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Tutu's and Tennis Shoes 5K

Happy July, everyone! I get my butt into the festive 4th of July spirit and ran a 5K. It was fun!

The race was very small and was not timed. It was OK. You got a tutu, a beer or lemonade and a good hot dog at the end! It was in support of the Sun Valley Ballet. I had no clue on the route, other then where it started. I didn't expect hills so that was a plus.

Downside, this is at elevation and it KILLS me. It makes me feel like a really crappy (crappier) runner then I am. I was not the slowest, but I WAS SLOW and I did do run/walk intervals of 1/2 - 1/1 as I was in no hurry. But mix in the elevation when you are overweight and out of shape and just getting back into the running aspect of things, and well, I'm thankful it wasn't timed. :-)

The other half spotted a yard sale around the block and I made him take my starting line pic and shoveled him out to the sale. I didn't want him to miss out on anything good. Plus, I had asked him to have a mocha waiting for me at the …