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Small Words Go A Long Way

A bit ago I made a post about how I registered for another race, which did put me in a race every weekend in April since I did get into Robie this year.

I got a thank you in an email today for the post I made. It was nice. It made my day. It is nice to know that people are paying attention to what I do, and that are appreciative for the small things. Insert something grumble work related here.

A thank you, no matter how small, and even though they are just words, really does go a long way. :-)

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

I am sadly busy and I do not like it. Well, actually, I do not mind, but some things have to be neglected. Household cleaning is the first neglected chore, and who really wants to do that?!

I am late on my weekly 50K training review. I have been seriously only been eating, working, sleeping, laundry, running, and stretching! Although I have fit in a daily shower and a couple of job applications in there.

Here is a nearly wordless Wednesday of the last couple of days.

Mismatched/missing socks are a huge pet peeve for me. Where did the mates go?!? I know they will turn up eventually, but I until then, I will grumble about it.

I came across these coupons at work this week. Yes, I behind the times and have NOT ate at Qdoba yet. How long have they been in Boise? A year? I know some of you love this place and thanks to this coupon, and my potentially lack of time to cook in the next few weeks thanks to high mileage, I WILL be taking advantage of this! 

I did today's slog on the tred…

CORE Foods Review & Giveaway

Recently I was given the opportunity to try out 3 CORE Foods Defender Meal products.

Their motto is Healthy & Convenient, High Performance food. And really. It is!

I have tried 2 of the 3 flavors at the time of typing up this post.

The Raw Cashew Cacao was late breakfast on the go in the car on Thursday. I was so busy that day that this was perfect to grab and go with a bottle of water.

I had the Raw Raisin Almond for dinner at work on Friday.

This was my fave flavor. It really did taste like a bowl of oatmeal I would make myself. But healthier. And way more portable!

How can you not like this ingredient list?! 6 ingredients for the Cacao bar. 6 ingredients that I can pronounce!!! Vegan. Organic. Gluten-Free. Raw. Real food that I can take with me on the go. With my higher mileage for the next 2 months, I can see myself buying these and taking them with me to work as a snack or meal for the day when I don't have time to cook.

 If you LIKE CORE Foods on Facebook, you will …

Vitacost Review & Giveaway

I was given the opportunity to review some of the products from VitaCost.

 They have so many awesome things on their site. Its a total one stop healthy shopping experience.

My goodies! That round, green, Delta Labs thing is a mirror/brush compact on one side. It also has a caddy on the other side to put your supplements in!

Nommed this after my 10 miler. It was like a Rice Crispy treat. But lighter. So cinnamon-y. So good. I would actually buy more of these!

I snacked on this in the movie theater on Sunday night. (We watched This Is 40) It was soft and chewy, but a slight crunch with the almonds and cashews. Very fruity. I liked!

I nommed the Kind bar after my trot on Sunday. I have only had Kind bars that included chocolate before. I liked that even though this was fruity, I gobbled it down!

I didn't have to think twice on the Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew bar. Devoured!

I even tried the Eco Nuts.

As green as I may think that I am, I have never, ever tried an eco-friendly laundry…

Run 4 Luv Pics

I just wanted to post a quickie post to upload all of my Run 4 Luv pics. I posted the ones that I liked on Twitter last week, but wanted to have a link to them on the bloggie here.

Week In Review - Week 12 - 50K Training

Week 12. I am over half done with my training. Only a few more weeks to go!

All of my 50K training recap links below.
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Monday - Rest

Tuesday -4 scheduled, 4 completed I trotted this out on the treddy at home and cried. I was watching the movie Flight and the plane crash scene at the beginning really freaked my shiz out. So, here I am trotting on the treddy, breaking down crying, alone at home. My legs felt good. Like, real good after coming from such a high mileage week. And I even kicked up the pace at the end.

Wednesday - 8 scheduled, 0 completed I really didn't want to do this, and I wanted to job hunt a little more. I think that since this is a cutback week, it is ok for extra rest days? Well, that is my excuse.

Thursday - 4 scheduled, 0 completed I spent an hour filling out an online job app. They take so freakin long. Decided to make today a rest day. Well, and it was V-day. I did get someth…

Saturday Was Awesome

Saturday was awesome. Minus the part where I fell right on my butt, hard! I slipped on a hidden patch of snow/ice that hasn't melted yet and just, BAM!

I am sitting on an ice pack because my left cheek hurts and I expect it to bruise or something. I don't want it to affect my Sunday run!

If you stop by here often enough, you know I don't like many things. I grumble about more then I should on here, but when I like something, I really like something.

I like Akinz brand of clothing. I had an awesome experience shopping on their site (they are not paying me here. I just paid my own money and really had a good online shopping experience I want to share here!) and got my order Saturday. I LOVE my Dangerous & Beautiful shirt that I bought. It so insanely soft and really love the print. I recommend them for any of you because I had such an awesome customer service online shopping experience with them. Plus I got $20 off of $30 from my points, but this is all abo…

Strike A Pose

I am totally serious about today's post.

How in the world do you pose for pictures during a race?

I kinda have a problem. Mostly because I am dork. Partially because I just flat out lack creativity. Mostly because I am dork. But I don't know how to pose.

I realized I only pose for most of my pictures for this blog 3 different ways. 

Arms up.

Arms up again.

Hands on hips.

Oooh. Mixing it up with one hand on hip. Rebel.
Ignore the camera.
Ignoring the camera and just running is good.

I think arms up is my most popular race pic pose.

Seriously, how in the F do you pose for your race pics? What should I do for my next race in a month? I have a month to stand in the bathroom mirror and look at myself practicing poses to prepare.

Stairway To...

Last week, I had a job change. It's not for the better. And I am pretty unhappy about it. Sorry. I really shouldn't grumble so much.

Well, anyway, it's not really a change since I am doing the same job, but I have to work in a new building where there are lots of complaints. The occupants of the building complain about every freakin thing. I get to clean up messes that a former employee (a person who quit the other week while I was home sick) left and didn't take responsibility for.

And my lead worker just retired. Ugh.

Also, last week while I was laying around on the couch all sick-like, another employee f'ed up his knee when he slipped on the ice. He's gonna be out for a while because hes gotta have knee surgery!

All this on top of another coworker injury 4 months ago when someone broke her leg when she was walking down the stairs of the building that I am working in. (she missed that last step)

Bad news: I get to work in the same building with those stairs!

Week In Review - Week 11 - 50K Training

This week, week 11, was sure a heavy week - but it wasn't so bad! I got through 46 miles and it was my week of most miles to date.

Monday - Rest - This day was not as restful as I would have liked. I was thrown into a job at work that was neglected for the past 4 months. Good news, I get a building with 4 floors of stairs. Bad news is I take over a building where someone just broke her leg on these stairs.
Tuesday -4 scheduled, 4 completed - First real run on my new treddy. Everything worked (myself and the treddy) and I got my miles done.
Wednesday - 8 scheduled, 8 completed
-I took my frustrations out that I have about my job and pounded out 8 miles on the treddy. I really hate crying at work, but I was so overwhelmed, it just happened. But I did feel better after completing 8 miles.
Thursday - 4 scheduled, 0 completed - Seriously, spent the whole day job searching. If you know of any leads...
Friday - Rest.
Oh yeah. I think I got food poisoning from having lunch at Applebees on t…