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Run Time, Then Nap Time?

Sunday was a long run day. I was scheduled for 7, but I did 8 miles instead. I think all of my miles were around 13:00. I was tired, and it was hot-100 degrees outside. And of course, Ghetto Renew didn't have the AC on as cool as I would have liked it. It had to have been over 75 inside the building. Maybe when they open the new location... everything will work a little more like a professionally run business.

Afterward was dinner with the BF and his family. I had this yummy sushi at Sushi Joy. In my opinion, the best place to eat sushi in Boise. My tummy was really happy when I left that place.

Then it was home. I don't know why but I just sat down to watch TV and immediately nodded off. It was only 8pm, and I got nearly 12 hours of sleep the night before. I don't know why, but after my runs, I get really sleepy. My diet is as healthy as ever, I take a multivitamin, my water intake is always good, but any run over 5 miles (which is all I have on the schedule until Novembe…

Mini-Tri Day

Today, the kids all start school. I was hoping to get in the pool this afternoon, since all summer long it has been swarming with kids of all ages.

I got in the clubhouse pool and swam. But for 10 minutes. Then I got kicked out.

The pool was "closed" for maintenance. What?! The one day that I think I can get in and use it, it is closed?!?!

So I went for my tempo run on the treadmill at Ghetto Renew instead. I was sweating like a beast. It wasn't pretty. So I won't post a picture.

Now, I leave for work in an hour. If I bike, it will be like my own personal mini-triathalon day.
10 minute pool swim
5 mile tempo treadmill run
6 mile bike

If I include the 4 miles that I will at least be walking at work, does that count as a quadrathlon. With walking replacing the kayaking? 

Today's Yollar deal of the day is a $20 massage. As a Certified Massage Therapist and Holistic Health Practitioner, I do not like to spend more then $30 for a massage. This massage is a very welc…

First 10K - Done!

Well, that was fun. I finished my first ever race in one piece and nothing horrible happened along the way. The inaugural Project Athena 10K (there was a 5K and a kids 1K also) was this morning in Julia Davis Park at 8am. This was my first ever 10K, first running race ever. I was expecting to finish under 90 minutes, but I did it at 76 minutes.

The swag bag that I picked up yesterday at Shu's was pretty nice. I thought I read online it was going to have $65 dollars of goodies in it, but I am pretty happy with the Merrell Inversion Bag (I really wanted one of these to take to the gym instead of a big backpack), Wigwam running socks with the Project Athena on the cuff, a $15 coupon to Shu's, Sun-Rype fruit leather and some VitaFusion gummy samples. Oh and the Merrell race tech shirt is very nice too. 

I work swing shift, so going to bed before midnight is pretty tough. And I never use an alarm clock to wake up in the afternoon. I always get my 7-8 hours of sleep every night…

Blood Type Diet

I glanced at the blood type diet book a little over a year ago when I was looking at trying to lose weight a little more seriously. I am also one of those nerdy people who will read anything I get my hands on. Except Sci-fi. I am not that nerdy. ;-)

I respect the Blood Type Diet book because I think that where our ancestors were from affects our health today. If you have not read it, I suggest that you do. It makes sense to me. I think it suggested that I cut the carbs and eat more lamb or something like that. I don't recall everything about it, but I do suggest people take a look at the book.

Anyways... I noticed this flyer around the BSU campus when I was in the Health Science Riverside building earlier in the week.

My blurry cell phone pic reads:
SonMor prductions of Boise is looking for volunteers to try the Blood Type Diet for 3 months during the filming of a documentary about Peter D'Adamo (author of Eat Right For Your Type.) Looking for candidates of each blood group (O,…

Boy or a Girl

Ok. Let me just say that I am a female. I do girly things. Like enjoy shopping, paint my nails, wear make-up, and wear lots of pink.

Today, I did my scheduled 5 mile workout on the treadmill at Ghetto Renew. (5miles, 66 minutes, right on my target.) I was feeling good and could have extra miles because I felt I had the energy to do more and nothing was really hurting. No knee pain, no major muscle pain. I felt, dare I say, athletic.

It could have been the placebo effect of wearing something new and comfortable. I was wearing a new dress from Athleta. (If I take this whole running thing seriously past this next year, I totally need to buy more of these. LOVE THEM!) Black dress with black compression shorts underneath. Black Lunarglide Nikes and a black Adidas mesh cap. I love wearing everything except the hat. I think all hats make me look a little dykey. But it keeps the sweat and my hair out of my face better then a headband and I have chin-length hair, so a ponytail isn't a good…

Dreadmill + Man Vs Food + hot dogs = tough run

Today I did 5 miles in 70 minutes. Including warm up & cool down. I was on the right pace that I wanted to be at, even though I just got out of bed and out the door. I really don't like to do that. I was tired and not warmed up with my coffee. I felt really slow. I even had my workout clothes all ready for me, so I had no excuses.

I got to Ghetto Renew, and it was hot. Hotter then what it was in there yesterday. I actually was getting light headed and dizzy from being so hot slogging on the treadmill. I am going to have to bring my own fan in one day.

At mile 2, there was a gust of Stan's greasy goodness odor coming in from next door. It was odd. Maybe the HVAC system has something wrong with it in the whole building. It was like I was in Stan's kitchen, not a dusty gym. It is really hard working out on the treadmill, watching Man Vs Food and smelling hot dogs cooking.

My knee was bothering me a little. And the ball of my left foot. I've had nothing but proble…

Dreadmill Day

I have not been cross training in the last few weeks. I thought today, I better make some time to get to Ghetto Renew and get something done. I really wanted to run, but with yesterday as a long run day and with speedwork scheduled Thursday, that I am going to do tomorrow. Today was a good day to add something other then running.

The last few years I usually ride my bike most of the year. Last year I drove my car less then 8000 miles. This year, I have found all sorts of excuses to not ride to work and back. (Last time I rode my bike, I had to change a tube because, I think, a co-worker thought it would be funny to mess with my ride) It is silly to drive, when it is only 3 miles away. And my bike is in need of a tune up. But I did some minor maintenance which was air up the tires and adjust the brakes. (My last bike ride was 30 miles and my back brake was rubbing my wheel the whole way!) So, this is going to be part of my cross training this week. I am not going to drive to work the r…

Sunday's Long Run

So, I drank a little too much last night. I am going to make that my last bit of drinking alcohol for 2 weeks. (well, I may have a glass of wine with dinner tonight if the BF's parents have drinks available) I did wake up this morning a little dehydrated, but I had to run. I turned on the coffee pot and had a Mango Hammer Fizz to help with my self-imposed dehydration. 1.5 cups of coffee, a Fizz, a few glasses of water, a Hammer gel later, I was ready to go.

I was only scheduled to do 4 miles, but I have a lot of nerves regarding this 10k coming up. So I did 6.2 miles to ease my mind. I will be doing it on maybe 4 hours of sleep, since I work swing shift and don't really want to take the night off of work. (and being slightly hungover mimics lack of sleep, right? lol) But I did the 6.2 in less then 90 minutes. Doing this workout really helped take the pressure off of my mind. I expect to eat maybe just a gel and a cup of coffee when I get up and then head out to the race. I kno…

Saturday night

Its Saturday night. I am torn between drinking a bottle of wine and pitcher of beer or staying just alcohol-free enough to not be dehydrated for a 6 mile slog that I want to do in the morning.

How do you balance the desire to party and the desire to want to perform efficiently?

70 degrees and rain

Yay! It was nice and cool today. Cloudy, 70 degrees, and some rain starting up when I left my house. Perfect! I had 3 scheduled miles to do today, which I did from Veteran's Park to about Lake Harbor and back. 3 miles = 40 minutes. Which included warm up/cool down and a short walk break in the middle. I felt good. My left shin started to cramp a bit when I did my walk break in the middle but my last mile I really felt like I could keep going. I was a little sad that when I started out, there was rain. But it ended in just a few minutes of my slog. I really wanted to run in the rain.

My10k is coming up soon.  Good news is that the race fees for that race are tax deductible. Bad news is that this week I am getting kind of nervous. I worry that after spending so much on fees for races this year, that I am going to hate running and be miserable until Christmas. The next 4 months is now dependent on how well this Project Athena 10k is going to work out for me. I am am not going to dres…


While searching for a race review of the Project Athena race (which is 20 days away. Prices go up this week so register now!), I found a new term that I am going to refer myself as.


If the definition for Athlete is:
apersontrainedorgiftedinexercisesorcontestsinvolvingphysicalagility,stamina,orstrength;aparticipantinasport, exercise,orgamerequiringphysicalskill.
Then a Fat-thlete is:
a fat person trainedorgiftedinexercisesorcontestsinvolvingphysicalagility,stamina,orstrength;a fatparticipantinasport, exercise,orgamerequiringphysicalskill.

Me, at 180 generous pounds is more then just a fat participant in these runs. I am a Fat-thlete.

Sunday's Run

Sunday, I wanted to get up early and go run on the greenbelt again before it got hot. Well, I woke up at 10am-ish and it was already 80. And it seemed a little smoky from the Saturday fire(s) in the area, so I did my 4 scheduled miles on the treadmill. 13:39, 13:00, 12:52, 12:45. My left shin felt really tight during the 1st 2 miles. I stopped and stretched a few times during those 2 miles. I guess a little bit of dehydration affects me a lot. I had a few drinks Saturday while watching season 4 dvds of Mad Men. And a couple glasses of water just isn't enough to replenish what I forced out. I will not drink so much now the night before the Sunday long run.

The BF usually runs 2.5-3miles when he works out. I signed him up for the Run For The Hills 5k so he can do it fairly easily compared to the Half. And so that I won't be alone slogging the Half. He wasn't real happy about running anything. Even the Main Street Mile last year. (he's a hypochondriac that is afraid of b…