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Ohno? Oh Yes!

This Saturday is Boise's Ironman 70.2. Yay! I loooove going to cheer on the finishers.

And going to see who pukes/passes out at the finish line. Yea immature and possibly unsportsmanlike but entertaining nonetheless.

BUT guess who's in town to compete for a chance at Kona?!?!

Apollo Ohno!

Oh Yes

I'm going to be pretending that I am single - there is NO ring on THIS finger, so I guess I AM!

Hi Apollo. I'm Tanya. @runinboise. Let's, um, like, train or like recover together or something.

wink wink

Spirit of Magic Valley Half Marathon & 5K

I recently took a slight road trip that "just happened" to coincide with errands that the boy had to do in the Magic Valley area.

Since I am on the 5K bandwagon, I signed up for the Spirit of Magic Valley 5K.

You know, it wasn't that bad of a race. I have some issues with the people of Twin Falls being a little more, well, laid back. I sat behind a car at a stop sign for waaaay longer then I should have because someone couldn't or refused or didn't know how to turn left onto a busy main road because of whatever reason. I got me some road rage. (we won't go into any more details here about what I did to resolve the situation) With the laid back 'tude of the residents, I figured the racers would be too.

Packet pick up was the Friday before race morning where the start would be. I got there early and there wasn't many people waiting. Of course while waiting, I had lady cut in line before me. There wasn't anyone behind me. I wasn't too close behi…