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Meet Me Monday

Today is Monday. Stuff happens when I am at work. Cool stuff I miss out on all the time. I took tonight off of work to have a Monday that I don't dread. Meet Me Monday is something cool that I have missed out on for the past 2 months. But I got to do it tonight.

All Meet Me Monday is an excuse to walk downtown, be active and maybe partake in $2 Bardenay beers after.

1, 2, or 3 miles. They have a map and directions downtown on the route. I got confused and started on the 1 mile route, but completed the 2 mile route. Of course my Garmin had to be retarded so I didn't even get the incorrect mileage, but I know I had to do about 3 miles.

It is time to Botox that space in between my eyebrows.  I also didn't wear my hat and I fixed my hair!

My BFF was on his phone the whole route like this. Yes, he IS a pasty, white, gamer nerd. And ladies, he IS single! If you want his number, lemme know.

Along the route. Downtown. 

I almost ran through the fountain because I was wearing Tev…

I Did A Hard Guy. Again.

Yep. I did my Hard Guy trail again. And I did it alone. It was hard and dirty. (TWSS) And there were a few miles where I was alone. No bikers or other trail users. It wasn't as scary as I thought it would be-being alone on the trail. It was really nice.

 The only way I can negative split, ever, is by having the first half uphill and last half downhill. lol

Funny, but I know I can't be the only female trail user that goes and completes miles alone, but wow. I got "Hi" from everyone I passed -mostly men mountain bikers.  There tone was either flirty, surprised, protective, but all friendly.

I took 3 Hammer gels (raspberry & orange at miles 3, 6, & 9) and my Camelbak lasted me the whole time. I did feel a little sloshy in the gut, but I had plenty of water.

And the whole peeing in the wilderness thing? Yeah, I prefer the potty in my house but had to brave a side of the trail pee. And I need to work on my aim. Thank goodness I brought 2 wetwipes with me.

Here …

Friday Brain Dump

Today, my post is going to be a little random. I have a lot to say, but not enough of each for a solid post, so a numbered post it will be.

1. I don't feel like running today. I have only done 8 miles this week. I feel I can claim the excuse of Tapering. But I plan on re-slogging the Hard Guy again on Sunday. Probably alone. You know, 12 miles, because I am tapering. And I will use it as a guesstimate finishing time for the Foothills 12K next week. And just you wait for what I have planned for the Sunday after that race!

2. My upper body hurts from my 3 solid minutes of hand to forearm planks 2 days in a row. I will post a YouTube on my plank accomplishment soon so I can share whether my form sucks or I am getting stronger. And to show the BF what I mean by planks. I told him to google it because he didn't know and he found planking.

3. Did you know that there are something called the Olympics going on for a few days? Yeah. Pretty exciting. I don't know what I am going to…

Wello Review & Special Deal For You!

There is something fun that I want to share with you.

It is called Wello.

It is a website where you can workout with a trainer of your choice via computer. Kinda like a Skype for your workouts.

It is super easy and really fun. There is no excuses to getting a personal trainer anymore. No gym needed. Just you and your computer. 

You log into to Wello.

Search for a trainer of your choice. You want yoga, bootcamp or pilates, a FitApproach #SweatPink workout, or something else?  A quick search will help you find what workout you want to do. What I actually liked the most is that you can get in a workout with whatever equipment your have available. If you only have a yoga mat, a full set of weights, or nothing at all, you can still get in a workout!

You can schedule a session for whenever you want. A workout during your lunch break in the office? Right after you got to your vacation destination? Do you want to have an online blogger online meet-up group workout in the future? Seriously,…

Crum Creek Review & Special Offer

I have something special for you.

Crum Creek recently sent me a selection of some goodies available on their website. The Crum Creek Superb Sesame Soy Bites, Crum Creek Almond Biscuties, Go Raw Live Granola Bar and a Oskri Coconut Bar Dark Chocolate.

Crum Creek is an online store with an awesome selection of healthy food & drinks, health & beauty items, supplements, and recipes.

From their site -

It all started in 1995 with Dr. Ara Yeramyan, a gourmet cook and scientist with a passion for inventing delicious, nutritious foods. He created our Crum Creek Mills soy products out of his kitchen, making the everyday foods you love only better.  After delighting his family and friends with his creations, he taped his desire to share his healthy foods with the world and brought Crum Creek to life.
We began selling our soy products in 2000, and over the years have developed a circle of customers and friends who love our foods.  As we have become part of the natural products and …

I Did A Hard Guy

Today, I told the BF I wanted to get up early Sunday morning and hit the Hard Guy trail. Just the name alone has scared us all year long. The Hard Guy. It just sounds daunting.

We did complete the trail. The BF said that this was one of his top 3 most miserable experience ever. lol!

It was pretty sucky, but not top 3 for me. He has never done anything that far willingly. Almost 13 miles! I am proud of him.

The day started out ok. Started up on the trail at 9am. Breakfast of eggs, toast, and coffee. I also had some water and a Nuun. The BF for some reason didn't want to carry a pack so he could take more water, and just carried one of my blue Nuun bottles of water. I had 2 icy 32oz. Naglene bottles in the car for after the trek - since I knew more water was going to be needed. I brought snacks (trail mix - raisins, peanuts, yogurt & chocolate covered raisins & peanuts) and some gels, pb, and a bunch of my other standard crap in my Camelbak. Well, things started out ok on t…

Vega Energizing Smoothie Review

I was recently given the opportunity to try all of the Vega Energizing Smoothie flavors. I received individual servings of all of the 5 flavors - Choc-O-Lot, Bodacious Berry, Tropical Tango, Vanilla Almondilla, and Oh Natural

OMG Nom!

I am a big Vega fan, although I am not vegan. I have used their Vega SportPre-workout, chocolate protein, and Hydrator often. I like that they have products that taste good and that are made from all natural, plant based ingredients. Vega Energizing Smoothie is dairy, gluten, and soy free and contains no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. It is alkaline-forming and easy to digest. These smoothies are very tasty. They include 2 whole servings of veggies, 10g of protein, 5g of fiber, and 1g of Omega-3. Each serving is pretty freaking awesome at around 90-100 calories.

I tried these smoothies a few different ways at different times of my day. I tried the Choc-O-Lot mixed with tart cherry juice after a run- Pretty good. I tried the Berry as a pre-…

Bootcamp Sweatfest

I was really scared to go into bootcamp today.

I ALMOST made an excuse to not go in. Almost.

New things scare me. New people, new situations, I am a total wuss.

I like my comfort zone, no matter how stagnant and boring it is.

But I did go. And I am glad that I did. (Minus the fact that I had to spend $30 on some stretchy bands and a dollar for parking. The cheapskate in me grumbled about that.) I AM going to be a little sore tomorrow. My arms felt it.

But the workouts were good. As challenging as we needed to make it. We did a warm up of foam rolling and some exercises that I was walked through yesterday - squats, spiderman lunge thingies, hand walkouts. Some other stuff I can't remember.

Then we moved into a tabata style workout. We were grouped into 5 different groups or so and each group started at a different station. Worked that station for 30 seconds then 30 seconds to get to the next station. Squats with the stretchy band, swinging the battling ropes, pull ups with a TR…

Bootcamp Butt Kicking

I got a Groupon deal a bit ago for a month of Boot Camp.

Since I am not going to Ghetto Renew anymore, I am making excuses for running in the 100 degree heat, and I always workout alone, I decided to do something new.

I have never been to this Fitness Revolution place before. Tuesday afternoon was all about the audit - basic movements, intake, ect. Next week I go in to talk about nutrition and I have to keep a food journal for a week.

3-day a week bootcamp starts tomorrow. I LOVE it when local businesses have classes around Noon. That is MY morning. And that is one of the main reasons why I grabbed the Groupon deal.

The start out each session by foam rolling, (lots of good videos on rolling here) stretching, and an active warm-up-squats and stuff. 

They have a Summer Slimdown that I may just participate in. Win $250 just for working out, losing body fat and gain some muscle.

How do you cross-train?

Cooler Weather Is Cool

Cooler weather makes a huge difference in working out outside.

Sunday night, after dinner of BBQ chicken & watching The Sitter, the BF, his son, & I made a jaunt up the Tablerock.

I didn't feel like I was going to die on the way up. Not as much smoke in the air from local fires, not as blazing heat & sun at about 8PM compared to Noon.

It was, dare I say, almost easy. Almost.

We did see lots of quail & bunnies!

There are 2 in the above pic.

And the BF actually took some cute pics of me.

The BFs son is in the above pic & I am too lazy to crop.

Hello BF shadow.

Did you do anything fun this weekend?

Fit For Life 10K Recap

Saturday morning, I did my 11th race - my 2nd 10K - Fit For Life Half marathon, 10K, & 5K.

Of course I PR'ed. 10Ks are easy and anyone can do one. I told the BF my time will be 1:05-1:10. I came in at 1:07.

The morning was better then expected. I got off work at 11:30pm and was in bed at 12:30am. Up at 6:15. Not enough sleep at all, but I didn't have nerves bothering my gut. I had a piece of toast, cup of coffee & some water.

The start of the race was at Hawks Stadium and the finish was at home plate. Kinda fun. Downside was the timing chip pickup wasn't with the packet pickup. It was at the start line of the race. So I was standing in line for my chip, and the half marathoners were lining up. Yes, some of us in line were in the way of the start.

After 2 weeks of not running, I was pretty stiff on my running warm-up. My hamstrings were tight. I mean tight. I was out of breath. I was sorta dreading running this morning just a little bit - lol!

Actually, the run w…