Friday, February 27, 2015

Advanced Green Tea Extract Review

This post is sponsored by Zenwise Labs and no other compensation was given.

Since I am working out for hours a day to lose weight, I am now at the point to try anything to help me get a little more weight off to reach my goal by the end of June. I have been working out and eating pretty darn healthy for 2 months! I have lost weight, but there is still more to go! I know that eating right and exercising is helpful for using supplements like what I am going to share with you!

About the Product
A specialized caffeine-free blend of Green Tea Extract and Vitamin C that fortifies the immune system and provides a variety of invaluable health benefits.

Green Tea Extract is plant-based supplement that has been shown to assist with weight loss and cholesterol reduction, as well as potentially lessening the risk of heart disease, diabetes and brain diseases. Adding Vitamin C with the powerful polyphenols of Green Tea can help increase antioxidant protection against free radicals to promote a stronger immune system and healthier well-being.

+ Increases Fat Burning
+ Improves Physical Performance
+ Packed with Antioxidants
+ All Natural
+ Helps Lower Cholesterol

Learn About the Brand
Zenwise Labs is an online distributor of supplements designed to improve your everyday life. Our Goal is to dramatically enhance the health of our customers through high quality products and excellent customer care. All of our products are All Natural, Made in the USA, and GMP certified, so you know that you’re getting the strength, composition, quality, and purity displayed on the label. 

I like that this product is caffeine-free and boosts immunity. I can get the antioxidant benefits without drinking gallons of tea! I have added this to my list of daily supplements as I will be ramping up the miles in March to prepare for more weight loss and that Ultra I have not signed up for. (I'm scared!)
If you would like to try this product for yourself, you can connect with the company on their Facebook page. 
Green Tea - do you think it works for weight loss and the other health benefits above?

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Pura d'Or Organic Argan Oil Based Hair Loss Prevention Therapy Shampoo Product Review

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The BF's hair is getting a little thin on top. I'm not sure why because his father and grandfather had all their hair before they passed, so it's not genetic. I have been forcing him to do SOMETHING about it, and some of the other brands of hair loss therapy products are really experience. Like $100+ every month.

Thankfully Pura d'Or is has reasonably priced products out there for hair loss! 

Premium Organic Anti- Hair Loss Argan Oil Based Shampoo:
  • Prevents Hair Loss 
  • Strengthens Hair
  • Adds Volume
  • All Natural and Organic 
  • Vitamins for Hair Growth 
  • Paraben, SLS and Gluten Free
  • 12 DHT Blockers
Pura d'or Premium Organic Anti-Hair Loss Argan Oil Based Shampoo is free from harsh chemicals that are the current and leading cause of many chronic hair conditions. Our shampoo is free of sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), parabens, DEA, gluten, artificial colors, artificial fragrances and harsh preservatives. This gentle formula is fortified with an organic blend of argan oil, B vitamin complex, biotin, nettles extract, saw palmetto, He Shou Wu (Fo-ti) and other clinically proven natural ingredients to aid against hair loss. 
Ingredients are specially selected for increased bioavailability and maximum absorption. Our Shampoo starts by nourishing hair follicles with essential nutrients to reverse any damage and begin the healing process. Biotin strengthens hair strands, niacin increases circulation and our exclusive DHT Blocker Blend promotes healthy hair growth. Continued use will prevent further hair loss. Safe for daily use, for all hair types both men & women.

If interested in trying this product, Pura d'Or has a 2 special offers going on right now! Receive a FREE COLD PRESSED ARGAN OIL with any purchase: A $19.99 Value 
First time customers only: Enter coupon code START20 for 20% off Both are limited time offers. 

If interested in finding out more about Pura d'Or, you can do so at their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and blog.