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Losing Weight Part 2ish

In December, I mentioned that I was gonna be trying a new product to help me lose some of the weight that I regained. This post is sponsored by VivSlim Premium and no other compensation has been given.

VivSlim Premium is a proprietary blend of all natural ingredients designed to help you lose up to 25 pounds in 4 weeks by decreasing appetite, increasing metabolism and energy, and acting as a cleanse for your system.

This new, premium formula contains all of the original ingredients of the original VivSlim, but in higher concentrations -- and combined with two additional all natural ingredients: tarragon leaf and phyllium husk.

All Natural Ingredients Include:

- Tarragon Leaf: Well known for its powerful effectiveness in treating digestive problems, tarragon leaf helps the body get rid of impurities and toxicities that can increase the chances of obesity.

- Phyllium Husk: With 80% of its contents being fiber, phyllium husk has been used for centuries in Asia for its powerful …