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The Question of Sulfites (Sulfur) in Wine

The Question of Sulfites (Sulfur) in Wine There is often confusion about the role of sulfites in wines. What better person to ask than our winemaker, Alex Reble?
Jane:So, Alex, for heaven’s sake, let’s start at the beginning. What are sulfites? And why do we find sulfites in wine??
Alex:  There are two main ways of adding sulfites (sulfur) to a wine. First, at the crusher in the grape juice – in a powder form, called KMBS. Or, secondly, during the life of the finished wine in a liquid form. In recent years, several companies came out with a very clever sparkling tablet, which releases a predictable amount of sulfur as it dissolves in the wine. Simply put, it protects the wine from spoilage during its time in a tank, barrel or bottle.
Jane:  What is your goal, in relation to sulfites, in crafting our wines?
Alex:  My goal is to deliver to our customers blends with just the right pH, acids, alcohols and sulfurs. Our “Free sulfur” content is usually around 25 mg/L at bottling time for…

2015 In Review

I had quite a lot of ups and downs this year in 2015. The highlight, and the part that took 6 months to work towards was winning first place in the Magic Valley Weight Loss Challenge. I lost 35% of my weight and walked home $10,000 heavier.

Since I was in it to win it, I know that I can do hard things. This was harder then training for any marathon. I was exhausted to the point of a nervous breakdown at the end of it. I really put myself under such physical and emotional stress. $10,000 is a lot of money! But there was NO WAY I wasn't going to walk away with anything less then 1st place. I didn't want to gain too much back, but I did gain a little too much back. So 2016, will be another personal weight loss challenge since the YMCA is not doing it in 2016. I was fairly comfortable around 140ish pounds and a size 6. Although when that happens, I am looking forward to scheduling a tummy tuck and boob job. I'll never have a flat, toned, stomach any other way.

After finishing…

Add Some Sparkle to the Holidays!

Add Some Sparkle to the Holidays!
This time of year, nothing could be more merry and bright than a glassful or two of bubbly. With three different Sparkling wines to choose from, including the Petit Cadeau Semi-Seco Sparkling, Grand Cadeau Rosé Sparkling and the Grand Cadeau Sparkling, there has never been a better time to celebrate! The epitome of fun – Sparkling wine’s sweeter taste and bevy of bubbles will add a dash of exuberance to all your parties & holiday gatherings. Sparkling wines tickle the tongue and pair beautifully with an assortment of holiday nibbles of both the sweet and savory variety. Here are a few tips to serve up Sparkling during the holiday. Grab a couple sets of Sparkler Stems and try these ideas this season!

First, pop the cork –

Whether or not it’s your first time hosting a holiday party – opening a bottle of Sparkling in front of a large group of people can be downright nerve-wracking. Here are the 6 simple steps to popping the cork with ease…

Christmas 2015 Food Coma In Pictures

I am not a food photographer. They say that food pics with natural light from a window always makes for nice photos. Well, when its dark at 5pm, its hard to get nice "natural" lighting from the window.

Christmas this year, I made a punch, with some 40+ year old apple liqueur.

Check out the State of Wisconsin sticker. All those zeros. That proves this is a very old bottle. Plus there is NO bar code on the label. 

I didn't have brandy or Calvados in the house per recipe suggestions. I had to google it to see if this German Schnaaple was valuable on the internets, but I guess, this stuff is not made anymore. Maybe because there is no more West Germany. Oh, well. It was awfully tasty.

I did get a 3 bone (8 pound) Prime rib from Team Beef Idaho this year as an end of the year prize. It was pretty good. I've never cooked a prime rib before, so it was a first. 

All of my seasoning slid off the top of my fat cap when it started to render in the oven. It did just peel off …

New Running Stuff For 2016

I got some good news on Tuesday.

I get to run for the Pearl Izumi Champions running team!

I'm still running for Team Beef Idaho, but looks like I'll have to do a few of the races I would have been repping Team Beef at, is going to be for PI now. :-)

I'm pretty excited. I have an awful lot of PI gear. My other half has an awful lot of PI gear. Actually some of my favorite stuff if Izumi.

At the YMCA Christmas Run in Boise on Dec. 19th I actually wore PI here too. The red long sleeved under my Team Beef shirt and the black tights are Pearl Izumi. I just bought me a pair of PI running shoes for an early X-mas present last month. I have yet to run in them but they are pink, and are awesome.

I have some other partnerships I will be sharing with you in the next month or so. If you are in Idaho, you probably want to make sure you are following me here and on social media. I'm doing things with my running I have never done before. It's all exciting and all good.

Speaking …

Reebok Spartan Race Holiday + Giveaway

I know that there are a lot of Spartan Race lovers out there. This post is sponsored by Spartan Race and no other compensation was given.

Have you heard of the deal that they have this week?

Cyber Monday: Circuit Training. Spartan Style. Save up to $40 on all 2016 @SpartanRace events with code: CYBER. Limited time offer.

Also, another exciting (AND FREE) Spartan Race event that is happening all over - and this includes BOISE, IDAHO!

Prepare for your next Spartan Race with a FREE Spartan Workout! Learn exercises from official Spartan SGX Coaches to help you over the toughest of obstacles while you train with like-minded Spartans. Earn your signature "I'm Training for a Spartan Race" T-shirt and wear it with pride while you continue to train up until race day. All you need to bring is some water, a towel, and friends!

My schedule is all over the place. I may join in to the workout. Or I may just volunteer. I have to ramp up my race training sooner rather th…

Make it Merry with a Holiday Tasting

Make it Merry with a Holiday Tasting

Host a Wine Tasting in December and Receive a Set of 2 Wine Stem Tasting Plates* Included in Your Wine Tasting Sampler. only$29.95(plus tax & shipping)
Add to your collection with this December Host-Only Special: 4 more Wine Stem Tasting Plates for $10 plus tax & shipping Spread the holiday cheer and make it merry with a Wine Tasting this December. It’s the perfect time of year to open your doors to have your friends and family over for sips of wine and tons of fun! You can entertain up to 16 guests for a fraction of the cost of going out – or cooking up a meal. All you need is our Wine Tasting Sampler, crackers or bread, chocolates and a few cheeses and you’re good to go!  The December Edition of our Wine Tasting Sampler includes bounty galore for our special Hosts. It includes five bottles of wine and an additional bottle just for you. Talk to me, your Wine Consultant today for more information on the current Host Special and to bo…