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What Went Wrong

I felt that Saturdays run was a disaster. And I only had myself to blame. This is what I have learned from it and what I plan on doing differently.

1. I didn't eat well at all all week. I was depressed and had no desire to eat. Thinking that it will help me in training if I was a little lighter. Yeah, I need to eat and not be so depressed. Starving myself is not the way for me to go. My job gives us 5 free shrink appointments a year. I've gone before and the shrink that I have is one of the better shrinks that I have been to. She is also knowledgeable about the Boise running community.

2. I was dehydrated. I did not drink as much water & tea as I have been. All summer I have been drinking at least 2-32oz Nalgene bottles of water a day or more, not including the required coffee every morning. But with the colder temps, I have been drinking more coffee and hot chocolate. I need to drink more calorie-free and caffeine-free liquids.

3. I didn't run all last week. Yeah, I did…

My Brain Said Yes...

My body said no. I really wanted to put in over 20 miles before it got dark Saturday.

Didn't happen. I am disappointed that no matter how much my brain said "slog faster", "get the garmin to a 14:XX pace!" Didn't work. My legs just didn't want to work.

I started out good. at a 13 minute mile pace that I wanted. I had a updated fueling plan in place that I was giving a try.

My legs had other ideas. I slogged about 10 miles at a 13-14min pace. The wind was at my back pushing me along.
 Made it to Lucky Peak area. Got to crunch leaves as much as I wanted. Love hearing fall leaves go crunch!
This is where it was starting to go bad.  I had to slog into the wind on the trip back. I hate this when I ride my bike here but running is worse. My legs hurt. Both balls of my feet. My right knee, my right hip, my quads. Everything hurt. I have myself to blame - I'll put details of that in my next post. I had to walk the last 10 miles. There was no way my legs woul…

Don't You Wish...

Todays workout was 30 minutes of Hip Hop Abs. Fat Burning Cardio.
It's been about a year since I did any of the videos. I did it a lot last summer, hoping to learn some dance moves, but all I got from it was a complex about doing these videos with the BF home. He laughs at me. The moves are silly but way easier then Insanity. I threw my back out doing the fitness test of that!

The part of the video that I really like is the dance moves of that Pussycat Dolls song. The choreography just works.  Plus that song is just great ego boost. 

Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me. 

The Seattle Sound

I had an Ah-Ha moment this weekend. It was while I was watching that Pearl Jam documentary on PBS this weekend. I never really listened to Pearl Jams music, although I did have the Vs. CD.
I did embrace grunge in high school. I always felt a kinship with Seattle. It is and always be one of my favorite cities to go to. I worshiped Courtney Love and I wore dresses, mary jane shoes, and red lispstick just like she did. I had Kurt Cobain's sweater that looked like roadkill, but it was his and I wore it until my mom threw it away one day when she was mad at me. I will never forgive her for that. Most of my art projects in drawing & sculpture dealt with lyrics of Babes In Toyland. I left conditioner in my hair to make it more greasy so I could be more grunge.

My Ah-Ha moment was that when I am in Seattle in 32 days, I am going to slog the Seattle Marathon listening to only grunge music on my ipod.

Pearl Jam, Mudhoney, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Green River, Mother Love Bone.

I usually …

Running On Drugs

Today, I still had lower back spasms. I thought, hey, maybe I should take a muscle relaxer before I run. The drugs that I have prescribed, never help loosen muscles. But I was hoping for some relief.

I just got really sleepy.

I went out the door anyway.

I did indulge in a Starbucks Grande Iced Salted Carmel Mocha beforehand. Yum.

Did it wake me up? Not really. I was hoping to really push my long run to 20 miles today. Starting at 2pm with back spasms, there was no way. But I did do 17.59miles. Mr. garmin says it took me 4:44:35.

My travels were slow. Like walking 19 minute miles to a speedy 14 minute miles slog. All down the greenbelt to Lucky Peak and back.
There was a few times I was able to zone out. Nothing on me was aching. There were no cars driving by, no other greenbelt users. It was so peaceful and quiet. I really didn't want to finish my run and go home.

But it got dark and I was getting chilled. And I was getting tired eating gels. I wanted food.

And I made it back to …

Running In The Dark

Got my car fixed today! Yay! Told a certain someone to come fix what he started working on otherwise I was going to kick him in the ovaries. And he did come over to finish my car. It took him about 5 hours and me with lots of anxiety and without a car for 2 over 2 days, but it is great now. Everything worked out great.

I was able to get to the greenbelt for an at dusk to dark slog. I thought, "hey, I can fit in 6 miles before it gets dark." Yea, I couldn't.
I did get 4.5 miles in. I don't know how long it took. Over an hour. Didn't check my Garmin yet. 11-13minute miles. I was having back spasms while slogging.

I do know that I have done well and cut back from 2 Starbucks a day, now down to maybe one a week. Today was my one a week. Recovery Non-Fat Pumpkin Spice Latte. Yay for Autumn!
Thanks Team Luna Chix for the hat and LUNA goodies. I am very appreciative. :-)

Hopefully my back will be better tomorrow. My scheduled run is 16 miles tomorrow. My goal is actually…

But Mercury Isn't Retrograde yet!?!

This week is one of those weeks.

My alternator went out in my car Tuesday evening. Ok. No big deal. I have a mechanic friend who needs the money and he came over Wednesday to help me. But it started to get dark and he needed some other tools to fix it.

Thursday he didn't come over because his car was having issues and he didn't get it fixed until 10pm.

I rode my bike to work. Ok. No big deal there. I needed to crosstrain. I can handle a little bike ride back and forth.

It is now Friday and I have to get to work in 2 hours. Has he shown up yet?

No. Looks like another evening of riding my bike.

My car is in pieces in my parking spot and I can not drive it to a mechanic shop.

I am not a mechanic but I can do some basic things. Like replacing a battery, headlights and I can change a tire faster then the BF. I do however have a bigger toolbox then the BF.

Saturday's 16 mile long run will be replaced with going to my storage unit to search for tools, and the library to get a …

A Single Dumbbell

No, no, not me. I have a set of dumbbells at home, but today I could only find one.

I guess that is what I get for neglecting something for nearly 2 months!

Still, with one 12 pound dumbbell I was able to do a few things with it to work my upper back and arms.

All I did was a pretty standard set of rows, delt raises, bicep curls, and triceps extensions. I could have done Russian twists and some ab/core work but this is a quick little workout with a single 12 pound dumbbell. My time is limited today.

There is no excuse for not getting a little extra movement today.

There is no excuse, however, for bad pics.
I just wanted to show off the comfy Barber To Boise race shirt I am going to proudly wear to work.

What is the strangest/best/worst piece of exercise equipment that you own?

Ghetto Renew Rant - long post

Ok, time to rant about Body Renew. If you don't want to read about me bitching and complaining about this place (because the BF doesn't, and I really want to spread my dislike of body renew on somewhere other then Twitter, or Yelp-the owner has his friends give good ratings to boost the yelp ratings!), then please read about me participating in the Barber To Boise 5k, Live to Bfit 5k, Run For The Hills Half-Marathon(pics here), or even Project Athena 10k. Thanks! Love ya!

I do not recommend this business for anyone to get a membership to. I appreciate the 24 hour access of the locations. But I do not appreciate the business. Or the owner. I met him today since the new location on Vista is open. What a jerk. Could he have said "Hello" or "Hi" or "Welcome to the new location" or provide some nice customer service? No. He just wants my money. He barked at me when I walked into the building to go back outside and scan my ID card. This Vista l…

Crosstraining Slacker

I have been a crosstraining slacker the last month. Maybe because I was using the excuse to "taper" for my half-marathon and to "recover" from the training runs that I should be keeping consistent with for the next 40 days. Yes, the Seattle Marathon is in, like, 40 days! *gulp*

Sunday, I didn't do crap. After over 13 miles on Saturday. I was having some foot/ankle pain and I fear injuries. Fear them. But I went to bed earlier then normal to wake up earlier then normal and hit Ghetto Renew Monday morning.

I did 60 minutes on the elliptical. Yay! Crosstraining!

Now, I know that crosstraining will help endurance, race day performance, help me maybe lose weight (the scale says 2 pounds down!), help prevent some injuries, tone my body, ect ect ect, but I just really slacked off. I got the nerves from race day a little better under control this last month, but now I need to fine tune the rest.

I need to trust myself and my body that I can workout and then handle a …

10 Mile + 5K Today

So earlier today was my Barber To Boise 5K. Fiberpipe has a Finishers Video. I can barely be seen at 26:36 high fiving the Zamzows dog.
My official time was 35:42 and I was 29th in my age group. Whoop.

But after my little warm up was a 10 mile training run that still needed to get done.

A little 2 hour and 30 minute jaunt on the greenbelt. Yea, I was really slow. Like 14 minute average!

I came across quite a few little snakes.

The first fuzzy caterpillar that I have seen in a really long time!
But my greenbelt was quiet and fairly free of users. BSU game day and all. People do need to get their drink on.

After my run, I got Mongolian. With Krab.
Huray! Carbs!

Barber To Boise 5K - Completed!

Once again, I finished another race. And I did way better then last weeks 5K. Maybe because I actually warmed up beforehand.

I finished about 24-25 minutes. I am not sure of my actual time. I never checked after I finished and I did not look at the clock when I got to the finish line. I was taking pictures with my cell phone. Yeah, my official race pic at the end will probably have me looking at my cell phone.

 The Boise State blue turf before the race started.

 Lots of Girls on the Run, all wearing purple, along with other racers. And I have a new found dislike for people with jogging strollers. How annoying are they nearly running people over take up soooo much room? Sorry, some people were rude with those strollers today.

 Lots of people, which was nice. I knew I was not going to get lost. Plus it was on the greenbelt. Easy course.
Met up with the 10K runners coming from the other direction on the greenbelt to run around the stadium to the race track finish.

I'm fumbling with my…

Jog Along, You Sexy Thing

Jog Along, You Sexy Thing

Sometimes, Rage Comics know just how I feel. After my cup of coffee, I am going to go for a slow 1 mile plod in the Newtons.  After a little more sleep then planned today, I feel low energy, but well enough for a quick slog.

Do you work out when sick?

Sick Day

Called in sick to work tonight. Ugh. I really hate it when my boss actually answers his phone instead of letting me leave a voice mail message.

Slept almost 10 hours this today. I had an eye exam and electrolysis appointments to do. Rescheduled them both.  Stayed in bed.

Took advantage of today's Yollar deal.

My Newtons are going to have to wait another day to run in. That makes me sad.

Sitting in bed with my green tea and Puffs Plus with lotion tissues and my laptop looking at running things.

Came across a free digital subscription to Woman's Adventure Magazine on my internet travels.

I signed up.

Time for a warm up on my cup of green tea and maybe a nap. I could use a hot toddy.

Semi-Miserable Monday

It's Monday. I have to go to work. And I think I am getting a cold. I have had a sore throat since Saturday morning, and felt feverish all day Sunday. A little bit of a running nose. Not something I want since I had a goal of not getting sick until after my marathon in November. I guess it is from the big change in the weather here.

I've been wanting to run all weekend, but I do not want to make this cold any worse. So I stayed in bed nearly all day and had lots of chicken broth and green tea to help this thing go away.

I did however make it to the running store, Shu's, and try on a few pairs of shoes. I had a Living Social deal to use up. I bought and have been wearing a pair of Brooks Adrenaline 11 for a few months and I sorta liked them but have never been totally happy with them. The ball of my foot always hurt on long runs and I always land on my heel. Plus I feel like the heel and the forefoot are disconnected, like there is nothing to roll your foot forward. You ar…

5K - Finished!

I just finished the Live to Bfit 5K. It was... interesting. But fun.

I guess this was the 3rd annual, but it really did not seem like it. I knew it was going to be a small, quick race, but it was more of a training run with friends.

We picked up our packets, which was our race number (printed on cardstock- I seriously thought I was going to get a papercut) a nice reusable zip tote bag, the race shirt and some materials from the Idaho Business League and a mini Butterfinger and some BioFreeze samples. I think I have been spoiled at some of these runs I have done. Funny thing is that there were people there that I recognized from the past 2 runs. I guess this whole running thing is a big community. 

All I knew about this run was that it was going to be a Greenbelt run. The director dude shouted the route out to the crowd before we started. It was an out and back run.

This race benefited Camp River Run. I think it is a good org to support.

I made sure to look at my Garmin when I star…

Live to Bfit 5K Run/Walk

Tomorrow, the Live to BFit 5K is at 11am.

I will be there with my new Garmin toy.

Today, I work until 1:30am and will be getting up around 8:30am to be at the packet pickup around 10am. I am going to be very tired in the morning. Very tired. I don't usually use an alarm clock to wake up with in the mornings because of my schedule. My clock is set to torture me way too early tomorrow. I am not looking forward to, maybe, 6 hours of sleep tonight. I am a 8-9 hour a night girl.

I am looking forward to the run in the morning. I want to get a long run in also. A run after of 10 or more miles will make me hit what my training schedule has planned out.

Hopefully, I will see you at the run tomorrow! I will have a report and pictures of the run this weekend.

Today's Fun Run

Today I had a pretty good run. Despite it being cloudy, 43 degrees and slight rain sprinkles, and I just wanted to stay in bed and drink tea, I took my new Garmin toy out for a 2 miles slog around the neighborhood.

I did not feel like driving down to the greenbelt, or to ghetto renew. I did something that I have only done twice since I have lived in the house I have been in for 2 years. I went outside on foot. It was scary. I don't care for my neighborhood. It is not pretty, and the only ones that are on bike or foot are the ones that have no license, DUIs, or under the driving age. No one is outside for exercise. Which is weird. Boise is such an outdoorsy city.

Well, anyways, I did my 2 miles, then came home to play with the garmin. I wore it to work yesterday to try to figure out the functions. I was tempted to wear the HR monitor too, but I thought that may have been tech overkill.

Anyways, seeing the calories burned and the constant updates on my pace and how far along on my w…

Another Race Registration?!?

My BF's 12 year old son wants to do a running race. But all of the races that have been happening this month, I can't register him for because he has fall soccer games going on. Every Saturday, a game. Every race I look at, it never works for our schedule.

I have been getting a little frustrated. I want to register for all the races, but just can't.

Today, of course, I was looking at running related sites and blogs and came across a 5k fun run/walk in Parma, Idaho, that will work with our schedule.

It is on Sunday October 16, 2011 at 1pm! That is like SO nice. Since it will take an hour or so to get to Parma from Boise!

The run is the Tree Top Fun Run For New Hope's Girl's School.

It looks like it is going to benefit a good cause. It looks like it may be a super small race - only 150 participants. Which is cool. I don't mind small races, minus the fact that is all I have done so far.

Today is the last day to register to be guaranteed a shirt. So I may, or may not…