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My Workouts for October, November & December!

Ok. I made a small mention of what I have been doing with my fitness and running life on Instagram, but figured I needed to share more on the blog. Sorry this is a long post. I have a lot of working out going on. (Hello, I am not over-training, but I have came close a few days)

I’m so glad it’s Friday! I’ve spent over 12 hours at my gyms this week (two gyms! 2 of them because 1 isn’t enough!) working out. I’ve got a good routine going and have some fitness goals I wanna reach. I should get around to writing a blog post on all of it and share it with everyone. Anyways glad it’s Friday - glute day. Smith machine squats and lots of kick backs and bridges. Now 15 second treadmill running intervals at a 5-7% incline for 30-40 minutes. I feel the burn. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 have a great weekend peeps. #boise #boiserunner #run #runner #runnergirl #running #runnerscommunity #runnersofinstagram #run365 #halfmarathontraining #runchat #womenshealth #ultramarathontraining #worlderunners #womensrunningcommunity #womensrunning #werunsocial #divasrunning #worlderunners #sweatpink #fitfluential #withoutlimitz #halfmarathontraining
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I'm doing a lot and my knee is cranky with me. Once I got started on a roll, it was hard and fast. I didn't exactly ease into this at all! Here is the 3 things I have been doing.

The first thing that I have been doing is the Transform App. I played with this on and off for over a year. This late summer, they had a 90 challenge and I bought a year of the app access. I was good for a week of the challenge then just fell off. blah. still have the app.

Then my local Rec Center is having a end of the year 3 month weight loss challenge ending right before Christmas. Hey, you win a year membership, a FitBit, $250 cash and a night stay at a local Shilo Inn. Ok, cool. I am in!

Then at the end of October see a sponsored post on Facebook for a 6 week Weight Loss Challenge at a local boutique fitness studio. OK. Its "free" to participate so I'll give this a try!

This is what I seen to be drawn in to the 6 week program.

The 6 week boutique fitness studio has been better for me then expected. They gave me a ton of info at the start and all I had to do is 3 classes a week and follow the meal plan. (And lose 20 pounds in 6 weeks - yikes) The meal plan was tough for the month of November, but once December came around, it became easier.

My meal plan and the only things I can eat for 6 weeks!
The classes that I have taken have been all Tabata and Boot Camp style classes. Lots of movement and I really work up a sweat! I was so sore the first week, but the next weeks have not been so bad for me - except my knee. I took a squat heavy class the first day. Me with my bad form, my knee just did not like it at all, so its been swollen and cranky since. Yay, tendonitis.

I could stay on and do another 6 week challenge, but I think the catch is I have to get a discounted 6 month membership at the end of January? I think that is what the catch was, but I can't commit because my knee needs 6 weeks to chill TF out. Otherwise I would plan on continuing in 2019!

Once I got into the routine of these classes, and I wasn't so dang sore, I decided to bump up the training at home afterwards! I walked/ran on the treadmill and even started up the Transform workouts on my app! I started logging in my meals into the app at the start of the 6 week program (Thank you for the Transform 2.0 update!) I was able to track my macros, and everything that was recommended to me from the Studio G program was almost right on in my app macros! Except my calories were lower and the carbs and fat were lower, but I was happy with what my macros were in my app. My protein was almost 100% everyday. THIS was what I needed to see and help me really understand my diet and how to make the Transform app work for me. I could do the workouts in the Transform app, but I could not follow on their recommended meals. But having the simple and very clean and hard diet plan above, was the kick in the pants I needed to make the Transform app work for me.

It is so cold in my basement and I get bored watching regular TV. Local news and Judge Judy isn't that motivating to run along to, so I started going to my local rec center. I had a month left to go until their final weigh in on the weight loss challenge that I joined in October, so I better kick it into gear!

My delts are starting to show!
At the rec, I am doing daily weights from a plan that I wanted to follow in June. I got a plan from a local bodybuilding expert and I could not see progress due to stress and the diet was so hard to follow. I am doing the workouts NOW however. And I am doing most of my Transform workouts there at the gym. The Accelerators and the Chippers and whatnot.

So 3 times a week I workout an hour Bootcamp/Tabata/Hitt style at the fitness studio.
Then 5 days a week I lift weights
Then 5 days a week I follow the Transform plan- I double up my Accelerators on one day so I can have 2 days off from working out. My Accelerators have been over the recommended time - 20 to 60 minutes.

The latest Transform update has 5 low carb days, one high carb day, and one reset day. I decided that is basically what I am doing right now, so I am hitting the macros on that at the end of these challenges. I tried no carbs except the sugar in my coffee for a week and I was a miserable nightmare. I had no energy and I was zapped. Nope, gotta have some carbs for working out and sweating 3-4 hours a day.

Don't ask how much bread & butter I ate during Thanksgiving.
So after that hell week, I just "gave up" on the Studio G meal plan and followed the Transform IIFYM macros. I am eating what Studio G wants me to, but just more. I was SO hungry and having to move a shake before dinner to before bed. I sleep better with a few more calories. (I was hitting about 1350 with the meal plan but was supposed to get 1550 or so. I could not hit those numbers for some reason.)

All Checkmarks on my Macros!

So, that is it in a messy nutshell. I hope I win the rec weight loss challenge and I will post about it if I do, or if I don't. I wanted to be 10 pounds lower then what I am at this time, but that is my own fault for not getting there. I kinda phoned what workouts I did in October. There was some BS dealing with the other half and his BFF who was getting a divorce and it disrupted ALL of October.

I'll keep these progress pics small.
I did see some weight loss, and some fitness improvements. I am happy I am doing what I am doing, even though there have been a few days I have toed the line of overtraining. 4 hours of HITT/Tabata/Intervals/Cardio/Weight Training combined everyday.

I have to RICE my knee and will be back with another blog post soon. I hope your end of the year training has been going well.

How was your 2018? What was the best workouts you have done? What are you looking forward to in 2019?


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