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Running the Greenbelt

I have lived in the Boise area forever. In that forever time I have never ran on the Greenbelt. I have walked and biked from one end to the next but I have never run, jogged, or in my case, slogged.
I always feel that I am too dang heavy to do any running in public. Today I figured I might as well get my fear in the open and just slog the 'belt. Plus, it was going to be just as hot inside ghetto renew as it would be outside.

I slogged from the Firefighter Memorial to Willow Lane, filled up my water bottle, which fit perfectly inside a pocket of a pair of Adidas yoga  capris that I have had for a few years now. I will be really sad when they get a hole or the side zipper breaks, then I headed back. I did ok on the 1st mile. My knee didn't bother me, which it has for the past month because of switching to a new pair of shoes. The ball of the left foot was getting sore and my left quad was cramping at the last 1.5 mile. But I feel ok. Drove home and drank some Gatorade that has be…

Today's Workout

Today I did Sundays workout. I had to sit on my butt Saturday AND Sunday and finish watching Season 3 of True Blood and The Godfather Part 2 on DVD. I have never watched the Godfather and needed to catch up on True Blood. This upcoming weekend will be the latest season of Mad Men on DVD.

Usually I have coffee, oatmeal with a bit of whey protein and a spoon on PB. Then I try to force some water down and a multivitamin and a glucosamine & chondroitin. Then I have to wait an hour to go work out 'cuz I feel like I have a rock in my gut.

Not today.

Breakfast today was a Hammer Bar.

I felt fueled to work out without the rock in my gut after eating it. I could of had an extra cup of coffee but decided to just get out the door instead. I took a Banana Hammer Gel just to give it a try and as an excuse to work out a little longer.

I really liked the Bar. It was soft, chewy, easier to put down then a protein shake or egg and toast before working out.

I had 4 miles on the treadmill a…

Hammer Nutrition

I love getting stuff in the mail. If it is free, it is the best thing in the world. If I bought it, I am always checking the tracking number of where it is at and when it is going to be in my mailbox. Unless it is something scary from the IRS (which I got today in the mail also *sad face*) I love getting stuff in the mail.

Today I was expecting a package of goodies that I bought to show up in my mailbox.

It arrived!

I tore it open!

I got this box of goodies because the Run For The Hills will be offering Hammer gels and I have never tried the Hammer Nutrition brand. When I get up I usually a cup or 3 of coffee with creamer and sugar, a bowl of oatmeal with a spoon of peanut butter and a half scoop of vanilla whey protein powder. Then I workout. I usually am fueled enough for about a couple hours of weights and treadmill. With the heat in Boise and my job keeping me in the heat and or outdoors a few hours a day, I really feel more energetic and refreshed with some carbs and electrol…

Health Club Memberships

I have a membership at 2 fitness facilities. (Body Renew, and Boise State Rec Center.) I have been a previous member at 2 others. (Idaho Athletic Club, YMCA Downtown Boise and Caldwell)  While the weather in Boise is usually nice for most of the year, there are things that I want at a health club that I don't want outside.

I currently chose Body Renew because it is open 24/7. BSU Rec is only open days and most holidays are closed. My workout times are usually at 1:30am (When the Rec is closed) or between 11am and 2pm (when parking on campus is the most limited) The parking on campus sucks if you are not already on campus or have a permit. Which I usually am not. But they have a nice pool and hot tub. The treadmills and ellipticals are always well maintained and working. People always clean the equipment after using it. However the college kids are really only there to socialize. They wear too much perfume and don't take working out as seriously as I think I do.

The BR members…

Compression Recovery

I really like the idea of using compression recovery products. I bought a pair of 2XU Compression Recovery Socks earlier this year to wear after my long runs. And by long runs, I usually mean anything over 4 miles. (Remember, I am a beginning runner.) I am fairly happy with using them.

They really feel good after a run and after being on my feet all day long at work. I tried wearing them after a run AND to work one day and after nearly 12 hours of wear, I had enough. The top seam was really digging into my leg after about 8 hours of wear. So maybe 12 hours  a day is a little long for me, but a couple of hours after a run and my calves feel so much better. It is like they crave wearing these socks. I do have issues with varicose veins, spider veins, and leg swelling, all which is getting worse as I get older. Plus I don't think my weight really helps either.  Earlier in the year I was having shin splints and while I do not think that these socks helped with that, I think that these…

My Race Entries for 2011

This year I signed up for 2 running races and I may sign up for a 3rd. Actually my New Years Resolution was to run in 3, with one being the Main Street Mile. Which I did not do because I had to work on the Friday evening that it was held on. (Stupid Job)

In January, I was one of the first people to mail in the registration form for the Seattle Marathon. My fat butt has never been a runner, but after reading many books about running and even watching inspiring movies about running, I feel like I could and will be a runner.

Last week, I got a wild hair and signed up for a Half Marathon - Run For The Hills , just 'cuz I wanted to get a race in before the Seattle. It sounds like the Director knows what she is doing. Despite it being in Fruitland, Idaho. They will have oranges and bananas at every water station,  Hammer Nutrition gels, and Cytosport for the sports drink. Thank goodness it is not Powerbar. Since Powerbar is in Boise, it seems they are involved with every race in the a…