Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday Fooey

I has another running related sad. Or really an Oh Fooey this Friday. I was recently notified that Pearl Izumi is no longer going to sell and make running related items. This is SUCH a bummer! I have honestly love PI for many years. One of my favorite wind breakers are from them. I started buying their shoes late last year and have not had any feet or knee problems with them. But now, no more PI running anything. :-(

No more PI :-(
I have gone through a few brands over the years but I think PI has been my top of the list fave.  Brooks, the Pure line I think messed with my achilles
Newton, I don't stride on my forefoot, and awkward for walk breaks
Mizuno, I don't like the narrow toe, my feet are suffocating
Altra, sometimes the toe is too big, my feet are drowning
Hoka, I think permanently messed up my knee.

Head to toe PI here
I have a couple of options.
Stock up now on all of the clearance PI models to last me for the next forever.
Go back to Altra
Or try Karhu. I test ran in a pair before and I liked them but got talked in to the Newtons at my shoe store.

Tank and shoes PI
What do you do when what you love is going away?

Monday, September 19, 2016

Rim2Rim Directors Reply

So, I had to email the director about my race complaints about only getting "acknowledgement" for being the 3rd place female in the half Rim 2 Rim race where the full Rim runners and walkers got cute plaques for their age group and overall placement. No where in the registration rules does it say that half rim runners are excluded from prizes. I was 6th overall, 3rd female, and 2nd in my AG.

I have it mentioned on a race recap but I did post about it on IG when it happened.

Read the entry form below and tell me what you think.

This was my first email to her that I wrote Sunday evening.

This was her reply first thing on Monday morning.

Whaaaaat? Did she even READ my email? She just babbled and didn't even know what she was saying. It DIDN'T happen to be all males since I have a picture. It was 2 women and 3 males.

So, she reread (I assume) my email again and sent this reply. I never replied back to her because of it.

Should I still be annoyed that she does not even know what is in her race entry form? What she THINKS is there and what IS there is 2 different things. I mean, if I was the top man and woman on the half race, and I didn't get my $50, I would still be annoyed and raising a stink. But no. They didn't get anything and they are not speaking up?!? Why am I kinda annoyed about this whole thing?