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Brick Saturday

Today was a #SweatPink Saturday.

Got my Sweat Pink tank on and went out for a short run. Just 6 miles. Took my handheld with me and had it filled with a sample pack of Gu grape Roktane. Tasted really sweet and more like Kool-Aid then a sports drink. I would use this again, but need just plain water to drink too and not just this stuff.
My running pace was pretty good. About 12 min/miles. My legs felt good and recovered. Ignore the last couple of splits. I guess I had my Garmin on when I thought it was off.

I got home and the BF was getting ready for a bike ride. Did I want to go to? Yes! So I did a short bike ride with him after I changed clothes. It was getting cooler out, and it was windy, so we just did almost 9 miles.

We were going to walk up to Tablerock today, but family dinner plans are getting in the way with that.

I will be having a couple of giveaways coming up very soon!

On a side note, my phone had a few apps upgrade this weekend and now, I can't use Twitter or Foursq…

Bob Harper & Food Porn

Workout today - the Bob Harper 10 minute workouts on Totally Ripped Core and Beginners Abs.

Last night at work I had a huge urge to start doing burpees. I hate them but they do get the heart rate up and I believe they are a very effective calorie burning tool. 

It is a turn on your oven type of day. With the temps starting this week that were near 90, they are in the 50's today with high wind gusts and some rain. It is a turn on oven & bake something type of weather.

And my weight says I am 12.5 pounds down today. I am either dehydrated or I am really losing something from somewhere. And yes, I do weigh myself nearly everyday, and just kinda follow the trend if things stay up or down and don't freak out on the numbers. So far, its been going down.

So, on that note - what is possibly the best thing that you can do if you are potentially losing weight and it is cold outside?

Bake cookies.

Food Porn Daily had a cookie about 2 weeks ago and I printed out the recipe. I had ev…

My Arms Are Burning

This is going to be a little random post of blurbs. 

My arms are burning and shaking. I did the Bob Harper Beginners Workout dvd that I picked up at the library. It was raining outside and I didn't feel like slogging in the rain or treadmill, and I had this dvd for a while, so decided today is a good day to do it.

I like the Bob DVDs. I am not a Jillian fan. Go Team Bob or Team Dolvett. This dvd is a little easier then some of his, but since I only have 12 pound dumbbells, my arms got worked for sure. I really liked the freestyle swim moves with weights.

I found this coin purse on the Purse Page and thought it was cute.

Seems like there are so many people that could carry it and have a little laugh. Or a little motivation to stop stopping and keep going. Or use it to hold my debit cards and ID when I go out for coffee or drinks with friends.

My dream purse right now is a Dior Lady Dior. Or a black Birkin. Or a Chanel that is a little bigger then the couple I have.

I am now down…

Slow & Sloggy

Today's workout was a quick 4.5miler on the greenbelt. At about a 13min/mi pace. Slow. Yes. Just felt slower then normal. I guess still recovering from Saturday I guess.

 Looks like they are done at the "whitewater park." I always thought this was stupid and a self indulgent thing on the part of the kayakers to remodel the Boise River, but that is just my negative opinion. But the stand up paddle boarders on the Clocktower Pond was super cool to see.

 A stretch of shade-free greenbelt, and I was alone. So warm. 70-something.

Everything is all green. Love how everything is all green. Pretty.

Not much to say right now. In a rush to get to work. Did you workout today? Is it the weekend yet?

See Jane Run Boise 5K & Half Marathon Giveaway Winner

This weekend, as a Race Ambassador, I got to host a give away a free race entry to See Jane Run 5K & Half Marathon in Boise to one lucky blog reader.

Thank you all for entering and stopping by. Thank you to See Jane Run for giving me this opportunity to share with all of you.

Were you the one that got picked?

I put all the entrants on a numbered list.

Then went to and put my numbers in.


Drumroll please...

Monica! Email me - at You get to run for Champagne & Chocolate!

If you still need to register, there are plenty of spots left!

See you there!

Birthday Presents

My birthday is in a few weeks. I am a pretty easy person to get a present for. I am pretty vocal about things that I want. I don't appreciate the BF buying me alcohol for my birthday and xmas but if it's cool if someone else does that.

Being a runner, anything running related is welcomed.

I got asked if registration to the Redfish Lake Lodge Memorial Run would be a great gift idea for me.

Heck yea! Memorial day weekend in the mountains! Double heck yea if that birthday present even includes a night at Redfish Lodge too!

This idea got me looking into other May races too that I would like to do.

CDA Marathon would be awesome & it is the Sunday after Redfish.

And if the birthday gift included a night at The Coeur d'Alene Resort - Heck Yea!

And I know this isn't a May race but still be cool anyways - Dynamite Half Marathon & 5K

"Party On The Run" - Yes, please!

Have you ever been given a gift of a race registration? I never expected to do a Memorial Day We…

Race To Robie Creek Start Line Video

I uploaded the video of the start of Robie Creek today. Sorry, the BF has to be one of the worst camera operators ever. LOL this video proves it. Actually, I probably would have let the camera drop down too and would have it all shaky. I don't know where I am on the video, but I did run through the far right chute and tried to get into the right - middle half of the running crowd.

During the starts of Robie Creek, they always do something at the start. Like having a pirate sword fight. Always something. This year was a prayer which ended with "run like hell" I think and the drummers, which were so fun.

Toughest Half Marathon In The Northwest - DONE!

So I did a little half marathon yesterday. I completed my 2nd half marathon! I did it in 3:11:18 which is pretty cool since I had to walk most of the UPHILLS. Well, it basically was uphill until just after mile 8.  This finish time was FASTER then the BF & I predicted. Maybe he was being a jerk, and I wasn't really trained that great in running hills, but we were thinking 3:30-4:00. I was wandering around pissed that I couldn't find him after the race for 20 minutes because of my predicted/actual finish racetime. So, I am a rockstar that completed the beast of this race. 

My 1st half marathon time is 3:00:03. So walking uphill just puts a few extra minutes on it. No big deal. And my garmin is a little off.

This is going to be a long post - which will likely be 2 posts or so of recap because I got lots of pictures and video that I want to share with you!

I want to give mad props to those that finished Boston this year. I understand how hot it is to run in the heat - which …

Race Anxiety & What The F Was I Thinking?!

What a day.

And I am a dense brick. I did something stupid today.

I went on a bike ride.

Yeah, a little bike ride to burn off some pre-race jitters. Keep loose, yea no big deal.

Yeah. I didn't pick the best location. I dropped my car off at the 1st shuttle drop off tomorrow and decided to bike as far as I could to make it easier for the BF to pick me when he got off work. Yeah. I totally forgot that the car drop off was just a little farther and mountainous then what I was thinking of....

SO, if you saw me pushing my bike uphill on Highway 21, and cruising downhill (no pedaling for 6 miles -SIX - so worth it) without a helmet...

That was me.

Sometimes I need someone to tell me that I am not thinking clearly. Because sometimes - I Don't.

Sometimes I just need to learn my own lessons. 

For the Lake Lowell Marathon, I WON'T be doing something stupid.

I learned my lesson. But I did burn off some much needed anxiety. Which was soooo needed.

The "Rooster Tail." And I…

See Jane Run 5K & Half Marathon Giveaway

I have something special for all of you that happens on June 16, 2012 in Julia Davis Park in Boise.

And for this being my blog's first giveaway, it is a pretty freakin' awesome one.

I get to give away a free race entry to one of you for the Boise See Jane Run 5k & Half Marathon Run & Walk on June 16th.

Running for champagne AND chocolate? At the finish line? Hello?! How do I recover after my long runs? Chocolate and champagne!

Yes, I am a perfect fit to be called a lush Race Ambassador! :-)

The course is pretty great, because it is a loop on the greenbelt. And I love spending my time on the greenbelt riding my bike and doing my runs. Love the greenbelt! Very excited for this race!

This race also helps spread the word about The Breast Cancer Fund. Boise's Team LUNA Chix will be there too, cheering us on and handing out samples galore!

Entry is easy to this super awesome giveaway (you get a free entry into the See Jane Run Boise June 16th race)
Mandatory - Leave a com…