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Boise Corrals Trail Trot

I missed the Boise foothills and decided to make the trek before the snow starts to fly.

I was deciding Table Rock or Corrals. Corrals it was. I can control my pace and heart rate better on Corrals then the Table Rock trail. I was planning 3 miles. Maybe 6. Well, I might as well do 8. 

Yep. I was slow.
I had no goal on this walk other then to get outside and work the leggies a bit. I was slow. But I am out of shape. :-)

I didn't sleep well the night before. I had some night sweats that woke me up and every time I went to sleep, I would immediately wake up sweaty. Yay. So my head was just so tired during this outside jaunt.

The weather was nearly perfect. There also were not a lot of bugs and grasshoppers hopping around. One did hop right into my face. Little bastard.

The trail was amazingly quiet. It was total bliss. The only distraction was my heavy huffing and puffing.

Heavy Breathing GIF from Cat GIFs

I thought, well maybe I will turn around once I got to the top of Corrals.

 I went to the right of the trail to get a city selfie, but its unflattering. It was a very sunny day.

This was about the time I got my National Text Message. Yay. I decided to head back the way I came and hit up Scott's Trail for a little bit. I don't really head up this way ever and the first time I did, I know I was cursing Scott's name the whole way. This time was no different.

There was some grouse or quail or whateves running around.

This area was super quiet. It was so freakin' nice. The birds were squarking a bit and my heavy breathing, but that was it. No other bikers or runners or anything. It was so dang nice.

Ugh. Where there is a snake skin, there has to be a snake around. Ugh.

I went up a bit and turned around.

Did you notice this section of nothing on my Garmin? This was a 10 minute section that I stood basically in place.

I'm a wuss.

I tossed a stick at it. I tossed a rock. Little bastard would not move. I texted the other half.

He would not answer me so I had to call him.

He said it was just a bull snake. I stood about 8 feet away for 10 minutes (seriously, it was 10 minutes) wondering if I should jump over it or go off trail around it. I tossed another rock at it and the little bastard didn't move. I got talked into jumping over it.

I got hassled by the other half and his friend all evening.

I have to say, snake or no snake, I had the best night of sleep in a long time. This trail trot was very much needed for my mind and body.

What good run have you done lately? Have you ever became a puss on the run because of a little snake or an even bigger critter?


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