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Thanks To You...

I woke up in the middle of the night with my shoulder knotted up. A charlie horse in my shoulder/neck area. So weird that it did that. I thought charlie horses happened in the feet and legs while sleeping? It is still achy but I didn't sleep as well as I wanted because of that achy muscle.

I had a hard time getting out the door to run this morning afternoon. I woke up and just wanted to go back to sleep. I laid in bed for about a half hour, then decided to do my normal morning routine of checking my facebook and text messages on my phone. Then I hopped online to cyber-stalk catch up on the Friday morning blog posts.

I had put it in my head when I woke up that I wasn't going to run. But reading all of your blogs was the kick in the pants to get my butt moving. Thank you all. Your fooding, race reports and workouts really makes me want to be an active, healthier me.

It took me almost 2 hours to get out the door, but I did. 2 miles about 11:52 each.

 I even took the new Mizunos …

Bulu Box Review

I recently was given the opportunity to review Bulu Box.

A new monthly box subscription service for men and women. The box is filled with health supplements and nutritional products.

The monthly subscription rates are $10 for one month. A year of Bulu is $110. Each box comes with 4 or 5 nutritional samples every month.

In my box for June, I received 
Life Equals Omega-3(A sample of 2 caplets) RevHoney (A small tube of honey and dehydrated fruit for energy) Pure Matters Vitamin D3(A full bottle of 30 capsules) Nightfood(One snack bar with melatonin that actually helped me get sleepy after I ate it) Cellucor Super HD (Small sample the fat burner) What I did like about the box was that there were a few products that I have never heard of. Cellucor was one product that I wanted to try for the past year, but never wanted to buy a full bottle and try it. I thought the Night Food bar worked better then I expected. I think the box had  a good variety of products that would make an easy gift for…

Things Going On- Random Post

Whew. We made it to the middle of the week. It is all downhill to the weekend from here!

I was going to run today, but the BF rented the Human Centipede II last night, and I am going to have to upload it to my computer to watch it later before it is due. I made him watch the 1st Human Centipede video because all of my friends (who are guys) were talking about it. Then South Park did an episode on it. I had to keep my BF up to date to what us young whipper snappers are talking about.

Oh, I am also not running today because I want to update my resume. There is one job that I want to apply for. If you know of any companies (running and fitness related companies would be awesome!) lemme know. :-)

And I won't run tomorrow because girlfriend needs to get her hair did. I usually don't wait longer then 8 weeks between visits, but I had to change my last appointment because of my Stanley half marathon interfered. So it has to have been 12 weeks. Eek! I am in need of a hair cut - so bad…

Case of the Mondays

I had a great weekend. My friend got married to the most perfect guy for her on Saturday evening. I didn't take pics during the ceremony because my camera makes a click noise and I didn't want to disrupt the ceremony.

The BF was in panic mode all day on Saturday. You know how men feel about weddings. I just want to get invited to a bazillion weddings so I can take him and make him sweat.

The BF & I went to Berryhills for a drink & app after the party. I had an I'm Your Huckleberry martini. He had Wild Turkey. We split the Buffalo Bacon Sliders. Totally worth going back there again if I ever had a spare $50.

The BF went to go get the car so I wouldn't have to walk a bazillion blocks in fancy heels and the waitress thought he ditched me. She was seriously concerned. It was funny, but not at the same time.

Sunday involved pac-maning most of a Costco container of strawberries. I even had a few more today. They are sweet, not tart and do not need any sugar. Perfec…

Cheribundi Review & Giveaway!

I was given the opportunity to review all 5 flavors of Cheribundi recently.

Cheribundi is tart cherry juice. It is like a magic juice with lots of great benefits. Especially for us runners and anyone who wants to add a little something tasty for an additional health benefit. Dr. Oz even recommends it. 

It helps recovery, more restful sleep, aches and pains, and helps fight heart disease.

I just realized that this is one juice I drink straight without mixing it with gin or vodka. I don't usually drink juice, but I do regularly drink tart cherry juice after I complete my runs.

I liked all of the flavors of Cheribundi. Sweet. Tart. I liked that it is not from concentrate and that you are getting 40-50 cherry's per bottle.

Tru Cherry, Skinny Cherry, Whey Cherry, Cacao Cherry, Ginger Cherry.

I have found Cheribundi at my local Natural Grocers in Boise. But you can search for a retailer near you or purchase online for you or a friend.You can also visit Cheribundi on Facebook, Tw…

See Jane Run Half Recap

I did the See Jane Run Half Marathon today.

I was Sweating Pink for sure! (Tank-Adidas, Shoes-Brooks Pure Cadence, Skirt-Team Sparkle, Socks-Swiftwick, Gels-Accel)

I didn't do it hungover. I mixed it up and drank vodka instead of gin on the day before. I used gels I have never used before. I wore a new shirt I never wore before. Ate at a different pizza place then normal. And I still PR'ed. 2:33:52. That is my best time so far. I guess that it helps that the weather was perfect for running. 50's starting out. And that the greenbelt course is flat-unlike the 3 other halves I have slogged through. I also didn't take my phone, but if you look back a few posts, well, that was the course. The greenbelt. Just with more women.

The day started out groggy. I got to pound a cup of coffee, have a nibble of bread with PB Crave and tried to drink some Accel Hydro. I got maybe 3oz of it down. My stomach was not awake enough to consume anything other then coffee at 6:30am. And I ne…

So There Was This Race

So, there was this race that was in town, you see.

Watch the videos below of my start line, right after the start and my awesomeness at the finishline. I'll post a recap soon.

I Got Bling!

You know how I did the Stanley Half Marathon and I did not get any bling afterwards?

Well, I emailed the race director. He said they were handing them out at the finish line, but not sure why I didn't get anything. He offered to send me my medal.

And I got it!

He sent a beautiful card of Redfish Lake along with it.

Here are some pics of the race I have not posted yet.
That dude and his dog got so many pics of them. That friggin' dog beat my finishing time!

Nothing New On Race Day

Tomorrow (Saturday) is a big day.

I will be completing half marathon number 4! Woo hoo!

This was also one of those days (where I am going to babble-I have a lot distracting me right now) where I didn't have anything to wear. I mean I do, but honestly, I wanted an excuse to wear a new outfit. So I bought a new tank top. And lets say this new tank matches my #SweatPink laces. Seriously hot/hawt pink. If the BF doesn't see me at the finish line in what I have picked out to wear, I will be very, very unhappy.

I know the rule is nothing new on race day, but I am pretty sure I am going to survive in a new tank.

Something else new on race day- Accel Gels. I just got an order this week (Free shipping, a free box of Recover bars and half off my order thanks to my Earndit points!) and have not had a chance to try them. I tried one of the Recover bars and I didn't think they upset my gut, but just going to take the chance and give the gels a try.

I usually use Hammer Gels for races,…

PB Crave Review & Giveaway!

My friend is hosting a dB Drag at Hooters on Saturday at Noon. I will be down there post-half-marathon #4 getting my recovery on in my sexy compression socks and slippers, eating wings and drinking beer with all the boys. I may or may not have #SweatPink laces with me to giveaway at both locations - but if you see me, say Hi!

Now, on to the good stuff.

PB Crave sent me four of their flavors to try. PB Crave is an all natural peanut butter with a twist.

Holy cats. This stuff is good.

My household (or really, just myself) eats a lot of PB. I use a spoon of it in my oatmeal, on toast before a run, on sandwiches to take along on hikes, mixed in a post-run protein shake, and on fruit like bananas and apple slices. This PB Crave, well, I was eating it out of the jar with a spoon it was so freakin good. Straight. Out. Of. The. Jar.

Eating only peanut butter for dinner tonight is perfectly acceptable, right?

PB Crave has four super tasty flavors. Cookie Nookie, Razzle Dazzle, CoCo Bananas, and

Klutch Club Review

Klutch Club recently sent me a box to review about a week ago. I got the April Spring Clean Your Body box. Perfect since I just finished my week of "spring cleaning" with Rebootizer.

Klutch Club is a monthly subscription service where you get at least $50 of products to try - delivered to your home.
April's box was filled with things that I did devour and love.  Kristin McGee Power Yoga DVDA detoxifying Yoga workout from MTV Power Yoga star, Kristin McGee HyDriveA brand new energizing drink product to kick-start your workout ZICO Coconut Water
Post workout coconut water hydration to replenish electrolytes Tea Forte SKIN SMART Antioxidant Amplifier TeaIn  four flavors: Cherry Marzipan, Cucumber Mint, and Honey Yuzu

Shea Terra Organics Rose Hips Black Soap Deep Pore Facial Wash
Contains whole herbs, oils, seeds and no artificial fragrances to make your face super clean and healthy. Barlean’s Organic Flax OilOrganic omega 3, flax and fish oil supplements in new flavors KIND barA fil…

I Need a Drink

Or an Atavan. Or Xanax.

Work anxiety kept me up all night. Woke up after 3 hours of sleep and couldn't go back to sleep for a dang. I hate work anxiety. I really do. I don't like my job or get paid enough to have it affect my whole life. They only reason why I do it is because I am not vested yet (2 more months to go!) and the benefits can not be beat. Even though my insurance was raised $6 this month. It cancels out plus some on my so called 3% kick in the... pay raise this new fiscal year.

Partly, my horoscope is to blame for anxiety. 

We had a meeting at the start of our shift tonight with, I guess, my bosses boss, if we had a boss. Our department director is retiring this Friday, one supervisor died of cancer a few months ago, another left to Alaska for a better paying job, and my personal supervisor was fired about a month ago. We have only a day shift supervisor, whom we do not work with, as the only supervisor. It's a cluster f working for the government sometime…

Boise Ironman 70.3

Today was a big day in Boise sports.

The Body Fit Expo was going on downtown.

With a Crossfit comp and Graplers comp. We went last year & got to see Mario Lopez. This year there wasn't anyone that I just Had. To. See. Sorry.

We got white cotton T-Shirts and mesh bags and a bazillion samples of pre-workout and protein supps. Totally worth fighting the crowd for those samples.

Also Ironman 70.3 Boise was finishing up downtown. Boise is considered one of the 5 hardest Ironman locations. But it could be just because of the weather. Or that the non-pro locals wanting to participate slowing the average times down.

The race had quite a bit of drama.

The race was cut short because of the weather. Lucky participants. Still a qualifying race, but not a full 70.3. With 40MPH gusts, rain and snow, the bike portion was cut from 56 to 12.

The finishline was an IronMan first place tie. Pretty freakin exciting.
I didn't get to watch the 1st place finishers go across the …

Bike VS Car

Today was a quick workout on the school track.

3 miles. Average pace 11:01. I did keep all 3 miles under 11 minutes. After I finished my 3rd mile, I walked that half lap.

You can totally see how much my garmin is off. I was in the 3rd lane for all my laps, excluding when I walked to and from my car. I think I am going to have to replace my garmin soon.

And my shin is bothering me. It started this past weekend after giving my new trail shoes a try. I think I may have been a little too heavy footed running downhill, or it could be the new shoes. Who knows, but it feel tender, like a bruise. Not like a bad pain but just a little ache. I am going to stretch a bit tonight and ice when I get home.

I am going to rant now.

So, I am a big bike commuting fan. I'll give up my car in a heartbeat for my bike. All of last year, I think I only put 4000 miles on my car because I biked so much. The whole year. Serious. I only got one oil change all year. Although I hate biking in the cold, and I w…