Friday, November 21, 2014

Christmas Gifts For Runners - # 1

I usually don't do holiday posts for "What to give your runner for X-Mas!!!!" But this year is different. I am going to do a short series of what to give your runner for Christmas!!!! :-)

I don't know about you but we tend to get a lot of junk mail shop at home catalogs in the mail these days. I don't mind... there isn't anything that I just have to buy out of it. Made in China, overpriced, crap honestly.

But they are fun to flip through. There is always something that makes me think "yeah, that could be cool." But never enough to make me buy it.

The BF was flipping through one catalog and noticed something about wine and a sports bra.

I love wine and I use sports bras! Perfect!

Hello to the Wine Rack!

A boobie Camelbak?! This is actually kinda cool! If you need a little more ooomph in the chest and to get your hydration on - this is perfect!

Holy cow! This is for sale on Amazon, too! Affiliate link, FYI.


Is there any other silly running gifts out there that you know of? What would YOU do if you got this gift for Christmas?

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

No-Sew Turkey Day Tutu Running Skirt

I'm enjoying being crafty lately! Buying fabric and sewing up new running skirts has been fun! Good thing that this small country town loves to sew, too! The options have been fun to browse for.

The Thanksgiving day Turkey Trot is soon and I already had a plan to wear my Turkey hat from last T-Day.

I wasn't crazy about the whole standard running outfit I wore, however. I didn't wear a skirt for this race!

I needed a skirt that matched my bird! I thought I should go for a camo skirt because there are so many hunters in this area. I thought on it and browsed the interwebs and decided to go with a no-sew tutu instead!

Yes! Perfect! I decided to pick colors that matched my turkey. I even took my hat into the fabric store to make sure I got a tan that matched the bird body the best. (I did 4 yards of tan fabric) I also picked a red and a yellow to match. (1 yard each of the two colors.) And then I happened to find another yard of white in the clearance bin. So about 7 yards of fabric for this skirt. The tan is the longest layer with the white the shortest. All the colors have a slight sparkle.

I can see why these are so popular! They take about an hour to make. You don't have to have a sewing machine. And they kinda hide my tummy better then some of the other skirts! 

I didn't really measure anything so its imperfect but it is poofy. The BF's mother said it looked like a Cinderella skirt and the BF said it did wind up looking like the turkey feathers. I guess the next one I make I might measure the length out a bit shorter. The tulle is a little scratchy and I am sure it would chafe in a longer run with shorts on underneath. I'm not worried about the 5K because it's gonna be cold and I will be bundled up!

I looped all the tulle around a piece of elastic that fit around my waist instead of a ribbon. I guess I was stretching out the elastic with each fabric loop strip so it was too big after I finished. I bunched up the fabric (which I have to re-adjust to even out the poof) and used a zip lock to cinch the skirt to fit. 

One of these things that you find on bags and jackets. 

 It's working out perfectly.

I wanna run around in one of these skirts everyday and not just for races! They are very girly and very fun! I'm glad that I finally got around to making one!

Tutu's - yay or nay? Have you worn or made one?