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Another Race Registration

So, since I am sitting at home from work - another sick day, I can't help looking up race and running related stuff.

I registered for another race. I can't stop registering for races!

So, if all goes as planned, I will be doing a race every weekend in April.

I signed up for the Boise Glow 5k on April 6th.

I only decided to enter is because this is on a Saturday evening. And I love being able to run late races on weekends. I don't have to take time off from work on Friday night! Woot woot!

And it is a glow race. I get to dress up in glow in the dark body paint or glow sticks and stuff. How much fun does that sound?!?

Actually, I have wanted to wear one of these glow costumes but there are only so many Ghostland Observatory concerts that I can attend, which was one of the best live shows I have ever been to!

Have you ever ran a glow race? Do you have any fun glow in the dark costume ideas?

New Goodies

Monday and Tuesday were sick days at home for me. I was nursing my cold (its strep) with a mega high dose of antibiotics (2 500mg 3x a day!?!) and thank gawd for the miracles of medicine.

And a hot toddy has been soothing and more then welcomed. 

Monday, I didn't get to watch the Biggest Loser, which was a bummer because I was actually home instead of work and the TV was on, but I was too busy forcing the BF to put together the new treddy he bought a few weeks ago. Its a Costco cheapie, its loud and takes up prime real estate in our living room. But it is in a prime location for TV watching, and to hook up a fan to blow on me during a run.

And if for some reason, I am not working out hard enough, I can always start a fire in our fireplace and get warmed up.

Plan on me complaining about this because its not a Woodway. I could not for the life of me convince the BF to spend $3000 and buy me one. If I want one, I have to buy it myself, and since I am a cheapskate, I took what I did…

Walking/Running On Ice

Today is another no-workout sick day.

When I was going my miles Saturday afternoon on the greenbelt, I noticed that it was easier to run on the ice then it was to walk. I was confused because running, I am taking more steps and I was going faster.

Thankfully Facebook came to the rescue. A friend posted this link and I had to look at it. And I am sharing it with you because it just made sense to me.

I think running on the ice proves that I can run with my foot landing under my body. A little tough love training method, and I don't recommend it, but I just wanted to share with you all.

Week In Review - Week 9 - 50K Training

Week 9. Wow. Seriously, wow!

I really felt that this was one of the best weeks I have had - but only because some of the crud outside thawed out a bit and I was able to get a few miles in outside.

But then that plague everyone is passing around got to me.

I felt it a bit on Friday night after I had a cup of green tea. I had that little tickle in my throat. I was hoping it was from the tea being strong. But it wasn't.

Monday - Rest I had the night off from work because of the holiday. I went to Meet Me Monday in downtown Boise to get a little walking action in. I also got 2 race registrations taken care of.

Tuesday - 4 scheduled. 4 Completed. I really think this took me well over an hour to get out the door and get to the clubhouse. I really enjoyed my rest day yesterday that it was carrying over to today. I slogged out my miles though.

Wednesday - 6 scheduled. 3 Completed. Another clubhouse treddy slog. It was a total treddy ADD workout. I did hop off the treddy each mile do a few…

Shizits Getting Serious

I was filling out my Leave Request form for the days I needed off of work for all the races I have planned for February  March, and April. Since I work until 1:30am on Friday nights, and most races are Saturday mornings, I have to either take Friday off, or just work a few hours, going home at 9pm, with a goal to getting to sleep around 10pm.

April is looking to be a race every weekend?! I got 3 of the 4 weekends blocked out for races, and 2 of the registrations already taken care of.

Just waiting for one registration to open up on Feb 18th... It's is up to you to guess which one. It's a big deal and I wanna get in.

Maybe I should consider doing the High Speed Pursuit to fill up the weekend I don't have anything planned?

But as I was lining up my days needed off, I noticed that the 50K I have been training for finally has the registrations finally open.


I am the very first person to register for this race, too!

I got my Race Manual already printed out and studyin…

Nominate Me For Inspirational Runner of the Year!

I am curious to see what will happen if I make this post.

I mean, I think I am pretty awesome and I am sure you think I am pretty awesome too.

But after I noticed a tweet from a local running store, I decided that I am going to make this post and ask for you all to email Shus to nominate me (Tanya Savage) for being such an awesome and inspirational Boise runner.

I am a Sweat Pink ambassador.

I am a Girls Gone Sporty ambassador.

I am a FitFluential ambassador.

I am part of Team Beef Idaho 2013.

I have done quite a few races being a new-ish, 30-something, slightly overweight runner.

I think I am a running inspiration. I hope all of you think I am an inspiration too!

Thank you for all of your support! I appreciate and am inspired by every single one of you every day of the year!

Wanna Get Dirty? The Dirty Dash

On January 2, 2013 registrations for The Dirty Dash have opened.

And the registrations only cost $35! But they will only be $35 until January 30, 2013!

I seriously want to do this race. I would love if you did this race with me! The Boise dash is on August 10, 2013. I already have it listed on my Slog list.

I have never done a mud run. I have done wet runs (Seattle Marathon) and very cold races (my last couple races). The only races I have done have just been trail and road races, so this is going to be interesting and slightly challenging.

There is a good chance I will have the same look on my face as girl on right. ;-)

There are lots of locations to choose from - Utah, Seattle, Oregon, Spokane, Billings, Boise, New Mexico, Colorado Springs, and Missoula.

Race registrations are only $35 until January 30th.

Have you ever done a mud run or obstacle course race or anything like it?

Do you want to do this race with me? What do I wear? What sort of things should I put into my workouts t…

Meet Me Monday

After a fairly relaxing Monday off from work thanks to the holiday, I had to get a little workout in.

I decided to venture out into the cold and go downtown for Meet Me Monday.

This was the 3rd time I have been able to participate in MMM since I sadly am stuck at work during the time that the event goes on.
My First MMM.
My Second MMM

I wandered around downtown with the BF. And he only wanted to wear just a plain hoodie so we walked around very fast because he was so cold. But we did make a pit stop to get some coffee as a warm up.

I just love the whipped cream at Java. Which is sad that I love the whipped cream more then coffee at a coffee joint. Why yes, I AM a coffee snob.

We finished up the event at Old Spaghetti Factory and the BF had to skip out on the raffle to take his daughter to dance class.

And of course after he left, his name was called for a raffle prize. He would have won a MMM scarf.

But like the celeb that I am, I was noticed. Fellow #SweatPink Ambassador RunCrazy…

New Race Registrations & Skirts

Today has been a very nice rest day. I have been quite productive and thankfully because of the holiday, I have the night off from work. It is nearing 4PM and I am still in my PJ's. I have not even brushed my teeth or taken a shower yet. Good thing there is no one in the house who can appreciate my stank and I have not ventured very far from the couch. But I did finish up 2 loads of laundry, and a load of last nights dishes. I got my budget in line, and had to do a little online shopping.

I registered officially for 2 races, which are official Team Beef races.

St. Patricks Day Fun Run (Basic 5) March, 16, 2013 Boise, ID

Beat Coach Pete 5K April 13, 2013 Boise, ID

I have never done either of these races before. And if Coach Pete ever decides to leave Boise State, I wonder what will happen to this race? I believe Coach Pete was under 29/27 minutes the last 2 years of this race that I have paid attention.


And I had to get another sparkle skirt to match my Team Beef shirt. E…

Week In Review - Week 8 - 50K Training

If you are interested in looking at the previous weeks of my 50K training, click here

Was this week a cut back week or was this a cut back week!?

With the weather being insanely cold I am dreading the gym. I kinda want it to warm up just a tad and be able to enjoy having the option of doing some of my miles outside - I like options, even if I don't take advantage of them. I just can't get it to stick in my head that I can be outdoors and not die at near zero temps. I can handle the heat way better then I can handle the cold.

Monday - Rest - and rest I did!

Tuesday - 4 miles scheduled - 4 completed - I went to my clubhouse gym to slog these miles. I am not sure what was causing my crampy quad from a few days prior, but I had a crampy quad again. I ran through it, while not the best idea, I don't know what else to do. I am hydrated, my electrolytes should be ok, my form feels ok, my shoes are ok (but honestly, the Brooks Pures will be transitioned out in a month-to maybe so…

Team Beef Idaho 2013

I had great news I have wanted to share with you for nearly 2 weeks now.

But I wanted to go to orientation, and meet with the group, get my official shirt ect ect to make sure it was a real deal - because I was so excited I was sure it was just a dream. Especially since I didn't get to be an ambassador of other companies that I willingly used and promoted on the blog and twitter throughout the year. Pouty face.

But I did get to be a member of Team Beef Idaho 2013. So freaking exciting!

I put in my application last year and was on the wait list since then. The team is currently full but you can still be put on the wait list. And if you want to run for Team Beef for the Boise Ironman 70.3, you really should apply!

I am not a vegetarian, and I will never, ever be. I do love all meat, (and all food stuff) no matter what animal it is, but I do know that beef is so important to so many people.

And I learned tonight at the orientation that there are more head of cattle in Idaho then p…


I noticed on Twitter today that Charlie Engle posted a new blog post and strangely I have thought about it since I have read it.

I am just gonna post a blirp from the blog post that kinda resonates with me right now, and I am not really sure why. My head is a mess because I am tired (insomnia, thanks) with my thoughts towards training (so many 20+ milers gets scary/boring alone with the icy weather), and dealing with relationship crap (how could someone flush nearly 6 years down the toilet so quickly?). I guess this quote could be applied to anything you have, whatever "baggage" we have to carry.
...I don't wish to forget the past few years. Instead, I will blend all that I have learned along way with the new lessons that are on the path ahead. Plainly put, I have to carry all this shit with me anyway so I might as well use it.  I have a strong belief that endurance is not a physical attribute but is more of an attitude. I have learned, from many years of hard work, that…

Week In Review - Week 7 - 50K Training

This is my 7th week of training for my 50K. All of the week recaps are below. 

50K Training Plan
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6

This week of training I was all over the place mentally. There is still repercussions from the whole Xmas fiasco. (How do you apologize for hurting people after they hurt you?) And I don't have many pics to share. The weather has me down, although I do love shoveling snow, I am not a fan of the snow and the insanely cold temps. And I feel I may be getting the sickness everyone has been passing around. (A coworker had an ear infection, and was at work all week-ugh) I have had a sore throat for 3 days, but no other symptoms. (fingers crossed I DO get sick AND the BF gets it, since he is going all OCD about not getting sick.)

Monday - Rest - Actually, not really a rest day because I was outside at work shoveling snow for 2 straight hours. I was sweaty. I felt like I got a real good workout in at the end of the night. My upper back was getting tight, so I…

Hot Chocolate Pics

I have good, very good, running related news I want to share with you. But it is going to have to wait until next week. :-)

It may or may not be the biggest deal of my 2013 and it does change up what races I will be doing for the rest of the year. I was planning running a marathon in Nevada in March, but that is going to be a back  burner deal for now.

Anyways, next Friday there will be a bloggy update with my good news. :-)

But I DO want to share with you today one of my favorite pics from the Hot Chocolate Run 5K from December.

Don't mind my wonky claw hand. I was getting ready to High 5 at the finish line. I don't know if it is the rare smile on my face, or my hair blowing back, but wow-check out the FROST on my headband!

 Right at the start.

This had to have been near the start since we were so close together. 

Nope, this I think was the turnaround because my gloves came off at the 1st mile.

 I am concentrating real hard here. And I have my glove on so this was near the …

Winter Wonderland

Yesterday, Monday, was a rest day.

I did not get to rest like I wanted.

It snowed. A lot. And when I got to work, the first thing that I had to do, for the first two hours of my shift, was shovel snow. Non-stop.

I had to look online and see how many calories shoveling snow burned. I guess Livestrong says 200 calories per half hour for a 140 pound person. I am over 140 pounds and I shoveled for 2 hours. So a guesstimation of over 800 calories? I sure felt like it by the end of the night! 

I was a sweaty mess, and all I wanted after was a really good hot chocolate. Not the sugary Swiss Miss crap.

I had a packet of apple cider, so it had to do to warm me up.

I was tired by the end of the night. My upper back really felt like I got a good workout. I was praying for no DOMS because I had a run to do today - Tuesday. I slept amazing Monday night.


Luckily, thankfully, I had very  mild muscle soreness. My glues and my upper back needs some foam rolling and stretching love.

I went t…

Week In Review - Week 6 - 50K Training

This has been my 6th week of Ultra Training. If you are interested, here are my previous training weeks.
50K Training Plan
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5

I can't say that this was the best week ever, but it was a pretty awesome week. It was an pretty freaking perfect way to start the year. Almost. From the start of the week to the end, my running emotional state for the most part has been happy, positive and stoked for what my running future holds.

Monday - Rest After the past week off of work, I had to sadly go back. It was only for 2.5 hours, but it was work. I had quite the experience at my New Years Eve dinner after. FYI- I take my NYE very seriously. The restaurant kinda screwed up, even though they know me by name. I was a little disappointed but an $80 dinner or so was free, so not complaining.

Tuesday - 4 Scheduled - 3.1 completed Today was a New Years Day 5K. Please read about it here if you have not. It was pretty cold, but awesome.

Wednesday - 6 Scheduled - 3 completed I …

Scheduled Rest Day & Pics

Today is a rest day and as much as I would love to lay around in bed, I have to get my shopping on. Which will hopefully be restful and therapeutic.

I have officially upgraded my over 2 year old Blackberry Torch to an iPhone. Kicking and screaming the whole time, but I didn't have a choice. It was time. I really loved the Torch & really wished RIM would get their shizit together for the future. I was willing to be loyal because that phone was durable. I mean it lasted 2 years and I dropped it, got it wet, sweated on it and got my salt and sunscreen on it while holding it to my face while running. Anyways, Friday is my scheduled rest day and iPhone accessories will be purchased.

Pics from my NYD5K are available online, which seems rather quick, but maybe because I have been mentally preoccupied with other things I have not thought about the pictures that much.

I think this is the best pic of my New Years Day 5K. 

I am actually smiling, not doing anything really dorky with my…