Thursday, April 23, 2015

Updates of Late

Sorry for the blog neglect. Prepping for Robie Creek last week and the Weiser River 50K this week - along with doing some planting & picking of asparagus and WINE GRAPES and prepping the back yard into a 0.10 mile single track loop along with .....

let's just say I've been really busy. If you follow on Instagram, you can get a more up to date report of my adventures. It is hard to blog from my laptop on the machines at the gym - where I have been spending so many hours of the day.

But here is the updates.

My Robie Creek finish. I cross at 1:10 in the video. I felt strong and I ran my fastest Robie in the 4 years I have done this race. It made me so happy, I wanted to cry from start to finish. After my 50K, I think I am going to focus a LOT on improving my speed. With Boston just finishing up, I really have a desire to get faster and maybe be first female.

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I don't know how I look so good going uphill - I swear I was walking and not posting - but this is one of my favorite race pics EVAH!

The BF planting asparagus seeds collected from last year. 

The first batch of asparagus from this year! The BF boiled them in cream. So good!

One of the few pics I took during the Malad Gorge St. Pats half marathon in March. I thought I heard rattlesnakes up there, but I thought it was me being paranoid. But yep, the BF confirmed that I did hear rattlers. If that confirmation was during the race instead of after, I might have ran faster!

We burned the back yard to prep for my single track and grapes and accidentally got this little guy.  Burning Mr. Snake to a crisp doesn't hurt my feelings too much.

The new Locks of Love fence in Twin Falls. Tweakers stole the other fence - which had the BF's & my lock on it, so everyone has to replace their locks. I has a sad.

The more I visit Sun Valley, Idaho, the more I want to move up there! I had a great run despite the cold, icy wind a few weeks ago. I plan on spending at least a day a week up there this summer!

I am slowly working on rebranding my online presence (blog, twitter & instagram) It is a slower process, but a constant naggy one in my head. It's not the "doing", it's the "what do I call it?" I have a few new blogging and social media names but nothing really feels or sound right yet. 

That is a quick update from me. Today will be spent pounding a gallon of water and prepping for the 50K on Saturday. What is new with you? Tell me something good!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Gorton's Smart & Crunchy Review & Giveaway

This post is sponsored by Gorton's and no other compensation was given.

Since on my 3 month mission to eat better and lose weight, I have been having lots of success - 3 more months to go! A lot of my time has been planned around cooking, eating, food planning and working out. This whole weight loss thing seriously has been a full time job for me. Thankfully, Gorton's Seafood has been making my life easier with fast and tasty healthy food choices!

Gorton's all new Smart & Crunchy Fish Sticks are in stores. New Smart & Crunchy Fish Sticks, also available as Fish Fillets, are made with 100% wild-caught Alaska Pollock and breaded in a panko coating that gives them a great crunch. Always crispy, never fried, they have 50% less fat than Gorton's regular Fish Sticks and are 180 calories per serving.

Gorton's first introduced the now-iconic fish stick to American dinner plates in 1953. Since then, fish sticks have become a mealtime staple and a building block (sometimes literally), that many parents have used to introduce their young children to seafood, a critical component of a healthy, nutrient-rich diet. Many parents know that eating seafood twice a week is a healthy choice for their families, and now Gorton's has created an option for those consumers seeking an even more wholesome option at mealtime, while maintaining the great taste and crunch families have come to expect from Gorton's.

I'm sure Gorton's products are a regular addition to your family's dinner table. 

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