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Weekend Roundup

So, like a lot of other bloggers out there lately- I have a lack of posts.

Busy weekend of birthdays and parties.

Thursday night/Fri morn was a TM run - 6 slow and sluggish miles afterwork. 1:13. Of course the heater was blowing on me. Ugh. Seriously, I have said this before. I think I am acclimated to summer weather already. Ugh. Don't get a gym membership at Body Renew!

Saturday morning was a hair appointment. If you want some hair magic- go to Amy at Fete on 8th. She is awesome. No, really. I don't like many things -if you have not noticed that I complain a lot, Amy is someone I have NO complaints about.)

Birthday shopping and then to the BF's work party. I never said, but cutting down some of my bread carbs really helped with losing some of my weight, and I fit into my dress! Oh, and I have a pair of skinny jeans that were always a little tight in the thighs. They fit pretty good on Sunday!

Could I possibly get the BF to take a cute pic of me Saturday night?
 Finger in …

Running Would Be Fun

Running would be fun if it wasn't for all that darn running!

Speedwork day.


Turned into this...

Turned into this. A 10:28 pace! I feel like I am getting speedier. I don't know how easier it is getting, but it's getting done!

My glutes feel like they got worked for sure. Back of my foot, where the top of my shoe rubs was annoying me. I think it was because I didn't wear the running socks that I normally do and wore another pair that I really don't like to wear. They have padding at the back of the ankle and it has been annoying me for a few weeks. All these silly things that used to not bother me now do. Silly running!

How often do you do speedwork? What is your workout today?

I Won't Break

I am going to fit in an after work 6 mile run in tonight. This afternoon I decided to work out via some Hulu videos. They have some Exercise TV workouts that I wanted to try.

I really hate doing squats and lunges. I know that they work quite a few muscles, but my knees are creaky. During one of the commercial breaks, I ran to take a glucosamine. I am not very good with taking pills everyday, but I guess doing this lower body workout and hearing noises come from my knees might make me remember.

I didn't think 20 minutes of squats was enough of a workout. I did the Upper Body immediately after. I had to make a few modifications because using 2 12 pound dumbbells was difficult/impossible in some spots. Mostly the Delt Flys and overhead triceps on one leg. I did like using one leg for some of the moves. Really worked the stability aspect of some of my muscles.

There was some jumping exercises that are mixed in at the end of a circuit. I always think that I SHOULD do low impact. Tap …

Race To Robie Creek 2012 - I Am In!

This morning at noon was the time to register for the "Toughest Half-Marathon In The Northwest." Race To Robie Creek.

I got in and got registered!

I will be using this as a "training run" for the Sogonapmit Marathon. Since this is 8.something miles uphill and a the last 3.something down, basically what I will be doing in July. Except July will be 13 miles up (in less then 2.5hours!) and 13 miles down.