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Ultra Running and Ultra Reading

I have completed reading 2 books about ultra running in the last couple of weeks. These are just books I picked up at the library because I want to read everything I can on ultra running.

The Jurek book is an eh. It could have been written better because he has quite a life story. I did like the recipes at the end of each chapter and there are a few I want to try. But other then him being a hardcore determined beast, it didn't really persuade me to go veggie.

The Rich Roll book was awesome. The words flowed a little better and it was quite a story - so much better written then the Jurek book. Plus he explained why he ate what he did. His explanations were everything that I have been taught while in my Holistic Health studies. So I understand and agree with him. I would follow his plan.

And I will hopefully finish a 3rd book on ultra running today. A very interesting story. I have opinions on this and the characters involved but I want to finish it first before I say anything. I…

Ramping Up Mileage

This weekend, after indulging in turkey day food and drink, I stepped on the scale. Yikes! I think it is a perfect time to take my 50K training seriously.

It might not help my cred that I am eating Kettle Korn from the downtown Boise tree lighting last night at the Grove and thinking about this martini. FYI-use half and half instead of whipping cream. I made one last night and there is a good chance I will make another tonight. I highly recommend that you make you one too!

I had the highest mileage week that I have had in, well, according to Daily Mile, since Sept 29/30th when I did the two half marathons that weekend.

I don't exactly recommend ramping up your mileage from a 5 mile week, to an 18, to a 32. But that is how I roll.

Saturday was a treddy workout for 7 miles. I was watching Sherlock Holmes with Benedict Cumberbatch. I really, really, really love this version. But my ipod battery died so it was a sad last bit of treddy running without an ipod, and an unfinished episod…

Week In Review

Happy Weekend! We made it to the weekend Yay!

I hope everyone got some form of calorie burning in at some point during the week. I took it pretty easy this week, but I think that I have a pretty good desire and routine to where I NEED to run. Every day or I feel guilty. Or a little to hyper/cranky/ect.

Friday afternoon I dropped the vacuum handle on my foot and now it is bruised and a little swollen. I hope that it feels better soon.  I kinda wanted to start my 50K training soon!

T-day I didn't have turkey. We had crab and champange at the BF's mothers house. So fancy. And I think the 4 adults put away almost 3 bottles of bubbly. I did make a turkey (a 20 pound beast) for me on Friday, so I won't be without - for quite a few days. But for the first time in my life I actually got the "when is our family going to expand?" talk. Never. Had. That. Happen. Ever. I guess that is what happens when you are with someone for almost 6 years...

It was pretty freaking hard t…

The Weekend In Pictures

Before I headed out on the trail.

 Homestead Trail on Saturday. It was quite windy!

 Right before I turned around

My 2 downhill miles were at 9:30! Fast for me!

 Had to check this out at the library to watch it.

 I also checked this out too, and I am trying to finish reading it in 1 day.

Sunday I had to get a treadmill run in at the BSU rec. Just 6 miles today. 
What did you do this weekend? What book are you reading right now? Have you watched any good movies that I should check out?

Merry Christmas To Me

The BF admitted to me a week or so ago that he bought himself an early xmas present. It was just an excuse to buy himself something, which he would have done even if it wasn't the holiday season.

I decided that I needed to buy something for myself too!

I bought 4 items from Brooks online. All gear for running outdoors this winter.

I have been a total wuss this Autumn. I have not wanted to go and run outside because of the cooler, almost perfect, weather. Last year this wasn't an issue. I really had only one really bad day where I cut a long run short because I was so cold. This season, I have totally pussed out.

That is the whole reason why I just bought all cold weather gear. No excuses this winter!

Well, there may be one or more two, but I think getting my runs in on a treadmill is better then not at all.

What is your favorite piece of winter/cold weather gear?

Three Things Thursday

1. I didn't make it to Whole Foods yesterday. But I did go today. Can I say I was disappointed? Maybe I am a spoiled brat, spoiled by the super nice, and huge, Pearl District PDX and the downtown Seattle Whole Foods. I did spend $50 on 6 items. I grabbed 2 bags of coffee, and one of those was decaf. Ugh. THAT was an accident! But since our coffee pot makes 2 pots a day, for 2 people - and that is not including the what out espresso machines put out, a little decaf won't hurt us.

The Rain Forest Blend that I opened as soon as I got home was surprisingly good, and there is a good chance I will be getting more.

2. I slogged 3 miles this afternoon. Either it was the wind, or the crappy sleep I got last night (I guess that is what I get for such good sleep the night before) I really had a hard time. Maybe it was hard because I have spent so much time on the treddy and not much time outdoors. Whatever it was, I was very slow,  but got it done.

3. I have signed up for Daily Vitamin …

Oh, Happy Day

Yes, I am not one of those perky people who wake up just a little too happy that everyone wants to strangle.

I did get almost 9 hours of sleep. Yes! 9 hours! And I had some crazy dreams. Daniel Craig (oh, please, he can visit me anyday! He makes me happy!) and Steve Miller, of all people were involved. I don't know where I have Steve Miller hidden in my brain but he made himself known. So random and weird.

9 hours of sleep and needing to type up a 5 page paper on a community professional who is involved with addiction means that I don't get much chance to workout before work today.

Plus I need to leave for work a little earlier to go to the just opened Whole Foods. I think it has been over 10 years that the mention of a Boise Whole Foods started. I think this one was supposed to open in 2007, but with the bad market at the time they really postponed it. But today was opening day.

I don't have to stock up and gorge on some of my favorite things when I go to the Seattle or…

50K Training Plan

Today's workout was 36 minutes walk/trot on the treadmill. Ankle feels like nothing ever happened last weekend.
A few minutes doing sumo squats, lunges - both with 30 pounds of dumbbells.
3 sets of hanging leg raises.
15 minutes of elliptical. 

I think that I have a plan ready to start 50K training.

But I am not sure when I want to start it up.

Yes, I am totally obsessed with reading and rereading everything online about 50Ks and ultras. There was one blog in particular that I read 3 times this week about one local 50 mile race. I have also listened to a few podcasts, 2 of them more then once!


Anyways. I don't know when to "officially" start training.

Go all of November and December with building strength and muscle doing weights and elliptical?

Or start plodding through the miles in a week or two, with extra time to train on the long Thanksgiving weekend?

I really don't wanna do a 16 mile next weekend. Maybe I will modify both the plans above into a…

Noms For The Trail

My ankle (from rolling it on the trail this past Sunday) is not 100%, but I plan on slogging it out on the TM this weekend. Today, it feels pretty good compared to a few days this week.

Not running all week did not stop me for buying some goodies for my next jaunt on the trail.

Trail Runner magazine had an article about No More Gels. That is exactly what I am interested in! I just did not want sweet last weekend and really wanted a more savory flavor. Plus, I think I get enough carbs in daily and need to learn to burn more fat when I run.

I was at Wal-Mart getting other things and just happened to come across them. I picked up 2 different flavors (Carrot, squash, apple and pea, spinach and apple) and already stashed them into my Camelbak for my next time I need them.

I don't know what it is, the colder weather, stress about the final election results, I felt like eating everything plus some this Tuesday & Wednesday. I also have not drank enough water, either. I am attempting…


Today, I slept amazing. I am not sure why, but I had a solid 8 hours of sleep. I didn't want to get up out of bed, but dang, my night of sleep was so good.

But somehow, I forced myself to roll out of bed and went to go work out. My ankle is not totally happy with the roll it took on the trail on Sunday. It doesn't hurt, but more annoyed that it got a little stretched out. I wore a elastic wrap on it at work for most of my shift last night. It did seem to help keep it from flexing while walking the 4 hours or so that I had it on. I may wear it for a bit tonight. I am going to wait to run on it for a few days to prevent anything worse from happening.

When I do a roll out of bed & work out, sometimes I eat before and sometimes I don't. Today was a "I don't wanna eat" day. I did have 2 Costco strawberries and water. I did have half a Core Power and my coffee after. As I type this, I am deciding what to eat for the whole day.

While I was working out, there was…

Thoughts From The Trail

Yesterday I did the Hard Guy trail for the 3rd time. I do like the trail because it is quiet. The 3 times I have done this, I have encountered just a few bikers and hardly anyone on foot. And I only do this trail because of the name. I'ma perv like that.

2500' elevation gain is totally doable for anyone without keeling over. If you are the BF, you may not keel over, but you may never want to do it again. For me, I will gladly do it any nice weekend day. I'ma badass like that.

If you ever wanna simulate your own Hard Guy trail in the gym....
Stair Master for 2 hours. 
Tire drills for an hour. 
Stair Master for a half hour. 
Treadmill at whatever speed/incline you want for 2 miles. 

I don't really like doing trails, but I do like doing trails. I don't like the rocks causing me to roll my ankle. I did that on the downhill around mile 7 but it didn't bother me until the end of my trek, so we will see how this plays out in the next day or so.

I like that it …

Hard Guy & the Lady Parts

Saturday afternoon was over 21 easy miles on the bike. I wore a pair of bike shorts that I know that they need to be replaced because they are old and the chamois is thinner then what they were years ago when I bought them. I have been unhappy wearing them most of the summer. So I know they need to go.

The shorts chafed my, um, lady parts. I have NEVER had that happen before. And I bike often - I give up my car to bike commute the last 5 summers. Yesterday was the most painful chafing that I have had ever. I was unhappy with my bike ride because of that. Around mile 12 I told the BF I was done with the ride. But still had to get home. Using the potty and the 2 showers I have taken since the bike ride kinda made me yelp out loud. Ugh. I know that chafing happens, but never had it happened to the painful extent and location it did today.

I did decide that doing the Hard Guy trail (I only do the this trail because of its name!) was a good decision on Sunday afternoon. Even with the cha…

Love & Ultra Love

I just want to say a quick thank you for all the #GGS & #SPA love on this Friday. I will do my best to return the favor tonight and this weekend. I have had a good week with some personal, non-workout related things, and all the comments help start my weekend on a high note.

Thank you.

Ok, I took today as a rest day because I went to get the BF lunch during my workout time. I spent Wednesday and Thursday getting my workout on.

Wednesday was a short jaunt up to Tablerock and Thursday was weight training my arms with a few moves for the abs and those evil split squats.

I have spent part of today (Friday) researching ultra running. My 2013 goal is to complete an ultra. Along with another marathon or so, but an ultra (and maybe more then one) is the top goal.

I have also asked for a tri-bike for xmas, so if I actually get a new bike that costs more then what my car did new 15 years ago, I would have to throw a tri into the schedule too. But the decision has been made about completin…