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Week In Review - Week 5 - 50K Training

My week started out on an emotional low but ended a whole lot better then it started. 

I really don't like to whine about my personal life, since this blog is about me running in Boise. But my personal life affected my running life to such an extreme this week, I have to share. 

I tried to share earlier in the week, but just didn't feel right, so I pulled the post. It still doesn't feel right and not really sure what to say. But gonna say it and whine a little bit. Sorry.

I wish I had a bunch of great running/fitness related presents that Santa left me to share with you all, but I don't. There was not a single present for me under the tree at my house. Let's just say that the BF, whom I have been with for nearly 6 years, didn't have a present for me. It was like Christmas never happened for me and this bothers me a whole lot more then it does to him.

Last year he gave me this. This year, I said I don't want that again, and so I got nothing. Yes, I gave h…

Hot Chocolate 5K

This morning, I did my 12th race of 2012. The Hot Chocolate 5K
What what? I PR'ed today. By 3 minutes! Seriously, pretty freaking awesome. I wanted to PR on this race, but after my craptastic week (I am done with my pity party and being sad, but not done with my anger) I was not sure how I was going to do on this race. 
I tried going to bed around 11:30pm, but I know I didn't get to sleep until after 12:40. 7am wake up. I actually had race day nerves. I thought that was weird because this was my 12th race of the year. My last few races were half marathons, so either I have done enough of those to be completely comfortable with that distance this year, or because I really had no clue as to how this race would have turned out. Eh, who knows. 
Coffee, potty, shower, no combing my hair, no breakfast, a Nuun for the car ride, and a Premier Protein shake that I only had a few sips of in the car. I got my bib & chip (no line!), but forgot my shirt (which I got before the sta…

Happy Holidays

I want to apologize for the lack of posts this past week. With prepping for the holiday, to finishing up the semester, and spending extra time with my friends and family, I neglected the blog. 

And while I may not post on this blog everyday, I am always available via Email - @ and Twitter -@RunInBoise.

I just want to say again that I appreciate every one of you not just during the holiday season, but all throughout the year.

I hope Santa treats everyone very well. :-)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Week In Review - Week 4 - 50K Training

This week was cray. I had so much to do and my nice weekly training plan I had going on the last 3 weeks went out the window. I am very thankful for all the time I will be having off work (I have the whole week off except a couple hours on NYE where I have to go in. But I really don't have to go back in until the 2nd!) for the holiday to make up for this week. 

Monday - Rest
Tuesday - 4 Scheduled - None completed. This day was insanely busy. I thought it was Friday for a bit, because I completed so many errands during the day! I completed my final test for my Addiction Studies class. I got a C. (hooray mediocrity!) Not too bad for not putting much effort into it and the only hard work I really did was the 2 6-page papers I wrote and the AA meeting I had to attend.

After my test, I had to go to campus to return my textbook rental and then the Post Office to send and pick up an item. I got my Daily Mile Secret Santa goodies!

I am going to have to do a late night run so I can put the …

Wanna Do Dirty Dash 2013 For FREE?

Hey, I just found a contact with the Dirty Dash. I will be blogging and participating in this race in 2013. I have SO much interest in doing the race! I have never done an obstacle race or anything! I have only done road and trail races. I really want to do this. I kinda wanna get dirty and have fun at the same time.

If you are interested in running the race FOR FREE, just email me your email ( @ and I will hook you up with the deets! (You have to blog about the dash) You don't have to be in the Boise area, but just be anywhere near a dash.

There are quite a few locations in the West.

Let's Get Dirty!

Week In Review - Week 3 - 50K Training

This week, I have completed my 3rd week of my 50K training plan. Minus a couple of miles, I am overall very happy with my plan, the ability for me to be sticking with the plan, and being excited about getting in my mileage. Although I am not too thrilled with the weather, but I am a weather wuss.

Monday - Rest day.
Tuesday - 4 miles schedueled, 4 completed. I really, really enjoyed a rest day on Monday, I really wanted to take another! It took me a long while to get out the door, but I got out there and spent time time on the treddy.

Wednesday - 6 miles scheduled, 5 completed. I did not sleep very well this night. It was bad. I had one of those dreams that you feel is real. It was a dream where I fell asleep at work. Not really pleasant. I actually walked most of this treddy workout because my friend in Jr. High/High School posted some pics from Jr. High on Facebook. In those pics was my BFF at the time- she is the curly haired blond. My current BFF dated my Jr. High BFF (he was a radio …

2012 Running Revelations

This post is a little long. And a little sappy. But it is a review of a whole year instead of one day or one week. Plus, I want an excuse for posting a whole lot of pictures of myself and gloating about my year. ;-)

This year, 2012, was actually just my 2nd full year running. I don't ever count the "Friday Fun Runs" in High School PE. I really don't consider that running because it was so traumatizing. ;-)

In 2010 I forced (yes, forced) my BF & his son to run the Boise Main Street Mile. They both did about 7:30min/mi without any training. I was kinda jealous that I was not a runner and did not race. It was a very memorable experience for us. And memorable for the BF because he was traumatized by the whole experience. ;-) Feel free to ask him how horrible getting a prostate exam and then running one mile without  running the month prior is.

For 2011, I made the New Years Resolution to run the Seattle Marathon. And so, I did. My first race ever that year was a 10K…