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I'm back with another post.

I am so happy about this.

After the last 6 years of living in a very dirty and toxic home, I have spent some time researching what I can do to, I guess, biohack myself into health. Hence #NewYearNewMe

The home I lived in, was not able to be cleaned. My MIL was very difficult to live with and I struggled with not being able to be in a clean environment. Ever. Not because we were lazy but because the plumbing was so bad, I had to wash dishes in the bathtub. I made a previous post about the carbon monoxide poisoning we were suffering from and the MIL had some anger and irritation with us cleaning that out. (Did she want to kill us or herself?) So, there was headaches and breathing difficulties with that until we cleaned it out.

There was also mice feces everywhere the whole 6 years. She MIL thought mice running around were cute and had another fit of us trying to prevent the mice from getting into the home. We could not have visible mouse traps or poisons.

The stress my MIL caused really did drive me to drink. I was drinking pretty heavily, hence the difficulties running and the large amount of weight gain in the last 4 years.

The Kitchen next to the STOVE!
And then there was the mold. The black mold from the leaking roof was laughable to the MIL. The other half was in the attic to see where the leak was coming from and stopped counting at 64 different points of leaking. He told his mother and she broke out laughing. I said that her father and her husband had to die so she could have a home and she is laughing at the extremely poor condition. She was done with me and my opinions then and there just because I did not find the leaking roof funny. The mold was very bad and in the winter when the all the windows were always closed, I was always coughing and my eyes were itchy, swollen, crusty and watery at night. I felt my mental and physical state was never able to be optimal because of the mold.

One corner of our bedroom.
After moving out of the home, I have no need to drink. I bought a wine advent calendar and I am a few days behind as I just don't really have the urge or desire to drink. So this is a very good feeling to have. Proof that changing your environment to a less toxic one makes a HUGE difference in mental and physical health and wellbeing. When I drink heavily, I noticed inflammation in my body. My right knee swells up and all my joints ache.

And the mold. I did a bit a Googling about this. I decided to go with some supplements that Dave Asprey recommended and have been taking them this last week. I have not done any testing on myself as I don't want to spend the money on this. I also don't like taking pills but I have been faithful in taking a few supplements to help detox, reduce inflammation, and remove free radicals.

I am taking Turmeric, Glucosamine, Sunflower Lecithin, and Glutathione and a daily Nuun. It is either Immunity, Sport, or Rest. Also fish oil when I remember. I should be using activated charcoal, but I am holding off on that since I can't think of a good time of day to take it as it removes good things as well as bad. I may start another adrenal/cortisol support vitamin regiment to help my stress levels. Any recommendations?

I my new regimen for now.
With the stress of living in a toxic home, my diet was very poor. I was not able to cook in a kitchen, (I was not allowed in the kitchen) so a lot of meals were eaten out. It made it really hard to meal prep or eat things that were not microwaved to eat on a budget. So I am very happy to be in a home where I have my own kitchen access and I can follow a meal plan. I have purchased a Lifetime Membership of the Transform app and I am excited to be following a meal plan from that. I know that diet affects everything in the body, so getting the nutrients I need will do nothing but help me in the future.

I also purchased a Whoop 3.0 strap during the Black Friday event. Being out of the MILs home, my stress levels have only reduced since I have started wearing it. I am more excited out this strap over any other piece of fitness equipment I have purchased. Use this link and get a free strap and a free month for yourself.

I also have started counseling in this new year. I have a lot I need to vent and heal from mentally at this time. Do I have PTSD?

During all of this stress in 2019 I have not been working out. I am in desperate need of physical stress relief as I have been grinding my teeth in my sleep really bad. My jaw muscle tension have been causing tight muscles and bad headaches everyday. But I wanted to heal a little bit physically and mentally before stressing myself 5 days a week with running.

Have you ever had to detox yourself from a situation? A bad relationship or physical toxins? What was it and how did you do it?


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