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Weiser River Trail 50K Recap

I completed my first ultramarathon this weekend and I am now officially an ultrarunner!

I want to start off saying that ultras are horrible. But they are so F'n awesome at the same time. Not quite like a marathon, but just as addicting. Will I be signing up for more ultras? Yes! But have lots of other things to consider first. Like, having more support whether from BF or new friends and possibly a new job. I felt all of those were just not optimal for being fully focused when I needed it during this last few months of training.

My time was a slow and sloggy 7:15:55. I walked WAY more then what I wanted. And it was warm and I got sunburnt - totally my fault for throwing sunscreen on my legs and face but NOT my arms! And I chafed the worst I have ever chafed. Half was from my pack, half was from walking/running for hours with and without BodyGlide on spots. I would love to be perfectly honest with some of the bad aspects here, but don't wanna go all TMI on you all. I think …

Race To Robie Creek Half Marathon 2013

In 2012, I completed my first Race To Robie Creek. It was tough, but I really thought it was the 80-something degree weather that made it so difficult.

This year, the weather was perfect (50's), my legs are stronger, and I'm way more confident in my distance abilities. I did complete my race in a half hour faster then last year.

I had chip timing issues where they have to manually enter me into the finishing time and they are real great about it, but I know I finished around 2:35. Last year was 3:11. The Soleus appeared to sync up with the race mile markers better this year then my garmy did last year.

I did have a time goal to finish in 2:40 and to run more then walk, not hurt myself, and have fun. 

I started the day nervous. Like leg shaking, gut churning nerves. Mentally, I was fine, I slept OK. But my body was freaking the H out.

There was a bigger police presence this year, and I think less spectators. Maybe it was the weather for the less cheering fans along the side o…

Beat Coach Pete 5K - Quickie Update

Just a quick little update that I did Beat Coach Pete.

My GPS time was 25:55. I didn't see the "Official" time. I have shaved 10 minutes off my 5K time in a year!

Coach Pete's time was 27:11.

I am awfully proud that my leggies did this!

Finally, Friday

Tomorrow is a race day. 5K. No pressure other then I have to try and beat Pete.

Full charge on the Soleus.

Gear is all laid out.

Good Luck pre-race pizza has been ordered and has started to be consumed as I type this.

I have to pick up my race bib and packet a little later today, so I don't have to do it Saturday morning.

Now, on to a 4 hour shift at work and hopefully to an early bedtime!

Are you running and or racing this weekend?

Week In Review - 50K Training - Weeks 18 & 19

So, this is going to be a cruddy 2-week review. I have been doing this taper thing. A month long taper. In my world, tapering for the big day is easy. It is awfully easy for me to lay around in bed doing nothing. So, unlike others with the taper crazies, I am the total opposite.

So that is what I have been doing. No blogging, limited twittering, doing a whole lot of nada. Well, I have been watching OZ (I have never watched it before and should finish season 6 soon) and going to work, but a whole lot of nothing else is going on. Hence the crappy 2 week review post.

My brain has shut off. I really like being lazy doing nothing. Maybe that is why I don't go taper cray-cray.

Hmm. Looks like I forgot to add a 5miler on the 31st. Oh wells. 

The green arrow on the pic above is from the BoGlow race. The start of my 4 races in April. I have also convinced myself that 4 races in April also means 4 weeks of pizza. I had post-BoGlow pizza. 3 more weeks of pizza to go!

This Saturday is th…

Boise Glow 5K Recap

Saturday evening was the Boise Glow 5K, which was a benefit for Cushing's Disease. This race is my first of 4 races in 4 weekends.

I can say that I had fun. There was no stress to this race whatsoever. I just wanted to go out, see what my legs could do, and have fun.

This race started in the evening - 8pm. Really it was more like 8:30pm but that was fine. It was a smidge darker and the more glow you could see with the sun down. And this was my first real late evening race too. But I ate lightly during the day, I didn't hydrate with water as much as I should have but everything did work out ok.

Boise School of Rock was playing when we showed up. Oh yeah, parking wasn't an issue.

I did have some issues with my glow sticks. I safety pinned them to the hem of my skirt and they didn't want to stay.

Eh, good enough. 

The front glow sticks came off during the run and the back set of sticks stayed.

These were really the only good pics the BF took before, during, and after th…

Semi-Wordless Wednesday

Hooray for hump day. I am soooo looking forward to Friday.

I got some BSN goodies from Fitfluential and BSN. As I taper, I think the Cellmass will be good for me since I have 20-ish days before my big day. I love the Dessert just because of the name. I made a pudding instead of a shake out of it today and it was pretty tasty.

This is happening.

Vodka. Peeps. In fridge. Today. For weekend. For post-race drinkie. Yay!

I finally figured out how to see my current pace while I run. I was looking at the time of day, overall pace and distance with the lap pace (I have it set for every mile) popping up every lap/mile. To figure it out, all I did was read the instructions. Which does help when you are mildly a technophobe. Or in my case, lazy. Now, I really love my watch.

Planning your weekend out yet? Running? Racing? Anything good happening this week?