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Marathon Pictures

Ok, So my Marathon Pics didn't turn out as bad as I thought.

Here are the Brightroom pics.

 Nice and dry in my poncho at the start.
 There is the penny in my left hand that I picked up at the last mile. I carried it to the finish.
Is that dude in the blue race shirt checking out my butt? Or Sparkle Skirt? Or shoes?

 The photographer that took this pic called me his Shimmer Princess.
Look! It is wet outside! And I am walking.

Treat Yo Self!

Today, I am being nice to myself and celebrating my marathon cherry popping.

I had a Living Social and Groupon deals that I needed to use. Perfect! As I have a couple of days off from work to recover from Sunday. I am actually feeling pretty good today. Less muscle aches then yesterday. No blisters on my feet and still got all my toe nails.

One of my previously purchased treats was laser hair removal at The Skin Spa. I am choosing to get my pits done. Session one, so far, so good. 4 more sessions to go.

My 2nd deal today was a Groupon to Lilly Jane's Cupcakes. I love this place and everything is so tasty here.
My BF, who now regrets calling me overweight because I punched him in the arm, TWICE, pretty hard, is going to love watching me eat one of these. I am going for the "Milk's Favorite Cupcake" one.

My 3rd treat to myself today was a stop off at Rembrandt's. I've never cared for their coffee very much, but the atmosphere always makes up for the crappy co…

Seattle Marathon Race Report

I thought I did as good as expected.Chip Time 6:34:51 - Official Time 6:35:00

I don't know what my Garmin says yet on my mile times. I have not uploaded t yet. I couldn't get it to get a satellite signal for about the first mile. There were some spotty spots where there was no connection, like the freeway tunnels, and I forgot to turn it off about an hour after finishing.

 I will not wear my  Nike running jacket in the rain next time like this because it held moisture the whole time and it was pretty heavy and soggy by mile 7. I wore it only because it had pockets for my stuff- cell phone, ipod, gloves (which I didn't need), chapstick and kleenex) I wore a throwaway rain poncho thingie and I tossed it at mile 23, when the rain let up for a few minutes. It helped block the rain from my cell phone and ipod. I wore the Newtons and felt ok in them. They were completely wet and miserably soggy by the 1st half and even though I don't have blisters (YAY!) I think …


Woot! Woot! I finished the Seattle Marathon yesterday afternoon. There were 11,007 participants and IT RAINED THE WHOLE TIME!

 There were plenty of potties near the start.
 I started at 7:15am with the walkers because I am SO slow.
 The half marathon runners were on the left. Walkers stayed in the Express Lane (funny-huh)
 The temps were perfect but it was WET AND WINDY!
 I wanted to cry here because all the military were remembering who was lost in Iraq, and all the flags was very moving. Like, emotionally moving. Not because of the wind.They were saying motivations things, like, "We may slow down, but we never give up." I was really trying hard not to cry. I was touched.
 Devil hills on the last half. I had to HIKE up one. It sucked. If you look at the results page, everyone has Positive Splits. The hills sucked. I feel like a total badass with this hard course being my FIRST!
 The finish line after I crossed.
 My splits.


A race report is here.

Last Friday Night

Well, I made it to Seattle via airplane thanks to a little help from Atavan.
I picked up my race packet at the Westin, which is about 3/4mile from the start of the race tomorrow. The expo had the normal expo things, but Nuun was right in front with samples of their goodies. Lara Bar was there along with some organic granola company. This shirt is Saucony and long sleeved and I love it.
Thankfully the Westin was close enough for the Westlake xmas tree lighting and fireworks. There were a ton of people there and it was actually very festive and fun.

 I made it to Whole Foods and celebrated my vaycay alone with a Caesar Salad and a bottle of bubbly.
 I even got a Murad Vitamin C facial but it irritated the hell out of my skin. It was like it was a orange scented chemical peel. My face is SO red. I am really embarrassed to be walking around with an irritated, red face.
But despite the bad skin today, I have plans to meet up with 2 of my local friends. And I even have my race day gear all l…

Ready To Go!

I am all packed and ready for Seattle. I have all my running gear and umbrella and gloves and 4 pairs of shoes (!!!!) for a 3 day trip. I know what my priorities are.

The Marathon is just in like 2 days!

My last day of work this week, a coworker gave me 2 candy bars - a King Sized KitKat (YUM!) and some Dove Dark Chocolate. He said I need calories for my marathon. Thank god he doesn't notice my tummy and all the calories stored there. 

I can't believe I am going to do this. I got a game plan. I am planning on starting with the walkers and I am going to walk at least the first 10 miles. That way, I can finish strong slogging at the end. Sunday is going to be taking me at least 6 hours.

I spent at least 3 hours last night getting my ipod playlist specifically for Seattle set up. I got common Seattle bands like Pearl Jam and Bikini Kill. But I also have uncommon bands like Deerhoof, and the now defunct These Arms Are Snakes. I also put in a bunch of other random things that I…

It Will Never Be... Nerd Fitness

There is a fitness site / blog that I go on to every now and then to get a little extra motivation.
It is called Nerd Fitness.
There is a post from the 7th of November that really spoke to me.

It will never be:
easyperfectthe right timeNobody is going to:
tell you exactly what to dodrag you out of bed in the morningyell at you to eat healthylift weights for yourun a race for youThere will always be:
holidayssick dayssleepless nightsearly morningsvacationsbad weatherlong days at the officeIt will always be easier to:
say nohit SNOOZEdo nothingsettleblame othersmake excusesgive upsay “I tried my best” when you really didn’tLife is freaking tough - health, wealth, and happiness certainly don’t come easy.
For those reasons, you don’t need:
The best equipmentThe best business planThe PERFECT workout program (it doesn’t exist)A super specific meal planAnd it’s okay to:
not have all of the answers yet – NOBODY doesnot have your life completely figured out yet – NOBODY doesget started and figure thing…

Manic Monday

Yea, it's not really a manic Monday, but it is a Monday. Busy day of grocery store, pulled over by a motorcycle cop (no biggie, my tags are not on my plates but still on my registration), 1 mile slog, got my hair did at Fete (Amy is my homegirl) and now getting ready for work.

Did a quickie 1 mile treadmill slog at Ghetto Renew.
The lady on the machine next to me is a farter. I wanted a pic of her but didn't get one. Think of a mix of Kim Gordon and Iggy Pop. That's what she looks like. She's a regular at Ghetto Renew and I KNOW she has farted when I have worked out next to her before but she had to let one go today. One of those silent but deadly ones. I was disgusted. I gave her a dirty look and I know she knows that I know that she is gross. I had stanky pits and I made sure to raise my arms up a couple of times during my mile so she could smell my grossness. Yea, I am immature but does she HAVE to fart that much? Maybe she needs some Gas-X before she works out.

6 …

What I Do On Saturday

Today's slog at Ghetto Renew was 5 miles in 65 minutes. 
It was unbearabley hot inside the building. I know that it is like 30-something outside but I don't need to pretend that it is summer inside. I would have done more miles if it wasn't like 80 degrees inside the building. It was WAY to hot. I was dripping sweat by my 1st half mile. And I was only doing a 13min/mile. It's not like I was working it enough to dump sweat.

I don't watch much TV, but there was a movie on Comedy Central that I was watching that made my slog so much more enjoyable. Will Arnett was in prison. What I watched of it, made me LOL out loud on the treadmill. The machines that were full of people were all of a sudden empty.

I even used the Foam Roller Ghetto Renew has laying around after my slog. My right glute needed attention after my last slog and figured that it wouldn't hurt to use it today. My IT band liked it and my glute isn't bothering my like last time, but I feel like goin…

Against the Wind

Today I was running against the wind. That song is one of my favorite all time songs. I am not sure why. I was 2 when the song came out.

I started out pretty fast. My 1st mile was 10:29!!! But I realized why when I turned around and headed home.


That, and I was amped up on 4 cups of coffee. 

I had quite a bit of wind resistance on that 2nd mile. I knew that it makes a difference (uh, that Boston fiasco) But I didn't realize that a few MPH of wind would have such an effect on MY times. I mean, come on. I only have 2 speeds. Slow speed and walking speed. Which is pretty much the same thing.
Going into the wind can be quite a bit of a struggle. I mean, I knew I was torching calories but I was slow and using more energy then I needed to.

I just hope that Seattle (10 DAYS!!!) won't have a lot of heavy wind and rain.

Coffee pot still has a half pot left. I better go take care of that now. Prepping for Seattle and such. Plus this dreary weather has me drinking more coffee t…

Slog of the Day

Today was just a quick 2 mile slog on the greenbelt. Both miles right around 12 minutes each.

While on my 2nd mile, I realized that running does not come as easy to me as reading about running, or watching movies about running. Reading books and blogs and magazines about how people can run a 5K in 17 minutes or multiple marathons one weekend and then the next is not yet natural for me. The running part I mean. The reading part is cake. I don't sweat or get my heart rate up while I am sitting in bed or on the couch reading. It is a challenge, and most of the times a struggle to just get out the door. That struggle makes me doubt myself and gives me a chance to to think about how difficult this running thing is. I am not ready to give up. I have seen improvement of myself and fitness, but it has taken quite a bit of time. It has been very challenging for me this whole year. I never felt like bailing on the whole Seattle Marathon, but I am ready to tackle the Marathon NOW and ready t…

Start the Taper

This weekend was unofficially the start of my taper. 13 more days until my Seattle Marathon. And to counteract the lack of major calorie burning from the long runs on the weekend, I feel that I need to watch what I eat a bit more. Plus, I feel like I need to keep my weight loss going down on the right track.

Today's fooding is vegetarian. It wasn't really planned that way, but that is how it turned out. Broccoli and carrots dipped in sun dried tomato hummus. Along with a banana slathered in Maranatha chocolate almond spread. I prefer it over Nutella. It has more flavor. More nutty. More salty. Oh, I also need to work on my hydration after dehydrating myself with vodka drinks all weekend. One vegetarian meal does not counteract the ribs I ate last night while watching Dexter on DVD. But it does have the things I need to push the ribs out of my system.

I don't feel like I have the urge to run like some running addicts do when they start the taper. Maybe because I am lazy. And…


Today's slog - 2.5mi on the Ghetto Renew TM.

I have only been running/slogging/training for this marathon thing for about a year. I feel that I am at a point that I feel like I have made progress. Some of the good and bad things that I think I have discovered about myself in this past year.

1. I am finally losing weight. Yea, it took nearly a year to see the scale move without changing my diet a whole lot. 6 pounds as of today. I guess 6+ hours of slogging a week is my magic metabolism number.

2. My legs are more muscular. 3 semesters of weight training 4 days a week, 4 summers of  bike commuting, and 2 years of using an elliptical did not help my legs as much as running has. Plus I can power up hills on my bike way better with these bigger quad/hammie muscles.

3. I have more spider and varicose veins. Not a good thing in a vanity aspect. I only had, like, 2 ugly veins before. I have a lot more now. I should be wearing compression socks more, like when I go to work and raise my f…

The Best Part of Going Uphill

Today's slog was 3.47 miles in 41:43. Which included walking during a cell phone call around the 2 mile mark.

Started at the Firefighters Memorial on the greenbelt. Was going just by feel with a more then 2, less then 5 mile goal. I wore the Newtons and didn't want to hurt myself. I may take them to Seattle to wear. The greenbelt is closed up by Joes Crab Shack and you are detoured behind the old Red Lion Riverside and into ghettoville.

I mean Garden City. I didn't feel too comfortable running on the streets with nothing but trucks and trailer houses, so I headed back. Plus I didn't know how long the detour was and where it went exactly.

I made myself go up the railroad bridge by the connector because it is sorta like a hill. Uphill until you hit Orchard. I've always liked this hidden part of the greenbelt. I felt like I did more in elevation then the 57' that Mr. Garmin said I did. Oh well. It was an incline and the decline was the best part. I felt comfortab…

5 Pounds Down

I have been on a quest to lose weight for years. Weight never has just magically disappeared on me. Never. Fat loves me. Loves me too much.

I also want to be a bit lighter for Seattle. You know, help my marathon time and all. Plus if I walk into Channel or Prada downtown, I can maybe fit something on my arm.

I have said before I have had success with daily elliptical use - an hour a day, like, everyday. But I have been slacking on that.

I have been eating a lot of salads this past month. Everyday for lunch is pretty much a salad. Spinach, chickpeas or kidney beans, carrots and broccoli. Sometimes a chicken breast, walnuts or apple slices are involved. I am getting really tired of spinach and broccoli. But it is so healthy and always available at Costco.

Sometimes when I don't have time or salad fixin's at home, I will go to Wendy's (preferred) or McDonald's (not preferred) for a $6.00 salad for lunch at work.

Rabbit food must be good for me because when I have weighed…

Afternoon Quickie

Today, I got my butt out the door for a quickie. A quick 2 mile slog in the Newtons.

 That is about as fast as I can go in those shoes. I was trying to go slower, but those Newtons make me want to go faster. They feel good. A little tight in the toe box then what I am used to. They don't hurt my feet unlike my Brooks, but I have only used them for short runs no longer then 3 miles.

Today's pre-slog fuel consisted of piece of leftover pizza from Saturday as breakfast today (pizza has to be one of the best things in the world) and 3 cups of coffee.

My warm-up consisted of walking down the street to the Redbox to use my free DVD code for the month. I picked Attack The Block. I will watch it after I finish posting this. I am also ripping The Human Resources Manager to my Ipod now. So that will get watched also this week. Oh and I went to see Cowboys Vs. Aliens with Daniel Craig last night. What a treat. Daniel Craig is my imaginary movie star BF since Layer Cake.

What was the las…

Seattle Game Plan Thoughts

After Saturday's run, I was discussing my Seattle game plan with the BF. Perfect person to throw running ideas around to, given the fact that he doesn't run because he is so fearful of a knee injury. He needs a down filled bubble to put his delicate self into for protection. But, cripes, I AM worried and the Seattle Marathon is in 20-some days. I think I just poo'ed a little thinking about how close it really is.

I can't slog the whole thing at a constant pace. The last couple weekends, I have failed on my attempts. I know I can stay upright and moving by walking part and slogging part, but I can't slog it all. I feel I need more time to prepare. Like another 30 years. But, hey. The Provo Marathon is in 6 months. Maybe that will be enough time to prepare?  It will be my birthday weekend...

I want to finish before the 7 hours when they open the roads to traffic. Like 6-6:30, only because my half marathon time was 3 hours, I can double that, plus some and get my mar…

26 Into 16

Saturday's 26 mile long training run turned in 16. It was cold, like 40 degrees when I headed out and got only colder from there. The wind was blowing fairly hard and I headed out wearing less then what I did Friday for fear of overheating.

Started my slog from my house. My house to Lucky Peak and back is about 26 miles. I went out earlier then my last 2 long runs. I felt confident and prepared. Silly me.

Called the BF to meet me at BSU to bring me more clothes - the ones I wore Friday. I was cold. Like stupid cold. And I should have just turned around and slogged the 2.5 miles home to get more clothes instead of waiting at BSU for the BF. Anyways, he brought me my things and I was protected against the cold, cold wind and I was confident I was going to be successful in my running journey of the day.

I went into this with a plan to fuel less then last week - every 5 miles which worked out until mile 8. My legs were getting pretty tired. The beanie I was wearing was acrylic instead…