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Never Thought I Would Say This...

There is something that my I would never, ever thought I would ever, ever say.

It is hard to only run 3 miles. Only 3 miles. I am so proud of myself. Just a few months ago I could barely slog a half mile and now, 3 miles is a a cake walk. Or a walk in the park. Or a slog on the treadmill.

I have gotten so used to do doing 5 miles minimum that just 3 is hard. I want to keep going.

Even though I am a bigger girl, it is strange to say that I can do so many miles faster then a walking pace. But I am so proud of myself.

My half-marathon is on Saturday and I know that I can do it.

The hardest decision is what am I going to wear? I got a day and a half to decide.

Happy Thursday!

Gaining Weight - rambling post

I usually weigh myself pretty regularly. Sometimes in the morning when I wake up. Sometimes before bed. I usually don't stress about my weight all that much. Really just how my clothes feel and if my pants are tight.

Today, I AM stressing because my pants are tight and the scale moved up 2 pounds.

I am one of those people who have never been totally successful at weight loss. Nor have I ever really tried til recently. High school, my weight was steady at 150, give or take a pound or 2. I did weigh 250 at one time (age 22) and dropped down to 180 before my divorce when I was 25. After the divorce I was 160 and stayed there happily the past few years, until working the graveyard shift and being in a relationship where someone prefers to stay at home and not out and about like I prefer, I think has really affected my weight. Depression really does affect weight.

There has been 2 times that I have dropped weight like magic and it involved being on the elliptical an hour or so a day …

2 back weeks of workouts

The last 2 weeks of working out have been so  different in energy level and feel.

The week of Sept. 12-17th, I felt just on the border of an illness and constant muscle aches. Everywhere. A couple of canker sores on my tounge, sleeping even hurt. The 15th, I did not even have it in me to finish a 5 mile tempo run. I just did not have any energy to move on the treadmill. Ghetto Renew was where I ran and it is always so hot, I was getting the chills because I was working it so hard. I gave up for fear of getting sick and inability to finish. I did 4.6 miles though.

That Saturday, the 17th, I wanted a comeback. I had a plan to run from the bandshell in Julia Davis Park, to Lucky Peak. Thats like 10 miles. The weather was going to be nice and I told the BF to meet me at the end with wine that I put in his car, my Casanova pizza, and a salad. It was a nice way to end the evening and to have a cheap mini-date. We both had enjoyed getting out of a restaurant and watch the fish jump in the ri…

Low Energy

Today is a low energy day. One of those days that I just want to stay in bed, watch TV, and call in sick to work.

But I can't. And didn't. I got up an hour later then normal and drove over to Ghetto Renew to do my 5 mile tempo run. But I just wasn't feeling it. I gave up before I hit 5 miles. I only did 4.65. 2 of those were 11:06 miles, which was my tempo. The others, I walked or slogged them.

At least I looked cute while at Ghetto Renew. But I was sweating like a fiend!

I don't know if it is the change in the weather, or I am mildly dehydrated and my diet has been crappy (I have 4 people I know whose birthdays are this week! 4 single Virgo males! So extra birthday dinners and lunches out), or that I am PMSing or I am sore from 45 minutes on elliptical on Tuesday or who knows why, but I did most of my run. I'll be walking over 20,000 steps tonight as a coworker is gone and I have to cover for him.

I plan on slogging on the greenbelt on Saturday afternoon when t…

I bought me new shoes today.

I had to get me new shoes for work today.

Pink, white and silver Nike Shox Qualify 2. I really need to be trying to break in another pair of running shoes, but I was in need of new work shoes.

I walk anywhere from 12,000 steps a day to 20,000 steps a day at work. I wear the tread off my shoes so quickly.

I prefer Shox to walk in at work. I picked these because are pink, they are bright and attract attention. The soles are a little stiff but they are pink.

They look awesome.

Maybe this Saturday, ill go to Shu's and get some new shoes. I got a groupon for there that I want to use soon.

What did you do for yourself today?

New Milestone

Thursdays tempo run was 5miles. Saturdays long run was 10 miles. I just hit a new milestone. Double digits! I am pretty proud of myself.

It really seems like the beginning of this year, I could barely jog a ONE MILE and now here I am on the treadmill for 10. I am proud of myself.

I am looking forward to this half marathon deal - in just 19 more days! If my 13 miles goes like my 10 miles, then I am going to have to walk a little more then expected. I was feeling good and comfortable until about mile 6 and then I started to lose a little bit of steam. I did push through the burning legs but halfway through mile 9, my gut said cool it down a bit. So I walked.

I wore compression socks during my slog on the dreadmill that I bought about a month ago. They did keep my calves happy, but I feel like I need something now for the knee up. My left knee feels a little swollen. I iced it yesterday and was planning a bike ride today, but I think I will wait a day. I am afraid of being unrunable (I g…

Race Fever

I received an email yesterday. It was from KIDO and it had a contest for a KISS Cruise.

But at the bottom of the email was a link for a 5k. I actually clicked on it and was going to enter. It starts at 11am! That's such a benefit for me.

But I had to get to work so I couldn't enter my credit card info. Plus I wanted a smoothie at the smoothie place across the street from my job since I didn't get a chance to eat lunch before work.

What did I see at the smoothie place, but an flyer for another race coming soon!

And another race flyer I did see!

Can I run my half October 1st and two 5Ks on the next two weekends after that? I still have to get my marathon training runs until the end of November, so I may wind up entering a few extra 5Ks more then planned.

What do you do when you get race fever and want to enter all the races?

Rollin' and Rollin'

Today is a bike day.

Yes, there is duct tape on my bike. It is covering up the Bud Light logo, since I won this bike in '98 from a radio contest. And I don't care to advertise beer I don't drink. My bike has a ton of miles on it (I only drove my car, like 5000 miles last YEAR because I biked most of the year!) and I love it. There is also duct tape on my headlight too. I dropped my light last summer replacing the batteries. One of these days, I will replace both the bike and the Cateye. But until then, my ride is customized with duct tape.

The main reason for riding today is because there is construction along Boise Ave. where I usually park my car. I don't want to have to fight for parking with other BSU students, so I am biking everyday for a week or 2. My BF even said he would bike with me today. What?! He has not biked with me anywhere since the spring season. Which was one time all year on a ride to Lucky Peak and back. Something we did, like 10 times last year. …

Race Change

The past few weeks, my BF's son has been on a major sport/exercise kick. It may have to do something with starting Jr. High and being around girls and testosterone hitting him, AND football season starting... But the BF's 12 year old son wants to run, lose weight and do running races. I made him and his dad do Main Street Mile last year and they both had about the same 7 minute mile finishing times.

Barber To Boise, I think, will be a good fit for him to do. 5k run/walk, no pressure. Starting at Bronco Stadium, a quick greenbelt loop and and finishing up back up at the Stadium with pancakes and live music. I will enter the BF's son, maybe the BF (or just get him a ticket to eat pancakes afterward with us because he really doesn't want to do runs for fun. Run For The Hills is a lot of pressure on him right now) and myself.
If I sign myself up for this, I really feel like I have to buy and wear a blue or orange sparkle skirt. I also have these great knee high socks, wh…


It has been about 2 months since my last massage. Minus the fact that I gave one on Monday- I really needed to receive.

I had a Living Social deal that was an hour massage at a back cracker for, I think, $20. It was worth the 20 minute freeway drive in my car with no A/C with the temperature 90 degrees outside.

My massage said Carribean Coconut massage, but the massage oil smelled just like plain ol' massage lotion to me. There were beachy wave sounds on the CD player.

My therapist looked at me funny when I said my legs were hurting instead of my back at the intake. She didn't think the chiro could do much for my leg pain-lol.

My back (right shoulder blade) is where I keep my tension,  but with all these miles that I put on my feet daily (I walk most of my 8 hour shift at work too) my legs have been TIGHT! I nearly kicked my therapist when she was working my right IT Band. Yikes! That has NEVER happened before during one of my massages. Afterward, she suggested a foam roller…

26 More Days

26 more days until my half marathon.

And I am getting nervous.

The BF's family likes to talk about running because it is a safe topic to talk about, unlike politics. Everyone can talk about running. The BF's 12 year old son wants to run in races now to get in shape. I made him and his dad run the Main Street Mile last year and they both had a good time. We talk about how the BF's step-father and BF's brother ran Bay To Breakers a few times. (I have been trying to talk the BF to run it in 2012.) The BF's mom's BFF ran Chicago Marathon while she was dating a runner many years ago. She did it around 4:30. Never did another marathon after that.

But Run for the Hills is coming up soon. I feel a slight panic a little more then my first run, the 10k a few weeks ago.

I feel confident that I will finish, but I know that this is going to be even more challenging then my 8 miles I can slog through on the dreadmill. Which I did for 2 hours on Sunday afternoon after a nig…

One of Those Days

Well, today was one of Those days. It was cold this morning and all I wanted was to stay under the covers this morning. It was really hard to get out of bed. Plus, I have not had a whole lot of energy this week for whatever reason.

I had 5 miles of my schedule to do.  And I wanted to do it on the greenbelt. I parked in Julia Davis and I didn't expect the parking by the zoo to be all filled. Ugh. All of the BSU students have taken the parking I wanted. Oh well. I found a nice shady spot down by the tennis courts.

I did my 1st mile ok. My legs were stiff, my feet felt heavy, my knee was starting to ache, and my shins felt like they were starting to cramp. It was hard to slog along. I didn't want to walk but I just did not have the energy to keep up a jogging pace. It was just a day where my mind had the energy to go, but my body just didn't.

I felt like I walked as much as I slogged.

The 3rd mile my right I think, my Sartorius, I think that is what is bothering me. I had to …