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3 Things Thursday

Yay! We are over the mid-week hump. Downhill to the weekend from here!

1. I got some swag in the mail today.

It is a Muscle & Fitness Jacked In the Box. Was this a FitFluental review? I didn't get an email about it but I need to look and double check. I have not looked at the goodies yet, but it appears that some I will use and some I will not. Either way, I am glad to have received it.

2. Today's slog was a slog. My body felt good. My mind felt good. My weight is at it's lowest in a long time. I felt good. But getting my miles done was - ugh - tough.

I had no energy to push through those miles. I think I should have had more carbs with brekky? Baked eggs, spinach & couscous was good but maybe not enough carbs? Eh, I don't know.

3. I usually always have a Costco container of pickles in the fridge. When I was looking for it today, I guess today is one of those days that I don't. But I have Costco olives. Will drinking olive juice work the same as drinking p…

Week In Review - Week 17 - 50K Training

Well, I/we (we if I include all of you) made it to week 17 of my 50K training. I didn't die. I didn't kill anyone. I don't feel like I have any injuries. I didn't complete all my weekly miles, but I did complete another marathon distance training slog. My weight seems stable at it's 1 pant size smaller size. I even tried on my swim suit from last year and it is loose in some places.

I call all that a training win.

Monday - Rest I went shopping. Yay for shopping! I bought my first Moving Comfort bra (and panty) which I thought I would love the bras way more then I do/did. I bought the Vixen but I wanted the Jubralee to be way more flattering. I may go back and get it anyways because it is adjustable instead of a pullover.
Tuesday - 4 scheduled - 2 miles done. Mixed this up with my intervals. I am enjoying my Tuesday interval work.
Wednesday - 12 scheduled - 5 miles done. A mid-week long run isn't really working out for me. I can't tell if I am being sabotage…

Saturday 26.2+some

Saturday was another long training day. My last REAL long mileage day before race day. Now, it's time for a good long taper.

My legs were crampy and unhappy from the start. My mood usually starts out good then implodes closer to the end. Not this day. It started out all doom and gloom.

I did mix up my route and took the greenbelt to the end from the Garden City side. 

 Herons? Cranes? Whatever they were, there was a nesting site of about 60 nests. Quite interesting.

Blarg. But I did get my mileage in. I don't care about speed. Just distance. And I got a little extra distance in. That was an oopsie, but that makes me an ultra runner, right?

After the slog, took my bestie, and we put a little hurt in the Chinese buffet. #nom

I actually could go for a little bit more of that today!

Then headed home and made a drinkie, hopped into an Epsom salt bath with my book.

If you make the Absolut drinks as they say, they are really good. The Simple Syrup, I made it with ginger. So even be…

Loving The Lift Life

I have always loved lifting weights. I have taken weight training Kinesiology Activity class for 2 semesters at University. I never lifted too heavy then. Stuck with 5's, 8', and 10 pound dumbbells for upper body. Leg presses were pretty much with 80 pounds. I think I may have went up to 100 pounds by then end of the semester. I know I could have done more but they scare me. I was kinda afraid of blowing out my knee. Which is silly. I am just a wuss sometimes.

I have had a set of 12 pound dumbbells that I have used every now and then for 6 years. They were a good starting point for arms and upper body for me. But I am sort of out growing them on my weakest muscles - which are my delts.

The BF bought his son a 20 and a 15 pound dumbbell for xmas. We both have been using the weights regularly and now, 20 isn't easy, (for the BF, it's gotten easy, for me, it's getting easier) but I KNOW I am gaining strength and I need to try a rep or two with 25.

I need some new we…

More or Less Wordless Wednesday

Not much to say today. Not much to say really all week. In a contemplative mode. Sorta. Another round of construction in the building I work in is making my lungs unhappy. Although I have some good things in the works in my bloggie and running world.

My top bloggie search (for 2 weeks?!?!) is Sloggy Porn. And it has multiple hits. That shiz cray.

I got some goodies I won from a twitter chat a month ago or so.

Thanks GNC! Already started the shakes as a quick brekky before my workouts.The BF is pretty excited about the speed rope for some reason. He ripped open the box like it was Xmas for him. I think we are gonna see who can jump rope the longest.

I say its gonna be me.

The BF came home for lunch and I was on the treddy. He said I was in my natural state of just running and running and running. I am taking that as a complement.

I had to get pre-sale tickets to Guster, my biggest musical love of my life. I have seen them a few times since, uh, 1998? Sometime around then.  BNL was at…

Week In Review - Week 16 - 50K Training

Blarg. I don't know what else to say. It really feels like I have people (mainly BF & work issues, and a little bit myself) sabotaging my training and it is real hard to push through.

I am getting some miles done, and thankfully, this week was a cutback week, but it still didn't go as planned. Extra rest day and all.

Monday - Rest
Tuesday - 4 scheduled - 4 miles done. I have been enjoying doing intervals on my Tuesdays. Mixing each mile up with weights, or burpees, or cranking the incline on the treddy. Tuesdays are always my best days.
Wednesday - 10 scheduled - 4 miles done. This is one of the days I felt the BF sabotaged my training. Grumble, grumble, 3 hours of sleep, grumble. I walked this on the treddy. Not what I planned but oh well.
Thursday - 4 scheduled - 6 miles done. Did this outside. It was a totally great day outside. I didn't watch my pace and just ran this by feel. It was a great day.
Friday - Rest Yeah. Rest day in prep for Saturdays race day. I imbibe…

Yoga For Strength - Guest Post

Hey everyone. As you know busy month around here running and recovering, but I don't want to leave you neglected.

Dr. David Kulla is stepping in and is delivering a guest post for all of you.

Yoga for Strength

If you want to get stronger, but you don’t see yourself lifting weights or strapping yourself to
a complicated machine at the gym, you can do strength training with your yoga practice. Most
people think about meditation and flexibility when they think about yoga, but it does a lot
more. Yoga can make you stronger by helping your move your body into poses, or asanas, that
require flexibility, endurance and strength. Even the most basic yoga poses require you to hold
them for a while, and that requires your muscles to show up and get to work. If you want to
build a body with even better muscle tone, make a conscious effort to practice asanas that will
make you stronger.

When you put yourself into different body poses, you often have to balance part or all of your
body weight onto one par…

What To Wear - Race To Robie Creek Edition 2013

On my blog, here, I have had an awful lot of searches about what to wear at Robie Creek lately.

I casually overlook the searches for Bob Harper Porn (so many searches for this thanks to this post) and Idaho Beef Girls. People, what are you hoping to find when you are searching Idaho Beef Girls? Or do I want to know???

If you find yourself here by searching anything other then "How To Donate Money To Boise Runner", well, I think we are all screwed! Paypal. I will take Paypal. ;-)

lol. J/K.

Serious. I am only trying to get you to give me things help.

Now. I only did Robie Creek once. Last year. This year will be my second year. heh heh. I'm an expert. But I had the same question last year as a noob. What do I wear? 

Now, it was 80-some degrees last Robie in 2012. Will we have that this year? Who knows come race day in a month. But what I wore worked for me. Will I wear what I did last year? No. Because I had a year of what I call training and experience to make new decisi…

Week In Review - Week 15 - 50K Training

Week 15.

50K training.

AKA How I ran a marathon as a training run.

Never, ever, ever thought I would be saying that. Ever. Serious. I didn't die. And I didn't cry. I kinda expected to get in my car and cry after because I bawled after the 2011 Seattle Marathon (my first real marathon) because I was so stinkin proud of myself. Now, 26.2 is no big deal. I shouldn't disrespect the mileage like that, by saying it is NBD, because it is a big deal. A huge freaking deal. It has taken a few months of training to get to this point. Only a few more weeks left to go until I do complete a 50K...

But this 26.2 was just a training run. All by myself. On the greenbelt. This was just my leggies and me. Trotting. No banners. No bells. No signs. No high-fives. No cheering. No spectators, other then the other greenbelt users - who have no idea what I am accomplishing on this day. No one handing me water at water stops. No post-race party waiting for me at the finish. No medals or race shir…

Finally Friday!

Yay! It is Friday!

I got a goodie in the mail.

Thank you Soleus! Is it weird to say that I like how the plastic smells? It's got a sweet smell. It feels pretty nice to wear so far. A lot lighter then the garmy. I can't wait to rock it tomorrow!

I went to 3 different stores to get a hydration vest for my 26 miles tomorrow. REI didn't have what I wanted. Neither did Sports Authority. Thankfully, The Pulse in Meridian did!

And they just got a shipment in of goodies! Serious! They opened the box in front of me trying to find a new pack for me. And they did!

Pink and purple. I'm gonna feel a little bit like Dora the Explorer. Good thing I got some Latina in me already...

Anyways. Guess what fits in the front pocket of my new vest?

Why yes. A Krispy Kreme DOES fit in the front pocket of my vest!

That is the Oreo doughnut. I just wanted a plain chocolate glazed and got this instead.

I am ready to plod out 26 miles on Saturday.

How was your day? Any cool swag/gear you pick…

Weeks In Review - 13 & 14 - 50K Training

Wow. Long time, no chat. 2 weeks behind on my weekly review. Life has been quite busy 'round here. I feel like I am either recovering, running, eating, job hunting, or planning each of those things.

However, thanks to all of that above, I did finally lose a pant size. This is my 3rd year of running, and my body is finally figuring out that it would be best if it used itself for fuel. Maybe it is because I am more committed to my workouts. Maybe it is that I am eating mildly better, I sure am not drinking less, (I make an awfully good martini!) but maybe it is that I kinda have cut (unconsciously) out most dairy and sugary gels. That is the only thing I can think of that I have been doing different. Using PB&J's as running fuel has been working on keeping me fueled without the side stitches. Raspberry jelly from Costco and Jif from the grocery store, not the most organic or natural, I don't care for various reasons. Although for this weekend, I may have to invest in som…