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Monday, I gave in and bought some Chia. It seems like it is a new trendy health food item that is versatile and can be put and made into anything.

I sprinkled a spoonful on my salad on Monday night. I was so creeped out that one was going to get stuck in my teeth and I was going to sprout chia out of my mouth. Spinach & quinoa gets stuck in my teeth, why wouldn't chia? I totally flossed afterwards!

Tuesday I bought some vanilla almond milk and made a pudding sprinkled with chopped raw almonds (instead of the figs, and currants) and shredded coconut.

I do have to run to the store to get more PB. It seemed like our last jar we went through it SO fast. But I do plan on making some chia protein bars this week. 

I guess chia has a lot of health benefits and I would totally call it a superfood. 
Chia is very rich in omega-3 fatty acids, even more so than flax seeds. And it has another advantage over flax: chia is so rich in antioxidants that the seeds don't deteriorate and can be…

Girlfriends Got A Problem

I am in a shopping mood. This is going to lead to a problem. I need something to organize my shoes in my closet. Badly. Bad-ly.

I went out to Sports Authority, because I know they have NUUN.

I got 3 packs of NUUN.

And a pair of running shorts. They were on sale! Unexpectedly, and a very welcome $5.00 off.

What is next door to Sports Authority?

Natural Grocers.

What did I buy there?

Chia, Honey Stinger chews and I used my free coupon for Vita Coco.

The chia is going on my salad for lunch tonight. Spinach, red bell pepper, quinuoa, bbq'd chicken breast. And ch-ch-ch-chia.

Last night after I posted one of many NUUN/Hood To Coast posts, I went to the Libary.

I think it is a sign that the Hood To Coast movie was actually checked in! It is a sign!

I also had Relentless Forward Progress waiting for me there too.

 Last week I ordered another pair of shoes. How many pairs of shoes have I bought this year alone? I think 5. And it is only March.

Those came today too. I ruined my fresh coa…

NUUN Hood To Coast Desire - Part 1

I was up way too long last night. I was laying in bed for over 2 hours thinking. Not because of any sexytime, but because I ran (haha-ran) something by the BF before we went to bed (at 10pm! Super early for me) and he actually had a great idea.

I said I wanted to apply for the NUUN Hood To Coast female blogger team.

He was quiet for about 5 minutes (which isn't unusual) and and said he was thinking about my video app.

I told him that if I get this, he will get me out of the house for a few days. How motivating is that? 

Then he told me the idea that he came up with. Something I couldn't do all week long & he came up with this super good idea in, like, no time at all. 

I was laying in bed for 2.5 HOURS last night excited about all of this. I could not sleep.

I am going to apply to run this race!

I have my idea that I was up late thinking about.

And I have ANOTHER idea that the BF was telling me about this after-nuun. :-)

Thanks to the TV show Wilfred, that I forced th…

I Ride My Whip Back & Forth

Holy crap, it is/was so freakin' nice out. Usually I spend Sundays recovering from drinking/eating/running too much on Saturday. But I HAD to get outside today.

Had to.

Dusted off my whip. Seriously. It was dusty. Pumped up the tires. First time this year I got to hop on for a ride.

Yea, I didn't notice the wind when I set out on my journey. I just wanted to get to the library and back. Quickie bike ride. That's it.

There was so many people on the greenbelt. But I hate, hate riding down Vista on my bike. Hate it. So I was left going a little slower on the bike then I wanted. But it's ok. First bike ride of the year.

I also hate going UP Protest. That hill always leaves me gasping for air. I thought that with all the running, my quads were stronger to make it up easier but I guess I still have work to do. But I don't think that I will ever love biking up hills.

Somehow, my Garmin said that my max speed was 151 MPH. I KNOW even flying DOWN Protest hill, I would neve…

Official Long Run Day

Friday night at work I had to trot laps around this table to his my 3000 NikeFuel points on my Nike FuelBand. It was a hard day at work but I didn't walk around all that much. Needed to get my points in before midnight. And I did. #makeitcount
Saturday I did 14 slow miles. Made it to the dam, took a phonecall and slogged back. 
I got asked for directions as I finished up my call and I watched about 30 rock climbers. I am never going to be hardcore enough to do that. I am seriously scared to do that.
Seen about 7 deer that I didn't see on 1st trip. They were very concerned about me as I was slogging by.

The wind was really getting to me on the way back. I was walking a little more then I wanted.
But I did get to enjoy all the birds and people passing me on bikes. I didn't want to hurt after my long runs like I normally do, so walking is AOK by me. And those Brooks PureCadences are actually comfy. Can't wait for my longer runs in them. Oh and I did buy the PureGrits an…

Friday Fooding

I have been slacking on going to the grocery store for a few weeks. We have been out of milk since Monday, almost out of butter, no salad fixings other then 2 huge artichokes, red bell pepper , spinach, and I have a half cup of sugar left. I have been going through the kitchen trying to use up whatever I can to prevent going to the store. But I will have to go to get sugar tomorrow. I need it for my coffee.

All this is because I was inspired by The Bitten Word & their kitchen cleanout.

Thankfully, I had everything I need to make pizza.  

I love pizza. No really, I LOVE pizza. So I made a BBQ Chicken Pizza this afternoon. The BF says that it sounds gross & BBQ sauce doesn't belong on pizza.

I say he is wrong.

I mean, he IS from California where there is the CPK and he HAS been there. So he SHOULD know you can really put anything on pizza.

I just made a dough but added ground flax in place for part of the flour.  Smeared a bit of BBQ sauce, although I could have used m…

The Long Run Is Taken Care Of

Saturday, when I do my long run, it's pretty much in the bag.

Other then the whole running part. I have the fueling, recovery, and washing taken care of by just going to my mailbox today.

It is all because I got a bunch of good freebies in the mail today.

Lemon-Lime & Grape GU Roctane - which I am excited to try, a coupon for a FREE Vita Coco, and a sample pack of Purex detergent. Nice how, like I said, my LR is taken care of.

So my run today. The weather was like this.

So I went and ran on this. This section of the Greenbelt makes me a trailrunner, right?
And the total slog at the end was this.

Not bad for it being windy as all get out.

What was your workout today? Did you get anything other then bills in your mailbox today?

The Real Start of Spring

Yesterday, the 1st day of Spring, was snowy, windy rainy, cloudy, and cold.

Today, it is a real spring day. 60 degrees, cloudy, but the trees and grass are starting to get green.
And since the last few days were pretty crappy, I have not shaved my legs in 2 days. So I had to wear long pants to slog today. Anything over 50 is just too warm for long pants.
Just a quick, yikes - or not so quick, slog on the greenbelt.

The 1st mile I must have looked like I was struggling. My body wasn't warmed up. My legs were stiff and not awake yet. Running after work is so much easier because my body is warmed up. So called morning runs for me, my body is stiff and not awake, and it is not easy. I had a runner dude tell me something like "looking good. keep it up." I know my stride was not feeling smooth and easy. I must of looked like a newbie runner. And that is the only reason why I think he told me that.

All the male runners that I passed were super friendly and said Hi. All the girl …

Willpower Power

Just when I said that I wanted to cut back on carbs, I get bombarded with tempting sugary sweets less then an hour into my workday.
My Bosnian co-worker had a birthday Saturday and he gave me THREE pieces of baklava-like cake and a Pepsi.

But everywhere I go at work, I have sweet temptations.
 Robin's Eggs!
Hershey's Chocolate Eggs!

Temptation. Everywhere.

I have to kick in every willpower trick that I can remember. I am a certified smoking cessation facilitator with the American Lung Association and American Cancer Society. (If you or someone you know wants to quit smoking, I can give free smoking cessation clinics thanks to Idaho's Millennium Fund.) In my Smoking Cessation classes, one of the big things that I tell people about is willpower. It is not just tricks to stay away from that ciggy, but tips that also help you not put that bite of cake into your mouth and to keep your hand out of the candy bowl.

Distract your mouth with some gum (I chew at least 3 pieces of…

Just A Little Off

I spend this weekend, and starting this week, just a little off.
I just didn't hit green on Saturday & Sunday.

Saturday's long run was a little shorter, and a little colder then I wanted it to be. The greenbelt was peaceful because there was no one on it, except for a few bike riders. I really like to be the only one on foot plodding away. Makes me feel a little hardcore.
But these huge balloons made the last 2 miles of my run just that much better. Also seen a coyote and bunnie around those cows that I have all named Dinner out by Harris Ranch & Barber Park.

I actually blame being a little off this week on my consumption of chocolaty treats I cross paths with and am given at work. Must resist carbys this week. I actually feel better when my carbs consumption are low.

Today's Groupon is for Octobers Farm Man Challenge in Meridian. $17 for a the Hellish 6.66 Miler, the Running with the Dead Zombie 5K, or the Xross Challenge actually seems like a deal.

Also, one of my…

All Signs Point To...

I was thinking. Yeah, sometimes not the smartest thing. And I do need someone to tell me "No!" or "Go!" with most moves I make in my life. Sometimes I make silly and unwise decisions. But I was thinking. I do want to keep running next year. If this year is going to be a marathon year (I want to sign up for another local marathon that just happens to fall on a Sunday, which is better for my work life.) But NEXT year, I would like to do an ultra. And a relay. People seem to have too much dang fun at the Ragnars and Hood to Coasts. I feel like I am missing out.

What gave me the ultra bug is this race. The Pickled Feet 24 & 12 Hour Runs.

How many miles COULD I do in 12 hours? Or 24? I ran (haha ran) it by the BF today and he thought it was a horrible idea. But he hates running. And sits at a desk all day. So what does HE know? ;-)

Thankfully I found out about this race AFTER registration was closed on Thursday afternoon. Otherwise I would have made a potential mista…

Going for 5000

I had to get outside today and try out my new shoes on a slog.

Plus I set my Nike FuelBand to 5000 fuel points today so I had an earn that extra 1000 points. 

I am halfway there at 2400 points. Earning 2600 points walking around at work is a cake walk for me.

I feel like I am in Seattle today with the clouds, 50 degrees and how wet it is outside. The greenbelt was so peaceful. Only a few walkers, a few men runners, 3 girl runners, some bikers, and a few others walking their dogs. It was so nice that it was basically dead compared to 2 weekends ago when the weather was warm. I didn't take my phone because I thought it would have rained on me. I didn't even take my ipod either. Just me and myself.

I did 4.74 miles with a 12:23 average pace.

Today, I really focused on my stride and how my feet land. I played around with different speeds and how I place my feet. I think that these new Brooks were easier to land on my forefoot on. But when I land on my forefoot, my speed, which …

Girlfriends Got Gear

Whoever thinks that Retail Therapy isn't therapeutic is just plain wrong.

Today, I had to get me some new kicks. And I feel good about it. I think this is the 4th pair of shoes I have purchased since the start of the year. My closet is overflowing with heels, flip flops, ballet flats, running shoes, cross trainers, and shoes I wear to work. I am always on my feet and need cute, comfy shoes.

I tried these on a few weeks ago and fell in love with them. My local running store had a Groupon a few weeks ago for $30 for $60 which I used for these shoes. So a $120 pair of shoes cost me $90. Which for a pair of running shoes is reasonable. I did a quick slog around the neighborhood in them. I am bummed that they didn't have these Brooks PureCadence in the blue color but I am happy with the black color. I also picked up some Honey Stinger gels today too.

I have been slacking on my running this week. I blame my FuelBand. I have it set for 4000 fuel points a day. I always hit my 4000 whi…