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3 Common Mistakes That Beginners Make When Starting A New Fitness Plan

Too hard, too long, too fast- (That's what she said) I know this happens often. You are motivated and ready to work out. You are gonna get _________ (fill in the blank-skinny, train for the marathon, ect.)

And you are so amped you just keep going. And going. And going. You lose track of time and or distance. And then you stop or have to turn around to go back home. My friend did this on the stairmaster while watching a movie. And then he got off the machine when the movie was over. He called in to work the next day because he had so much DOMS, he could not move.

Start slow or short. Follow your prescribed training for the day and don't overdo it. Push yourself but don't forget your physical baseline is lower when then what your mind is motivated to do when first starting out.

Giving up too soon- did you overdo it on day one? And now you can't move? You take a rest day. Then another. Then another? And then you don't get ever back at your training? Take a rest day, or two, take a hot Epsom salt bath, and get a massage, but get back at it! Rest days are mandatory if you are correctly following a fitness plan, but never getting away from them are never gonna give you the results you want if you have fitness goals. Consistent training will produce the results you want, so get back at there and don't give up!

You gotta get back out there!
Wrong Gear- What shoes are you wearing while running? What sports bra? You will be much more comfortable while you workout and will prevent injury if you have a good pair of shoes and the proper sports bra. Or whatever gear you need for your new fitness plan. Go get fitted for shoes and a sports bra at your local running store.  And replace them when needed. I am guilty for not replacing bras and shoes as often as I should the last year. (They are SO expensive!) I have seen one girl at a race who looked like she was hurting because of her shoes. The wobble her whole body had with each step had to be painful. She would have been better off ditching the shoes and going barefoot. Her shoes were worse then the example below.

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What would you tell your beginner fitness self to do, or NOT do? What would you add to the list?


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