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Race Week Ramble & Spartan Up!

I have a race planned for this weekend. I wanted to do the Shamrock Shuffle, but the YMCA St Paddys Day Run is a Team Beef race so I am choosing to do that instead.

Grrr both races being on the same day.

I was going to buy a green sparkle skirt for this race, but decided on some pajama bottoms instead.

How well am I going to race in these? I don't know but this is what I am going with.

This is going to be how I feel like I look in them.

 Despite it being race week and a week of ice, elevation and rest hasn't returned my cranky knee to normal, I decided to break out the ol KT Tape and tape it. I've had a roll for about a year and I am not sure why I didn't tape is at the first sign of annoyance.

So far, so good. It wasn't happy going up and down stairs last night at work but I think that it is helping.

And what isn't helping? The new boy has been sick with Strep Throat. He is getting better but guess who has a little twinge of a bug? Yea. Me. This whole train…

On My Grind

Since getting into Robie this year, I have been on my grind. Here is an update to what I have been up to.

Working - I'm hustling here. Right now I have a few options for work stuff and some career changes may be happening soon. I am spending too mental time with work.

Diet -Yeah. Total gluttony free-for-all. I have been cutting sweets and adding more beans instead of meat all the time. BUT I am waaaay off balance here. I feel like I need a week of just a juice fast. I have been using up that bag of flax - I am about halfway though ONE bag!

Running - I have jumped into this training with both feet. The last 10 miler was on Saturday. I have been trying to follow my own version of the 50K plan I did this time last year. I thought my body really accepted the plan well and it fit with my schedule.

Monday - Rest
Tuesday - 4 miles
Wednesday - 6 miles
Thursday - 4 miles
Friday - Rest
Saturday - Long Run
Sunday - Recovery Run

I don't feel like I ramped up my mileage too fast but my kne…