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New Years Day 5K " Race Packet" Pick-Up

Ok, I am totally bummed out. I went to pick up my "race packet" for the New Years Day 5K (NYD5K) at Bandanna and it consisted of a shirt, which I paid an extra $8 for, my race number - 240, some safety pins, if I wanted them- which I didn't, and another free haircut coupon for Sport Clips.Which expires Jan 31, 2012. Same as my last Sport Clips coupon that I got a couple of weeks ago . Timing chips will be available in the morning. Yay! I'll be chip timed. I am not a dude, and I have no desire to go to Sport Clips. Does the YMCA expect that only men and boys are running this thing? Or did the "race director" go on vacation for ever and not put anything cool in this "packet?" I am picking all of this up before I start my NYE drinking, so I am sober enough to be disappointed in getting just my bib and shirt as a "packet." Maybe I am expecting more from my local races then I should be. Maybe I have not put enough things in this post in &

The Weather Gods Smiled On Me Today

Were you in Boise this afternoon? Did you see the weather?!?! 52 degrees! Perfect! I had some brainy thought to go slog 13 miles in the great weather on the greenbelt. Yeah, didn't really work out as I planned. When was the last time I did 13 miles? Well, my last long run was the Seattle Marathon and I walked half of that. I was feeling strong in the perfect weather the first half of my slog. But my right hamstring was feeling tight and my knees were feeling achy. The last couple of miles I walked but I think that it may be time to retire the Newtons and get another pair of shoes. My feet were not totally happy. I felt like they were a little loose and my feet were wobbling around in them a little more then normal. But I did my first long run in a month since the marathon. Yay to me! How long did you wait to do a long run after your marathon?

The Sweat Decends

Went to ghetto renew tonight. Did a few minutes on the elliptical because all 6 treadmills were taken. Finally snagged a 'mill. Did 5 miles in just over 60 minutes with an incline from -3 to +4.0. I watched a little bit of Chopped on Food Network but decided to zone out with some music instead. Can I say I was a gross, sweaty mess? Yes, I can. Thank goodness I had my ipod and listened to Les Savy Fav a couple of times during my last mile. What was your workout today? Any big New Years Eve plans?

Two On Tuesday

I got in a ghetto renew workout in tonight. 2 workouts in one day. I am such a badass. I got over 40 minutes in on the elliptical. I got to watch Chopped. I always watch Food Network shows while working out. I got this thing with food. I wore the most uncomfortable shoes ever. They look cool, but these Nike Lunar Victories are way too narrow for my feet. And I don't even have fat feet! These shoes are shoes to be worn on the elliptical only. And I was able to get a few more minutes in on my arms with the weights. My arms are going to be hating me tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a run day for sure. When you do multiple workouts in one day, how do you like to do it?

Monday Snow

Ugh, it snowed last night. I have the next week off of work and I planned on spending a lot of time working out. With the ground white, even though it is mostly melted now, I wanted to puss out and not go outside. And I am waiting for the UPS to deliver something, so I kept my workout inside. I watched the last half of Crazy, Stupid, Love while doing push ups, curls with my single 12 pound dumbbell, and some ab work. My BF, aka the worst present giver ever , gave his son these Nike push up grips and his daughter some 1 pound walking weights as part of their Christmas presents. I actually used both during the hour I was working out. I strapped the weights on my wrists and I think it helped add a little extra weight on to my 12 pound dumbbell. I am kinda curious to see how much they annoy me during my next run. I am going to head to Ghetto Renew later on this evening to get an hour or so on the treadmill. Have you ever used weights while you run or walk? I am going to try them

Hello, Alcoholism!

Well, if I was not on the Drunk Diet before this holiday weekend, I will soon be. The BF, who at one time bought me Chanel and Prada as gifts, now goes to the closest store to our house, the liquor store, to get holiday gifts. All I got from him is alcohol related items as shown in the pic above. He also gave his mom and step-dad bottles of liquor store items. Can I say I was ungrateful and pretty pissed. Yes, I will. Do I be all nice and consider the thought that counts. No, because there is also a convenience store near our house where he could have gotten a gas card or something else lame. Did I get anything cool and brag-worthy, or anything I can return, from anyone? Actually, no. I got bath towels and some glass serving tray. And alcohol. I didn't get anything remotely running related. A pretty shitty x-mas if you ask me.

Christmas Eve Virtual 10K

Today, I participated in my first virtual race. It was a 10k and it felt good. I tried to get the BF to go out with me, but he pussed out (it is 34 degrees outside!) and went on the treadmill for a few miles instead. I guess he did almost 4 miles on the treadmill. I started at exactly 1pm. Not like a regular morning race, but this is the warmest part of the day.   As the map above shows, I started at Julia Davis Park. The river and the ponds were icy. The geese were walking on the ice.   My sweat-free face before I started slogging. I did the pics of myself in the warmth of my car.  I saw some hawk hanging out and didn't really care that I passed under him twice. Thank you Mr. Bird for not pooping on my head.  I don't know who Cassie is, but her friends provided some motivation at my last mile!  I was doing great! I am so glad they wrote this down for me :-) Post slog thumbs up. At the 3rd mile, I was getting some side stitches. I think it has to do with me bein

2011 Running Revelations

One year ago, I decided to run a marathon, along with completing 2 other running races. This was my New Years Resolution 2011. My fat butt has never been athletic. Ever. But for some strange reason, I was one of the first people of the year to sign up for the 2011 Seattle Marathon. I chose Seattle because I have friends up there I can visit, and it was one of the furthest away in the calendar year to train for. Which to me, meant 10 months of training - from ZERO to 26.2 miles! It took me a few weeks, or was it months(?!?!), to tell the BF that I was going to do this. I know he would have thought I was a total nutzo. I told him and he thinks that I am cray-cray - still when I sign up for more races. I still have not told the BF about  Sogonapmi t. I halfheartedly slogged a few miles every week at the start of 2011, until I got around to signing up for the Runners World free Smart Coach. It did help me get a running plan for free and it helped me get through my marathon, but my o

Make-Up While Running

For Saturdays Christmas Run , I wore lipstick. I really like the Maybelline Superstay 24. I got a few of those colors and this is my go to lipstick and I wear it everyday. I chose a red lipstick for last week because I like red lipstick and I thought it would be a nice festive change from the pinks and the neutral shades I have been wearing all summer and fall. I also wear this lipstick when I run because I feel a little bit more feminine when I run. I feel like such a boy when I wear a baseball hat to contain my short hair from getting all in my face. The BF made a comment after my run Saturday that I shouldn't wear lipstick because he did not see anyone else doing it and thought it was weird. I don't think that lipstick is that weird. I think it is ok. But again, I was the one that put it on. I think that going all out is kinda weird. Eye make-up and foundation is just gonna sweat off. Waterproof mascara is ok, but for me, it is going to just be covered up by my big

Working It Out On Sunday

Sunday was a workout in our condo clubhouse. I am not a fan of the clubhouse. The remodeled it earlier in the year and I figured it would be nicer, and in a way, it is. But the treadmills and bikes are all old crap. Anyways, before I get into another rant of how much I hate something, I'll just get to my workout. The BF worked out on the recumbent bike for about 20 minutes then did some weights and then went back to the bike for 10-15 more minutes. I did a mile on the treadmill.Speed was 5.0 with a 3.0 incline. I then did the some free weights. I worked my arms so much that my arm muscles are toast a half hour later. They are very shaky. I got back onto the treadmill and did 2 more miles messing with the incline and speed. From 3.0-5.0 incline and speed from 5.0-7.0. I listened to my ipod the whole time as the lady on the treadmill next to me was watching a PBS sewing program, but thankfully decided to turn it to River Monsters. The BF appreciated her for that. One of my

2012 Christmas Run Review

Ok, well I did have fun at this Christmas Run this morning. I get home from work at 1:30am. Decompress from work and after an Ambien, I am asleep by 2:30am. My alarm is set both on my alarm clock and cell phone for 8:10. I woke up just before that as the BF got up to kick the heater up a bit higher. I made coffee, and mixed in a bit of Click with last nights coffee and had a piece of toast with PB&J. I was showered, dressed, and ready to go at 9am. I checked the temp outside. 24 degrees! I didn't wear what I planned on wearing. I wore my black tights, with Zensah calf sleeves underneath for warmth mostly. A gunmetal Sparkle Skirt, the Newtons, a black Reebok workout top, an UnderArmor long sleeved and my Nike running jacket with Black Diamond gloves. I was cold starting out but was sweaty by the first mile! The portapottie line was long. Less then 10 potties. There were about 2500 people doing this race. I thought the start was very crowded. Too many people had dogs w

2011 Christmas Run Packet Pick-Up

Today was one of those super cray-cray days where I ALMOST forgot to pick up my race packet for the Christmas Run tomorrow morning. I got busy with end of the school year things, grocery shopping things, and going to the post office. Then I remembered, Hey it's 3pm. The race packet pick-up starts at 3. The BF and I raced over to the Boise High cafeteria to get my number. Thank goodness there wasn't a whole lot of people there. They made you look for your race number on a print out on one side of the room. Then go over to the other side of the room and get your race number. Then stand in line for your goodie bag, then shirt, then gloves. The goodie bag included a free haircut coupon that expires Jan. 31, 2012 at SportClips. The BF is pleased about that. And a free ice cream coupon at a sweet shoppe called Goodys. They make good egg creams. Yum. Shirt is long sleeved and 100% cotton. (Ugh) It has some glitter sparkles on it for snow on the design. Which doesn't m

Upcoming Local Races

There are not a whole lot of runs in the wintertime in Boise, Idaho. Which makes me sad. I am going to be outside slogging away, I might as well get a t-shirt and a bagel for doing it with a few hundred other people, right? There are however a few good races out there. There are also a few sites that have not updated their site from races nearly a year ago, so there may be even more available. You do already know about the Christmas Run on Saturday and the New Years Day 5K on Jan 1st. On January 21, 2012 there is an Ultra run that a friend from High Schools husband is running in & she is going to be a volunteer for. It is the Wilson Creek 50k, 20 mile, 10 mile . It actually sounds like fun - if I was a ultra runner and a trail runner. We have not had much snow in the mountains, so it will be frozen dirt trails  - until it decides to snow. February 11, 2012 there will be the Heart to Heart 5k in Albion, Idaho. (3 hour drive from Boise) It is $20 to register before Jan 20th

Working It Out

Yesterday, I was messing around on my Blackberry looking for something to watch. I came across the Nike Women YouTube channel. They post a few different athletic women showing various workouts. Some are tough. Some need weights. And some are things like squats and crunches. I tried a few of them out at work, but didn't want to get too sweaty. Because, you know, I was at work. I went to Ghetto Renew today in a few to do specifically this one. I don't like to jump around in the living room and get all sweaty on the carpet. Ick. Yes, I would like to increase my speed and gain explosive power! What was your workout today? I did sweaty 2.5 miles on the dreadmill with a 3.0 incline. Gotta prep for Sogonapmit! Do you use a site like YouTube as workout inspiration?

My SECOND Marathon sign up!

Ok, I did it and I signed up for my SECOND marathon. As I posted on Friday , I mentioned that I wanted to do this race. I thought that it was full, and I emailed the director asking about it. They said that I happened to have found the one link that wasn't updated from earlier this year. They fixed it and I was able to spend $79 to register. ($75 with a $4 fee) The Sogonapmit Marathon is uphill for the 1st half - and you have 2.5hours to get it done. And it starts at 3:20am. When you get to the top, that is where the Timpanogos Half Marathon are. And they start 2.5 hours after the marathon start. You have to be up there BEFORE they start. That is the challenge. The 2nd half is all downhill the way you came - with the half marathoners. There are only a 100 marathon spots and 1,500 half marathon spots. Looks like I better start checking hotel rates near there soon!  I am excited! Like, jumping up and down going "yyyyeeeeaaaaahhh!" excited. I'll be thinking up a