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Weekend Quickie Post

I don't feel like writing 2 race reports right now, girlfriend has some recovery to do and I have to Pac-Man my way through the kitchen, BUT I do want to share my weekend with you. We gonna have us a quickie. :-)

Saturday, I did this.

Race 2 The Summit Half Marathon.

Yea, that hill sucks to drive up and I ran up it.

Sunday, I did this.

Idaho Wine Run Half Marathon.

I have some recovery do to, but I wasn't the only one running these 2 half marathons in these 2 days.

Thank GAWD my next 2 races will be flat. I don't wanna see any hills for a few days. ;-)

I will post a few full posts soon! I hope you had an awesome weekend. What did you do?

Ooops, I'm Late

I think I have my hand in too many pots this month. I totally forgot about some homework that was due on the 26th. I finished it today, the 28th. Ooops. I was totally late. Looked at my syllabus for my class (addiction studies) and I have to find time to go to AA next week and write a paper on my experience before the 10th. I have put important things like that into my phone calendar.

I also have a few product reviews and giveaways to do here on the blog that I am kinda late on, and I may cancel some things to get some other things done so I don't overwhelm myself. You can't say Yes to everything. I have to focus on one thing at a time, and plod away to get things done.

This weekend is going to involve lots of plodding. TWO half marathons! I am excited about the challenge. Yesterday was packet pick-up for Saturdays race. I didn't get my shirt because I got my entry just a few days ago. If there are some available at the finish, I will get it then. I got to sign a clipboar…

The Most Important Decision

Today, I made a very important decision.

I decided what I am going to wear this weekend!

Big deal, huh. I have been thinking about this for well over a week!

I went to good 'ol Sports Authority and spent a little more then what I should have... Thank goodness for the 5% cash back when you spend over $100... Shizits be on sale, too.

So, I decided, Saturday for the Run 2 The Summit, I will be wearing this -

Adidas skirt, Nike tank, with black Zensa sleeves and my black Brooks PureCadences.

Don't mind my tired face. I am only on 5 hours of sleep. Insomnia rocks. Yeah, not really. 

I also got an UnderArmor shirt and a new sports bra, and some citrus Nuun.

Sunday for the Idaho Wine Run, I was thinking my blue Team Sparkle skirt, with New Balance 7" bike shorts underneath (need more of these badly!) and a Nike mesh tank that I have had for a few summers, but always forget about it. Blue Brooks PureCadences will be worn with this outfit.

So that is what I am thinking of wearin…

Two Halves In Two Days

Yes, I am cray-cray. It is OK if you agree with that. My feelings will not be hurt.

I am running (participating) in 2 half marathons in 2 days.

Sunday, I am doing the Idaho Wine Run half marathon. Signed up for that a week ago.

Tonight on Twitter, Shus was giving away entries to the Idaho Wine Run and another new race, Race 2 The Summit.

Guess who got a free entry to that race? Yep. I did and I chose the half marathon.

Was it smart of me to choose 2 half marathons in 2 days? No, probably not, but I am doing it.

I am not going to think about the 1600' of elevation in the first 6 miles. I am just going to think about the bling at the end of the race.

Now, the hardest part of this week is choosing what to wear! I have been searching for new outfits all week online, and can't find anything that I just have to have. (I really want a cute black tank...) I guess my good 'ol standby of Sports Authority will have to have something cute for me. At the very least, they have the spand…

Weekends Ain't So Bad

This weekend has started out ok. Despite the red air quality alert (unhealthy level) and the BF's daughter sick (not something I want to be around if I have a couple of races in the next couple of weeks!) this weekend is starting out well.

I got an unexpected (but very welcomed) Bulu Box that I will be reviewing soon.

Big Jud's did a Groupon deal, and Groupon gave me $5 credit to use this weekend! It cost me $2 for $14 for Big Jud's! Guess where I am going to eat on the 29th? 

I got a few shirts from Running Divas (a review and giveaway soon!) and I got one shirt that I have wanted for about a year.

Mile After Mile. 
Post workout wearing another Running Divas Shirt - we all run on. A little snug, but really love it. I bet Marc Jacobs really thought that his $200 large totes would be used as a running gear bag, like I am doing.

I did 8 miles (in 1:40) at the indoor track at the BSU rec. First time ever doing the indoor track! It was hard to zone out, because of needing to co…


Despite the stuffy nose, sore throat, and irritated lungs, (thanks forest fire arsonist) I decided to hop over to the clubhouse hamster wheel for the second day in a row. woot woot!

I was into my 2nd mile when I noticed that the guy who came in after I did, opened the windows. I had to ask him if I could shut them. It is orange air quality, and I can't handle the smoke while I am breathing heavily. I can't handle it breathing normally.

I think he opened the windows because he wanted me off the treadmill quicker. Oh well, he got the TM when I was done and I worked my arms pretty hard with some weights. Rows, presses, bi's & tris & delts, oh my. I still have some DOMS from push-ups, moving stuff from my storage unit and a whole lotta boxes with a hand truck at work this week. I mean, my arms hurt and were so shaky on Wednesday, that I couldn't lift my arm to put a cookie into my mouth. Yeah, it was that bad. Proof I need to spend more time on my upper body…

Suck It Up, Buttercup

Boise has a lot of wildfires blowing smoke into the valley.

I have complained about this for 2 months, and I have used it as an excuse to not complete some of my runs. And I have limited my bike commuting this summer because I don't want to expose myself to bad air quality any more then what I have to. After this new, closer fire, which is arson set by a firefighter to get the attention of his firefighter dad, I have had a constant sore throat.

I guess the ALA calls someone like me a "Responder."

But either way, it kinda has a bee in my bonnet that I can't run outside, when I want and for how long. In the gym on a treadmill is not the place I want to be for more then a half hour, especially if I don't have a fan in front of me or a TV, which is how the TM's at the BSU rec are set up. 

Funny thing is that I have been looking at new furniture because if I get a sectional couch, I can get rid of one chair and put a TM in its place in my living room! Actually,…

I Am Registered

Today, if you didn't happen so see it, KTVB Yollar has half off registrations for the Idaho Wine Run at Ste. Chapelle Winery on Sept. 30th.

I decided that I am going to do the Half Marathon. For $22, you Can Not Beat That!I am glad that I held out on registering until last minute because the code that I had received earlier in the year for $5 off the race, wasn't as good as a deal as today's deal.  I also registered officially for the Live To B Fit 5K. $20 and it starts at 11. Love the Sunday races and I love the late start races. And this race was ok last year when I did it. I remember that it was a very small race, and was kinda annoyed by the heavy card stock bib, but it was ok enough to do again. What are the next races that you plan on racing? What was your workout this weekend?
My workout was spent cleaning house and re-arranging my storage unit. I have a black velvet chaise lounge that I need to get rid of. It is super awesome, but can't have it in the house. It…

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday. Not as nice as a Friday, but good enough for a run.

Went out in 60 degrees and wonderful blue sky. 2 miles in and the smoke blew in fast and thick. I had to cut my slog short by a mile. My lungs were not happy with this situation.

There are supposed to be a few more mountains visible. You can barely see the foothills. I am gonna get lung cancer. ugh.

I don't know what is with the chalk, but it is always fun to see what people write on the greenbelt. Made me smile.
 Go Runners Go!

 Tight Butts Drive Us Nuts!

 We <3 To Sweat

And sweat I did. And I didn't wear my hat like I usually do. The reason why I always wear my hat - it keeps the sweat from dripping down my face.

5 miles done instead of 6. All on a forefoot landing. No heel striking at all. Proud of myself. Despite the angry face in the pic above.

I am also working on updating my blog/twitter/ect backgrounds. Spent last night messing around with some blog header designs.
 These are 2 ideas I was messing a…

CMY5K Boise Cancellation - Weekend Recap

I am feeling a little uninspired the past few weeks.

A little blah on the running/fitness front. Hence the lack of running & blogging posts.

This weekend, I was going to do a long run, I was in my running clothes and everything. But I spent my time watching the most recent season of True Blood on DVD that I picked up at the library. I didn't even spend much time online doing anything, either.

After reading the last few new Southern Vampire books this year, I was a little confused after not remembering what happened last season. There are different stories in the books, then the shows. Like Lafayette was killed off in the first book and Tara is married and pregnant in the last couple books. Definitely not the case in the TV shows!

Oh well. I am looking forward to watching the current season.

Also, in other sad news, CMY5K canceled the Boise event at the end of the month.
Dear Boise, Today, CMY5K is announcing the cancellation of our Boise event scheduled for September 30…

New Run Event Soon!

Ok, so you all may have heard about the Beer Run craze going on.

Runners World did a story about it.

Former Boise resident Nick Symmonds made TMZ with his super speedy beer mile.

Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames.U.S. Olympic Runner Runs 5-Minute Mile ... While Chugging Beers - Watch More Celebrity Videos or Subscribe
And if the BF hadn't sprained his ankle a few weeks ago, I would have forced him to partake in a few laps, and a few beers, for our own beer mile over at the Timberline track.

But thankfully, someone (whoever the director is) decided that Boise needed to have an official Beer Run.

Description:  The rules are simple. The race is one mile split into four laps. Before each lap, you must finish a full beer. The race will take place September 29th at 2pm in Ann Morrison park. We'll have a course marked off and balloons to help you locate the start. We will provide the beer or we'll have some root beer for those …

What I Take With Me

Today I decided to take a slow slog around the 'hood of mine. I was focusing on my form, landing on my forefoot, when I wasn't walking.

The air clearer then that it has been. I HAD to get outside and enjoy the nice weather.

I found a coupon for free free desert or app to Solid that I picked up on the ground. I also found an old condom, but I just kept trotting past that. Eww.

What do you carry with you when you do a long run? Do you just go out the door with nothing but water and maybe a gel, or do you have to carry everything possible with you?

In my Camelbak, I usually carry my swiss army knife, tear gas, gels & other energy sources, sunscreen, chapstick, Wet Ones, keys, cell phone and sometimes my ipod. Sometimes, if I am on the trails, I'll take a PB&J sandwich with me or napkins/TP. Or one of my long sleeved shirts fits perfect in one of the pockets if I expect it to be cool out.

What sort of things do you take with you on your long runs?
What was your worko…

Meet Me Monday

Hooray for holiday days off from work!

The BF and I were able to go to Meet Me Monday! I went with the BFF a few weeks ago and we had fun spending time together.

 According to my Garmin, we only walked 1.4 miles in about a half hour (have not uploaded my garmin yet) and got back just in time for the drawing.

I was having a hard time taking pics of myself with my cell and walking at the same time! lol

The BF actually tried to eat this cherry-looking thing, crab apple thing we picked off a tree. Whatever it is. He bit into it and we laughed how we could probably make flavored vodka or wine out of it. We had fun walking around downtown.

I won a free meal at My Fit Foods at the drawing. I really was hoping for the Jimmy Johns gift card, but oh well. I won!

I wish I didn't have to work most nights so I could participate in more MMM's. :-)

Payette Lake Run 8.6 Mile Review

This is going to be a pic heavy post. But if you don't want to look at the whole post...

I enjoyed myself. I didn't care for the 34 degree start temps, but the race went much better then the Fit 4 Life 10K race that I did by the same director.

 Packet pick up was fine. In line for a few minutes,  but we were able to pick up our timing chips when we got our bibs! Much better then the hassle of in the way of the half marathoners at the Fit for Life. We got a long sleeved shirt, and the same swag as the Fit for life race.

 After packet pickup, I had to eat. We had munchies on the drive up to McCall, but not enough to make up for a Chobani for breakfast. I needed dinner. Salmon River Brewing saved the day with good beer and ok dinner.
 P.F.D. Pale Ale was awesome. Totally wanted a growler of this but didn't know if it would fit in the hotel fridge.
 I had Fish and Chips.
 The BF had Baja Fish Tacos. Both were ok.
 Buzz Buzz coffee porter really tasted and smelled like cold…