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Tuesday Training

I wanted to run, again, today.

I was thinking about how nice it would be to slog another 10 miles, but on the greenbelt, enjoy the color of the leaves, the fall weather and smells.

But no. Having to walk around all night at work afterwards didn't seem like much fun. I like to prop my feet up, have a drink,  and rest after after a long run. Not walk around at work for 8 hours.

I just did 1 mile around my neighborhood after I lifted some weights for a half hour.

I did rows, flys, presses, thrusters, lat pulldowns, tris and bis. Basically, what I did here, but on the bench presses, I used 2 20 pound dumbbells. AND I remembered my gloves! My hands were not hamburger after I was done lifting!

What was your workout today? Are you and your loved ones safe after this cray-cray weather?

I Wanted To Run. And So, I Did

Today, I planned on running after my 2 week break.

I wanted to run.

And so, I did.

I only planned on doing a 5K on the TM.

30 minutes on the TM is usually my limit. That's where I am about to scream and throw the machine out the window. And the whole time I am playing with my speed. Up and down, nothing constant. But today, at a couple of points I kicked that baby up to 7.5. I went as low as 2.0 to twitter on my phone and drink water, but kept it mostly around 5.0. Super easy.

If you are a twitter follower, sorry about the treadmill live tweeting. I couldn't help it!

I felt so freaking good. I had downloaded a few Bassnectar songs and fell in love with Ping Pong. I wound up listening to the song on repeat for 2 freakin hours!

I highly recommend the song on your workout or running itunes playlist. Really!

So anyways, 3 miles somehow became 10. I didn't take anything with me other then water, so I was a little scared to do 3 more miles for a TM half marathon without a gel o…

Being Bummed & Re-Running Weekend Plans

The title of your home pageHi there! Are you a new visitor to the site? Feel free to follow my updates on Twitter and RSS blog feed.

I started my day off kinda bummed. Which is sad because it is Friday. Fridays make me happy! But my friend that committed suicide last year, left a 12 year old daughter, who I have met years ago. She posted a terribly heartbreaking message to her father on that had my mind reeling.

October 24, 2012
I wish you were here now dad, sometimes I need confort and seach for it but never find it. You have also taught me a lesson, never love any one they will slip away from you some day and then you will never heal. I will never love again
No child should have to feel that sort of sadness. Which makes me sad because I don't think that is not the message my friend who committed suicide wanted to convey.

Anyways, I am saddened but I got a little pick me up because there was a goodie waiting for me at the post office! 

That Fourth Place

Hi there! Are you a new visitor to the site? Feel free to follow my updates on Twitter and RSS blog feed.

I got an email last night with the results of the City of Trees race series that I completed over this summer. 

I did the "short" series, which consists ofFit for Life 10K, Payette Lake Run 8.6 mile, and the City Of Trees Marathon Half Marathon. The "long" series races was a Fit for Life half marathon, the 8.6 mile, and the COT full marathon. 

All 3 races I participated in were my newest and fastest PR's. Payette was automatic because it was a new race distance for me. 

Good news is out of the participants of the series, I got 4th place female. My total time for all 3 races was 5:06:58. The 5th place female was 5:17:27, while the 3rd was 4:31:20

Breakfast Quinoa

Hi there! Are you a new visitor to the site? Feel free to follow my updates on Twitter and RSS blog feed. 

Today, is a rest day. My glutes have some DOMS going on. I also wanted to lay around in my PJ's and robe an drink my coffee because it is cold out and I don't want to venture outside. I have some small errands to complete, but I got sidetracked by entering online giveaways and typing this blog post. :-) I am also deciding what to do for this weekend. Go to Hanna's? Halloween Movie Fest? I don't even have a costume planned! And my mid-term to study for this weekend... lots of things to do.

But breakfast was a priority above everything. I wanted to make Breakfast Quinoa.

I usually have an egg and toast for breakfast but didn't feel like having that today. It is cold out and I want something warm and sweet. I can't remember where I found out about the breakfast quinoa but I had to do a search to see how others are doing it.

I basically modified the Skinny T…

Working It Out and #LivePink

Hi there! Are you a new visitor to the site? Feel free to follow my updates on Twitter and RSS blog feed. 

The last, almost 2 weeks, have been pretty successful since I have temporally changed my focus from running to more cardio & weight training. Picking either a day to work on upper body, a day of lower body and a day of cardio with a bit of ab training on those days. I had Friday and Saturday as my rest days last week. Sunday was an hour of elliptical at BSU.  Monday was legs. Today was elliptical.

Oh, man, I have felt that I have needed to move and challenge my body by doing more then the same running form for miles and miles and miles. I was so sore last week after the split lunge/squat thingies that I hurt for 3 days after. And I only did 2 or 3 sets of 10-12 each. I don't remember how many I did, but that's my standard set/rep goal for weight training.

Either way, whatever they are called, I felt it in my glutes and hammys for 3 days. 3 freaking days!

Today, I wa…

My Workout & Fave Ab Work

Today's work out was a hop out of bed, get dressed, have a Starbucks Via and did a half hour of ellipticaling while watching The Daily Show in the clubhouse. I also did 2 sets of Russian Twists and leg lifts.

Do you do these? I couldn't do them straight leg because my hamstrings are so freaking tight. But I really feel like I am working my abs when I do these things.

I guess the next challenge is to try these straight leg and oblique style while twisting my knees to each side.

You are welcome again for me not posting a close up pic. I don't think I even looked in the mirror before I went out the door.

What was your workout today? What is your favorite ab exercise? How often do you do ab work?

A New Goal

This past weekend was the end of a big month of racing for me. I enjoyed it and wish I could race every single freaking weekend. Even more so now that the weather is perfect. I love fall weather with the cooler temps, colors of the trees, smells in the air, and the better air quality!

But I have a new goal for this fall. I don't have any races on the calendar, although I may do a couple of 5Ks for Thanksgiving, Xmas, & New Years. I am still deciding on going to AZ for Rock N Roll with the BF's fam.

My new goal is to get some cross training in. And by cross training, I plan on ellipticaling, weight training hard, and yes, I plan on still running. Hopefully getting a little faster/lighter during this time too.

Another goal is to get my blog a little more how I want it. Sorry the header is kinda janky. I forgot I don't have Photoshop on my new laptop and I am kinda too lazy to dig out my old laptop, which has everything Adobe on it.  Like I know how to use PS & Illus…

My Basic Running Product Tips

The more and more involved I get into all this blogging and twittering business, the more and more blogger and twitter friends I meet. And by meet, I mean going to your blog and twitter and replying to a post or a tweet. That makes us friends, right?

I am kinda curious as to what and why people do and take what they do during runs and races. Even the BF asked me why people have Camelbaks and waist packs for a 2 hour race and why I choose not to carry one?

Well, it is pretty simple for me. I am a pack-rat and can carry everything if I had something to hold all of it. Not a good idea to have something that does carry more then I really need for a couple of hours (or less) of pounding the pavement. And most races have a done a pretty good job of supplying water, so I don't need a warming bottle of water attached to my hand. And I can't run and chug water, no matter what container it is in. I always have to walk and sip my water.

The only thing I carry with me is a gel or so, my …

City Of Trees Half Marathon Review

Saturday afternoon was bib & chip pickup for the City Of Trees Half & Full Marathon.

I am doing the half. So far, it is the last race I am registered for, for this year. I may do a Turkey day & Xmas race & maybe the new years day run again, but not sure on anything yet.

Anyways, I got my bib today and instead of a shirt, I got a jacket. It was why I signed up for the race series. But, eh, the jacket is ok. There is no stretch to it, so getting it on and off is strange, but I think I may like it better then the shirts because I never liked the necks of the shirts. They were always too small. And this does have small little pockets in the sides. Not zippered but at least it's something.

I could have hydrated a bit more on Friday & Saturday, but oh well.

I did make a nice pear puree & ginger simple syrup with a bag of organic fruit I was given this week. I am not a fan of eating pears because I don't like the texture, but I love the flavor. The BF isn&#…

What's New Wednesday

So, Wednesday is almost over & I am barely getting a chance to type something down.

And I needed a title for this blog post, so this is about what's new.

I kinda screwed up on my homework a week or so ago. I uploaded the wrong paper to the teacher. Ooops. I uploaded the example paper she gave us instead of the paper I wrote. I need to slow down and focus on whatever the task at hand is. Maybe I need a yoga class. Girlfriend needs to breathe, stretch, and focus.

I went for a run today.

I got just 6 hours of sleep, so my head was tired and just wasn't really feeling like running. So I walked half of my 3 miles. I love fall. I love the smells. I love the colors of the trees. I love the temperatures.

I will be running my last planned half marathon of the year on Sunday, so running will be done. I just didn't feel like it today.

Last night I got a box of goodies in the mail from a giveaway I won from Crazy Running Girl.

3 miles today wasn't enough of an excuse to try on…

Idaho Wine Run Photos.

How awesome is this? 6 photographers on the course of this race, and the race directors put the photos up on their Facebook page. And the photographers said it was ok to snag the pics from the page too. How awesome is that!?

Oh, and I had lots of pics of me. I shared some on my personal facebook and the rest are sitting on my desktop since I have not saved them into iPhoto yet.

If you wanna look at 50bazillion pics of me, scroll down. :-) Otherwise, I am going to look at this page 15 times a day. Some of the pics made me look fast. Some show a pretty nasty heel strike.