering me. I think its all because of my shoes.

I went food shopping this weekend. This is some of the goodies that is helping me carb up. I don't need the carbs, but they sure are tasty. 
A little high in calories. But aren't all tasty carby things. Drank half the Darigold Ref…

Uninspired + Nike Fuel

I have been pretty uninspired to workout or blog. I seriously think it has to do with the lack of sun the last two weeks. I was enjoying summer and fall with my long runs on the greenbelt instead of slogging 2-3 hours on the treadmill. I have multivitamins (prenatal because they were cheaper) and some Vitamin D. I have started taking it more regularly to help pull me out of this SAD funk.

One thing that I did do to help perk me up is pre-order one of those new Nike+ FuelBand. I am pretty excited about it because, while I wanted a BodyBugg again, I didn't want to wear that big tacky device around everywhere. Showing off that I think that I am a fatty on a mission to lose weight. I really liked the BB. It worked, I lost almost 20 pounds on it, but my 7 year old Mac it didn't support Java needed to use the BB. So bummer. Hopefully with the FuelBand, it won't be as much as an issue. Anyways, I don't think that the Nike FuelBand is tacky looking and it will tell me things …