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Holiday Update & the Hot Chocolate 5K 2013

I hope your holiday week(s) has been well! Sorry for the week of holiday bloggie neglect, and lack of holiday well wishes. I do have drafts of posts ready to go, but not ready to hit send... My new internet modem kicked the bucket on me (I got a replacement one today!) and Christmas was spent in a little town in the middle of nowhere in Idaho sans internet. The new boys father passed earlier in the month, so we went to spend time with his mother and take care of parts of the house she can't do on her own.

During my time away, I made the boy play holiday dress up.

While I shed tears that I picked a CZ to use as my holiday dress up attire. I'm offended that it was a CZ. Offended! 

We got back in time for me to work Friday evening, and after that, I spent some time lifting weights. I think I may have done a little too much of said lifting...

The Hot Chocolate 5k was Saturday. (I did this race last year, read my 2012 recap here) There were multiple start times. I picked the 1pm st…

YMCA Christmas Run 2013

I did the YMCA Christmas Run on Saturday the 21st. This is the 2nd time of doing this run. If interested, here is my review of the 2011 race.

This year, I was way more calm and prepared. Shoveling snow for nearly 2 hours at the end of my shift the night before did have me mildly concerned because I wanted to have a full rest day before the race. That didn't happen. I was a little tired and my back was sore from all the shoveling. I got a workout in for sure! But I did get nearly a full 8 hours of sleep and slept ok despite a whole lot of tossing and turning from an achy back.

Coffee and half a pancake with chia seeds and egg whites was brekky. I didn't have anything prepared at all. Nothing set out. No clothes, no shoes, nothing. I was calm and unconcerned. No stress or nerves! I did know that I was gonna wear a red Sparkle Skirt, my Team Beef shirt, my fake Burberry scarf-I wasn't gonna wear my real ones, and earmuffs with gingerbread men on them. I didn't even pick…

Blogger Holiday Gift Exchange

I like to participate in blogging gift exchanges. When A Healthy Mrs was putting a Christmas one together for this year, I had to jump in and join! I like to do these because I get to "meet" new bloggers and expand my bloggy circle.

I got to send my goodies to Peace, Love & Ice Cream.

Jackie Cooks sent me some awesome goodies! 

She made me a holder to hang my medals on! I actually didn't have one and have had my metals hanging on my fuse box in my bedroom since I moved. This already has a home on my wall!

She also sent me some locally roasted coffee. This java junkie approves!

AND some biscotti! Since I picked the goodies from the post office during one of my errand "running" excursions, coffee & biscotti hit the spot and improved my mood after a cold and windy slog.

Thank you Jackie and Michelle for the fun exchange!

Reflections on 2013

A lot went down this year in my running life. If you are curious how 2012 went - feel free to check out here.

Biggest thing is I ended a 6 year relationship with BOTH my job and personal relationship with the BF. For both of those, 2013 was time to move on. Work stress, I was SO done with. Relationship stress, well, since this time last year, it was evident that this wasn't gonna last much longer... Both of these affected my running. Less miles because of depression and having to spend time searching for a new job and home = less time available to run. Less miles because I started drinking more. I don't want to brag, but I drank every single day for months. I was SO unhappy of my home and work situation. I feel all of this stress peaked during the time of my marathon. Thankfully, I have a new job and a new boy - both of which encourages health and fitness. AND the drinking has been cut down to more acceptable levels. (Goal for 2014 is really to not drink much at all because I…

Road ID Giveaway

It's cold outside.

I don't have much running related to talk about today. I am bundled up in layers drinking a lot of hot tea doing whatever I can to NOT venture outside. But I DO want to share my appreciation to all of you by having a giveaway. I have a $15 RoadID gift card to give a lucky someone! Road ID isn't sponsoring me at all to do this. I am doing this out of my own free will. :-)

I actually won the gift card at my last race and won't use it. But I DO want to make sure it goes to a good home for Christmas. 

To enter, use Rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

"Running" Errands

This post isn't exactly relevant for this weekend since is so freakin cold out! But since I have been in my new abode, I have not just spent my time running to hit a specific mileage or time goal. Also, I'm not training for anything specific right now, either. I have been using my running time as a multitasking experiment of sorts.

I have been literally running my errands.

It has been working out. Pun intended. It takes a little bit more time to hit your mileage, but I feel that it has been saving me time in the long run, and potentially money, wear and tear on the vehicles, ect.

It also has been a bit more fun then just plodding away at the miles.

 Oooh, can the radar catch me?

I can easily mix up my routes. Things in my new 'hood are less far away then I think.

One of my fave places to eat is only 2 miles away.

I can check my mail at the post office.

And I can slog downtown and go to the thrift store.

Plus I have been having the "new boy" tag along with his bik…

Mizuno Wave Rider 17 Review

The following post is a sponsored post by Fitfluential LLC on behalf of Mizuno. All opinions are my own.

I was lucky enough to be chosen for a Fitfluential campaign to try out the new Wave Rider 17s.

I have tried Mizuno shoes once. The Mizuno Wave Inspire 8's as part of the Mezamashi Project a long while ago and I just wasn't crazy about them. I don't mind them for wearing around for walking at work but they were not a natural fit for my running stride.

I didn't like the color (white doesn't match any of my gear, and I like to match.) and I didn't like the drop. The heel felt too high compared to all of the near zero drop shoes I spend my time in.

But these new Wave Riders are different. I really do like them. They crazy light and breathable. The drop is much more comfortable to me. And the color? Hello! I LOVE pink, so this is pretty freaking fab.

I really put these through the motions this last week. I ran on all surfaces outside. Dirt, sidewalks, hills, t…

Struttin' For Stuffin' Race Recap

Yesterday, I did the Struttin' For Stuffin' 2.5 mile race in Nampa.

Good news, I placed in my AG. And I was someone's rabbit the whole race. FYI - lots of pics below.

I woke up early. Like 6am early. Had toast and coffee. Just a few race jitters. Not much but had them until the start line. Got to the race start 45 minutes early. Got my bib & shirt, which was super cute.

  After that, I went back to my car and listened to my new favorite song, Rage, for 20 minutes on repeat - which prolly isn't appropriate for kids and easily offended peeps.

I did a quick sloggy warm up 15 minutes before the start and went to the start line to size up my competition.

And to be caught in my natural state twittering.

Race started and I went out, what didn't seem like fast, but I guess it was. That first mile ended up at 8min/mi!

There were kids that started out in the front. I was trying to dodge those who I wanted to be in front of and some of those were those kids. I had 1 li…

Spartan Race on NBC Sports + Giveaway!

On December 7th, there is something exciting happening on NBC Sports. The World Championship Spartan Race will be televised!

Seriously, this is pretty cool. The World Championship!

If you are physically not quite ready to participate in the World Championships, there are plenty of other Spartan Races for you.

What is a Spartan Sprint? 3+ MILES / 15+ OBSTACLES
What is a Super Spartan? 8+ MILES / 20+ OBSTACLES
What is The Spartan Beast? 12+ MILES / 25+ OBSTACLES
What the #$%! is The Death Race?

If you want to sign up, use this link for 15% off any Spartan Race -

Or if you want to try your luck, the nice peeps at Spartan Race has offered to give a lucky bloggie reader a free entry to giveaway. Enter via Rafflecopter below. 

You can connect with Spartan Race through their website, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube.

Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway