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Run Or Dye Is Coming To Boise

So I have been contacted by the nice folks at Run or Dye. They are going to be coming to Boise and wanted ME to tell you all about it!

Run or Dye, the world's most colorful 5k, has opened registration for the Boise race at Parkcenter Park on Saturday, June 28th and will bring the colors of the rainbow with it. The color-blasted 5k will kick off at 9 a.m. and feature multi-colored showers of safe, eco-friendly, plant-based cornstarch dye at every kilometer for a day of full color fun. Afterwards participants will have the option to take part in the Run or Dye world-famous Dye Festival where they'll "Tie-Dye the Sky" with an explosion of colors in the ultimate celebration of life, friendship, fitness, and fun.
Run or Dye will be partnering with a local charity to help further their cause. Run or Dye will also donate a portion of the race proceeds and are currently looking for volunteers for the festivities. 

 You can even VOTE on the 5 colors you want to have at this rac…

Toughest Part of the Race

Today was the registration for Robie Creek.

The supposed "toughest half marathon in the northwest." I have my comments on that the last 2 years I did this race. I think the getting into the race is the hardest part of the race!
2012 review
2013 review

But with lots of heart pumping nervousness - I GOT IN for the 3rd year in a row!

3 minutes and $67.44 later, I am able to take a breath and spend the rest of the day bouncing off the walls from excitement!

Did YOU get in to Robie this year?

Healthy Fooding

I didn't watch one dang second of the Super Bowl on Sunday. I did check in on Twitter at half time for the score. I am very happy that Seattle won. But really, I didn't care. Since I didn't have a typical Super Bowl Sunday, I nommed on Super Bowl type foods on Saturday.

Pulled pork nachos (I don't know why I didn't add tomatoes but I did have salsa) and Taquitos and a Mike's Hard Margarita with the new boy.

I kinda went over my calorie goal with all those carby corn things.

On Sunday, I wanted to balance it out with something healthy. I had some dried white beans in the pantry. I had a new issue of Bon Appetit magazine and a quick hummus recipe from the grocery store. All which needed white beans!

I made this recipe here from the magazine. It's very filling. And it's been 3 nights of dinners. After day 2 the new boy said that he wanted meat. And he meant it! He was looking at the stove with his full bowl in his hand. He was very sad. Me being on Team Be…

2014 Goal Update

I am using today's post from a 28 Days of Writing Prompts from the SITS Girls site.

I don't plan on writing all 28 days, but I will try to at least do a few more this month.

Anyways today's prompt is updating you with how well I'm sticking with my 2014 goals.

Funny thing is that I have STARTED writing months ago - 2 different posts about my 2014 goals, but never finished. HA!

Lemme back up to 2013 to tell you about my one of my 2014 goals - I can't do a pull up. 

I found this out months ago. I am weak.

And I want to do a Spartan in May. And Spartan's require some upper body strength.

So, either is a bazillion burpees because I can't do the obstacle. Or hit the gym (where I work) and force myself to lift and work on getting stronger.

I decided to force myself to workout after my shifts at work. And 80% of the time I do it. Various excuses do keep me from not doing anything. But we are not gonna go into those details on here. It gets done or it doesn'…