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Race to Robie Creek 2019 Half Marathon

I attempted to train for this run this year. I really did. Look at all of my previous posts from the past few months. Mentally, I just could not force myself to run in the rain, the icy cold, or the treddy. I just didn't want to suffer. I mean, I am suffering living with my MIL, that it is just HARD to suffer for fun and have to suffer because of a living situation....

Although I could have done more, and I mean more training, I did a little something. Not much. I did maybe the longest treddy walk at max incline of 5 miles. But mostly it was walking with some squats and some little hills in Rock Creek.

However, with as little of training that I did, I am proud to say that I completed my Race to Robie Creek half marathon 5 minutes faster then 2018. :-)

Garmy data
 The day started out not as I had hoped for. The bedroom was really hot for some reason and I kept waking up sweaty. I woke up 3 times sweaty. I even went to bed early and was really hoping for a good night sleep. I woke up 10 minutes before my alarm was to go off. I had brekky of 2 cups of coffee, 2 Nuun energy in a glass of water, 2 Power Cakes waffles with Walden Farms Strawberry syrup and a couple bites of egg whites.

Race Day Brekky
We made it to the race and I picked up my bib. I was hassled by the volunteers that I didn't bring my ID for proof that I am over 21. I was like, "I'm 40!." "OK. We believe you." I was like, yeah you better. This is my 8th race in a row! I didn't say that, but I was for sure thinking it. After finally getting my bib, it was a wait in the potty line.

The potty line I partook in.
The poor girl with the dog looking at the pic being taken.
After the potty, I had enough time to get all of my pics taken and to post it on Instagram.

All the people in front of me at the start line.
And the start line was quiet enough to where I could hear what was being said at the start. Since Robie always has a little "production" of some sort, I could hear the little story they were telling. If you see the red telephone booth at the pic above, that is where they were doing some play about the theme of the race for the year. I could not see it but it was nice to hear it this year. I think last year there was a drone above buzzing and I could not hear a thing other then the stupid drone.

My other half was able to get a quick little video of me trotting by. I was already tired. lol

I should have worn my Hoka's. The Pearl Izumi trail shoes that I had were rubbing me as I was walking before the start. I was able to ignore it during the race, but it did rub me raw a little bit. Plus they just didn't have the "bounce" I really wanted at some of the parts on the trail.

Since I didn't exactly train for anything, I just went at a very comfortable pace. Just as long as I was walking at less then 17 min/mi I was fine.

Mile 1
Mile 2

Mile 3
I tried to get the sign on the right - Up and Up and Away!
Mile 4
I always bring one gel with me during the race. I know that there is oranges and bananas during this race, but I was never eat them because I feel my hands get too sticky after eating them. I was expecting gels at the mile 7, but there was NONE! They had ran out! I always take my gel that I carry with me around 4-5, which I did. I always need one around mile 10 because I just loose my energy right around there every single race. And the one that I grab around mile 7, I expected to take it around mile 10. But nope. No gels for me at mile 7. That is what I get for being slow this year.

My gel I brought with me at mile 4-5
I did have to take a bite of banana around mile 8ish? I did drink a little Dixie cup of water at every aid station.

Those Clouds <3

Wunderground did say that there was 90% chance of rain around 4:15. Those clouds were hinting at what was to come.

I was, I was. Sheesh.
See how cloudy its gotten?
No more blue sky
Mile 7-8. Sheer punishment for not training. This is where it is steep. And my time really slows down. I just kept grinding on. One foot in front of the other. I tried to watch my form where I could use the glute muscles on the steep hill but instead of my calves feeling it, my left hip was tight. Not something that ever happens. I just felt SO slow. I think it was obvious too. I felt like once I reached the summit, that the volunteers were just a smidge concerned. lol


Mile 9-10, I usually enjoy flying down at a speedy pace, but I tried to keep a consistent pace that was not walking. But I ended up doing walk/run intervals that I was comfortable doing. It felt good to be moving downhill. I just wished I had wore my Hoka's.

Boise Bare Mountain Hiking :-)
See the girl wearing the hoodie - it got COLD

Finish line High-Fives!

The last 3 miles I trotted with a girl who did less training then I did. I think the blisters popped on her toes and she said they felt squishy. Ouch. We did push each other to finish. I thank her for helping me finish 5 minutes faster then last year. My lazy ass probably would have not.

I noticed that there was a HUGE bus line already. Gosh, I guess everyone was speedy this year! The threat of rain was a real deal and everyone wanted to get out of dodge before getting stuck in the downpour. I sat and ate, said hi to a friend that we just happen to only meet up at Robie, then a half hour after finishing, got my butt into the bus line with only 1 beer. There was no way I was gonna attempt to get more.

I had a pretty good day at @race2robiecreek. I walked and ran the last 3 miles with a girl whose husband talked her into signing up. She said she only trained 5 times. We motivated each other to the finish. And thanks for the running partner I didn’t have my slowest Robie ever! Also, I’m very thankful for the space blankets at the finish. It only decided to pour and I mean pour rain with the biggest raindrops while in the bus line. And of course it stopped raining right when I was getting ready to get on the bus. Can’t wait for Race to Robie Creek next year! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️☔️💦💧💦💧💦💧 #boise #boiserunner #run #runner #runnergirl #running #runnerscommunity #runnersofinstagram #run365 #teambeefidaho #runchat ##idahobeefcouncil #womensrunningcommunity #womensrunning #thisisboise #teambeef #divasrunning #idahorunner #runidaho #idahorunner #sweatpink #fitfluential #robiecreek #race2robiecreek #racetorobiecreek
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The Idaho Mountain Rescue volunteers were handing out space blankets. My legs were cold so I grabbed one to wear as a long skirt. Then the clouds started getting dark. Real dark. I pounded my beer and grabbed another blanket. The rain poured. And I mean poured. Huge, large raindrops. And a lot of them. My other half wrapped the space blanket as a hoodie around me. I took it off and used it as a tent so he could stay dry too. I didn't bring him a post-race change of clothes. He got wet, I was wet. It took 1 hour and 10 minutes of standing total in the bus line and about 45 of it was in the rain. The rain only stopped when we got to the bus. The rain was such a nice change instead of getting sun burnt in the bus line like I have the past 7 years.

I made it home and used some extra Epsom salts in a hot bath. I surprisingly wasn't as sore as I have been other years. My quads were able to sit on the potty and go up and down the stairs without pain.  I really think it was from the extra Epsom salts in the soak.

Post-race, the other half and I went out to dinner with a couple of friends at Chili's. I really do and always have, enjoyed a good burger after a long run!

Tips from this year, to try to remember for next year.
F the MIL and her stressful BS. Get the training done. More squats and stairs!
Bring a 2nd gel - JUST IN CASE
Hydrate better. My hands got so swollen. They usually swell, but this year was really bad. I drank more wine since I have given up on training then I should have the week of the race and although my muscles didn't cramp during the run, my arms and hands swelled up so bad. Not fun.
You can never use enough Body Glide.
Epsom salts are my friend.
Sunscreen my hair part if I don't wear a hat! I got a little sun burnt on my hair part!
Time for a GOOD pair of trail shoes. I don't care for any of the ones that I have right now.

How has your running been lately? Have you had a good trail run lately? 


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